Three Free Ways to Subscribe to Uncle Jay

A.Get e-mail notification every time there’s a new episode.

Make sure your spam folder won’t block messages from:

unclejay [followed by the at symbol and then] unclejayexplains [followed by] dot com.

B.Subscribe with iTunes

1.If you already have iTunes, skip to Step 3.If you don’t, click here. (You don’t have to enter your email address if you uncheck all those spammy options).

2.Install and launch iTunes.You don’t have to open an account to get free podcasts.

3.In Tunes’ left column, click on “Podcasts.”Then at the bottom right corner, click on “Podcast Directory.”

4.After the Podcast main window loads, click in the “Search iTunes Store” search field, and type: Uncle Jay Explains the News, then press Return/Enter.

5.A cute little window will appear with a cute little icon for Uncle Jay.Click on “subscribe.”

6.That’s it! The latest Uncle Jay episode will now download into iTunes, and every time there’s a new episode (usually late Sunday nights and definitely by Monday mornings), all you have to do is launch iTunes and it will automatically download.


C.Use your RSS feed – click on that “RSS Podcast” button up there

There are several different types of web browsers, and most of them now support RSS.If you don’t know what that is or how to use it, Uncle Jay can’t explain all the different versions; explaining the news is hard enough!Get some help from someone younger than you.