Nothing but Net!  Uncle Jay explains this phrase people have been throwing around: “Net Neutrality.”  Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean LeBron James had a scary operation.

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8 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains Net Neutrality: Jan. 20, 2014”

  1. little Billy Says:

    Good take on MLK Uncle Jay. Always insightful and sometimes funny :) So glad to have you back.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    So glad you’re back!

  3. PaulB Says:

    Excerpt from

    Also, organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) have a more fundamental problem with the Net neutrality proposed policy, since the EFF just doesn’t trust the FCC at all: “Historically, the FCC has sometimes shown more concern for the demands of corporate lobbyists and ‘public decency’ advocates than it has for individual civil liberties.”

    Essentially, the EFF opposes the FCC’s Net neutrality plan solely because it has been offered by the FCC, so one can conclude that the EFF sees itself as a social watchdog that has a duty to challenge Internet regulators. One could conclude that the EFF thinks natural market forces are better than FCC regulation.

  4. Kathy Says:

    Good point about MLK. Thanks again Uncle Jay for a great episode.

  5. Farley Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    PULEEZE don’t ever leave us again, Uncle Jay! We NEED you to explain the newz!

    I have a question for you: Will our athletes be safe at the Olympic Games in Russia this year?

  6. John Hollmann Says:

    I, too, and glad to have you back! Great point about Dr. King. He was more concerned with substance than show. Keep ‘em coming.

  7. William Says:

    How do you do it? Week after week you can find ways to address important issue and still do it in a creative and humorous way. Some of the old kings in Europe used Court Jesters as entertainment but also to pose questions to make them think and keep them grounded. Maybe you could fill that position for the President.
    Nah….you’re smarter than that.

    Thanks again for all you do and as Farley requested…Please don’t ever leave us again, we need you. Kind of selfish on my part I guess.

  8. Lynne Says:

    I had no idea what net neutrality meant!
    Thanks for the comments re MLK – I’ll save my rainbow gear for June!


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