The Super Bowl may be over, but Uncle Jay explains how every day in America, the news is pretty much like the NFL.  Except no Bruno Mars in the middle.  (And yeah, “constituents” is misspelled.)

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29 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 3, 2014”

  1. B. Lyon Says:

    Excellent, Uncle Jay! And just like in football, nothing is more boring or unenlightening than a one-sided game.

  2. Neil Russell Says:

    Very well said Uncle Jay. Maybe more “fans” or rather constituents will wake up to the message

  3. Gene Says:

    Uh oh. Uncle Jay has dared to utter The Truth. The NSA has alerted the FBI and CIA and Uncle Jay is probably on his way to Guantanamo Bay as I type this.

    Seriously Uncle Jay, thank you for telling it like it is. Too bad we,the American People, don’t get it.

    (Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.)

  4. Ines Says:

    One problem, UNCLE JAY. We just learned the NFL is considered a non profit and doesn’t have to pay taxes.

    And the head of the NFL unlike the President of the
    United States gets $29 million dollars a year to
    play at FOOTBALL.

    Love you……….

  5. anotherbozo Says:

    Like Gene says! (Feb. 3rd at 12:25 am)

  6. Bob Brown Says:

    Uncle Jay hit the news 100% on the nose, that turned out to be one of the most boring Super Bowl Games I can ever recall, especially when I had hoped Denver would be the winner. Oh well, today starts a new week, have a great one. Warm personal regards, Boob

  7. Uncle Sammy Says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same!!!

  8. Janet Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay… always boils down to the bucks………Gotta love the corporate sponsors that we forget really rule the world. Every once in awhile they ( govt.) throw us a bone to make us believe we actually have some power. I guess the only power we have is the power to be nice to one another and do the best we can. What ever happened to writing to our representatives…. I don’t know ANYONE who actually puts pen to paper.

  9. John Says:

    As I’m fond of saying, the two parties are just two wings of the same bird of prey. And while we get preyed upon, they just “party”! Great explanation of our modern banana republic, Uncle Jay!

    But seriously, next year is MY team’s year!

  10. Scott Says:

    Excellent football application illustration, also like that one about Pete Rose’s batting average applied to climate change as well!

  11. Phil Says:

    Love the analogy, Uncle Jay. It’s not that I disagree with premise of too much corporate influence but, I would have included some NGO, Special Interest Group and union logos in with your corporate logos. Just saying not everyone comes to the table with clean hands.

  12. Tom Redd Says:

    What a wonderful explanation of the government! This is the easiest way to explain it to children, young and old! Thanks for your insights and thought. You are an integral part of my classroom!

  13. Mark Says:

    TRUTH!!!! Thanks Uncle Jay…you are a genius!

  14. Gem Says:

    Best tour through the “Looking Glass”. Everyone is so outraged at the commercialism of Christmas once a year, but never pay attention to the daily marketing of corporate owned politics. It would be interesting if each elected official had to wear a patch for each corporate donor.

  15. Gail Says:

    KUDOS, Uncle Jay!!! Great analogy, indeed. I agree with Phil — NGO’s, faces of union bosses and other special interest groups should be plastered on those buildings too. Here’s to hoping more and more citizen wake up to this model and see it for the truth. And wouldn’t it be terrific if people stopped with the “corporations have all the power” rant and realize that WE THE PEOPLE ultimately have the power? If we would stop complacently voting to keep these elite money-grabbers in office and bring in those who stand for a true citizen government, our power would be restored.

  16. little Billy Says:

    Uncle Jay, Oh my gosh ! I didn’t think I would ever hear the perfect explanation of what’s wrong in Washington anywhere but the Blaze.

    Uncle Jay, meet Glenn Beck. Glenn, meet Uncle Jay.

  17. egc52556 Says:

    Uncle Jay explained the news: WORD! Oh, and starting today, my Steelers are undefeated.

  18. CAROLINE Says:

    And I just have to add – I would much rather be in 85 degree weather and not up North. It is always good to read about uncle Jay, But how about living in a country such as Argentina, where the ex-pats claim that there are no taxes to be paid, the medical system is 10 times better than in the U.S. – Medication here is a becessity quite affordable and not considered to be a luxury. The lifestyle cannot be compared to the quality of life back home. It is high time the U.S. take a hard look around themselves abd step away from all the wars that they have no business being in.

  19. Frank Schoeneman Says:

    Another great episode, Uncle Jay, and a great analogy. I am no fan of big corporations or big government…but not including the big unions?? The union bosses live lavish lifestyles all in the name of their “fans”…and openly block any solutions that would help education reform, deficit reduction, etc.
    Special interests ARE the problem…all of them.

  20. Kathy Says:

    Great analogy Uncle Jay. I wish more people would stop blaming the political parties for everything. Thanks for your version of the news.

  21. Thomas Gambill Says:

    One thing to add to this great explanation. As in the results, election of president, the OUTCOME is actually determined before the voting as the outcome of the game is also determined before the game is played. The president of USA, Inc. has always been predetermined with 100% of chance that a Skull and bones member or choice of the Vatican/CFR/Illuminati will be assigned as president of USA, Inc.

  22. Alan Says:

    Perfection!!! What an absolutely >brilliant< analogy! :-)

  23. Raymond Ciccolilli Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    I am one of your older followers. I myself stopped watching all professional sports long ago. Last live pro baseball game I went to was in 1990. Only watched a couple of pro games in 2011, just to see Tim Tebow. Only player, in my estimation, worth watching off the field. Paying millions to men playing a child’s game while working families struggle to make ends meet and cannot afford to go to a ball park. I will not support them nor any product they endorse. Time to get real. Americans have become to new Roman mob. Very sad.

  24. Jenipoo Says:

    Absolutely on target, Uncle Jay!

  25. beast mode Says:

    good vid, I like it.

    Hands up for anyone actually athletic enough to have played college sports? Easy to criticize a game when you are so disgustingly overweight you can’t walk around the block without throwing up a cheeseburger.

    As far as a child’s game, if it were that easy everyone would do it.

  26. Kris Says:

    Uncle Jay, I am reaching out over the web and giving you the biggest virtual hug I possibly can. And a big kiss on the cheek too. This was awesome. I Love You! THANKS!

  27. mocarter Says:

    You are so right on! They work for the NFL/elites(thought to be the government), not their fans/people

  28. Farleyagain Says:

    Uncle Jay tells the truth. And the best part is it’s Uncle Jay saying it! Thank you so much for noticing how politics work in this country (and most countries) and explaining it so clearly and concisely. You get an A+!

  29. Barb Says:

    Just reading the remarks. One commenter said she or he doesn’t know anyone who writes their representatives. She or he doesn’t know me, but I have, on numerous occasions, written my senators and representative. IF I get any response, it’s a note telling me all they do for me. Not one answer to my question or statement about what I wrote about. Just self congratulation. I live in Denver. Imagine my chagrin… It’s a lot like I feel about my government.


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