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It’s still April, except on TV.  May Sweeps started last week!  Ratings stunts are everywhere, even on the news!  Uncle Jay explains it all while he gets married, has a baby, welcomes guest Michelle Obama, changes jobs and dies.

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11 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Apr. 28, 2014”

  1. Donnie Fair Says:

    Yes, we must save our kids from all of the things that would kill them, like discipline, hard work, etiquette and simple civility, literacy, imagination, and a host of other ills.

  2. Laura M Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay,

    I feel much better now that I know that the U.N. is on top of this Ukraine and Russia situation.

  3. WWG Says:

    This one fell below UJ’s wire with the knock on the Vatican lumping them in with the rest of the world’s BS. I know returns are difficult, but sometimes trying to hard ad a grand slam is a strike out.

  4. Jay Stilson Says:

    Oh yes! Uncle Jay always says it best!

  5. Little Billy Says:

    You explained how the UN works perfectly Uncle Jay. I wish I had known this years ago. Thanks so much.

  6. Kathy Says:

    LOL Uncle Jay. Thanks a lot. The things you come up with. haha

  7. Bosco Schultz Says:

    Uncle Jay, before World War II there was no such thing as the “United Nations” but you did have the “League of Nations”. Now “there” was a peace-keeping organization if there ever was one (Very similar to the FEARED UN of today.

    It had a long line of endeavors against world-peace obstacles such as the Italian invasion of Abyssinia, the Spanish Civil War, the Chaco War, the Mukden Incident and others in which the “League” proved it’s expertise in handling, that I can’t understand why it’s not still with us. Oh, oh yes, that’s right, it is, they just re-named it!!!

    :) :) :)

  8. Your pal, Eric Says:

    Each week, you consistently “mouth” the news word of the week during it’s third occurrence in the episode. But this week, you “mouthed” it on the second occurrence, and said it out loud on the third. What gives, Uncle Jay…did the editors goof??

    Uncle Jay replies:
    Truth is, Eric, that as the episode came together I decided that the third part worked better as the second part. Good eye!

  9. Lynne Says:

    Hmmm … Enzo … what an interesting name!

  10. Barry Says:

    We miss you Uncle Jay. Don’t let the bad guys get you.

  11. Jim Says:

    Uncle Jay:

    L’Shana Tovah!


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