Wow, what a year: from Barack Obama’s Affordable Act to Phil Robertson’s Unaffordable Act to Anthony Weiner’s Second Act to that sign language guy’s Unintelligible Act! ¬†Yep, it’s time for Uncle Jay’s annual Singing Year In Review!

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21 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: 2013 Singing Year In Review!”

  1. Lucy Says:


  2. Aunt Ethel Says:

    It’s so good to have you back. I shall send this along to my friends – just in case they’ve not seen or heard you before….

    Keep it up — sure hope that it will be profitable for you — Can’t understand why someone doesn’t pick it up. You are soooooo good.

    Love you—

    Aunt Et

  3. Kate Russell Says:

    Thank you so much for telling us how things really are and promoting our Constitutional rights!

    If you run for office, I’ll vote for you! (Until then, one of your T-shirts will have to do.)

    Happy Christmas!

  4. Jimbo Says:

    Awesome as always Uncle Jay. Happy Holidays to everyone!

  5. Marty Cohen Says:

    Really great “Singing Year in Review!”
    You put a lot of work into it and it is very clever and creative. I loved it.
    Thanks for your efforts all year!

  6. William Says:

    Long time fan, but you lost me with XMAS! It’s Christmas, Uncle Jay! Remember the reason for the season!

    Uncle Jay replies: Many people have contacted me about this. The “X” was one letter in a song that contained only letters, and was simply meant for a laugh.

  7. Dave Says:

    Hey U.J., well done and welcome back. God bless, Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year — most likely to bring more fodder for your inventive mind to lovingly mock, with only appropriate behavior of course!

  8. Cathy Says:

    You are the best. It’s so great to have you back. Thanks for the year end compilation

  9. Laura Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay, you made my year! Merry Xmas and HNY to U2.

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    Showed this to my kids Christmas morning. They both laughed so hard!! We love having you back!

  11. Marc Phillips Says:

    Merry Christmas. I am so glad that you have returned to my inbox each month. It will help me to have a Happy New Year.
    Marc Phillips MSgt. USMC (ret)

  12. cindy Says:

    As always, funny stuff! Love UJETN! Thanks, Uncle Jay! Merry Christmas.

  13. gladys Says:

    awesome as usual…who is Enzo the cat and why isnt he featured in your video…
    We want Enzo We want Enzo

  14. Samuel Liberto Says:

    A very Healthy Happy New Year J!

  15. Thursday, December 26th « Clark Bunch Says:

    […] Jay is back (of Uncle Jay Explains the News fame). Check out his singing year-end review for 2013. And expect Uncle Jay to be explaining the news every Monday now that I know he’s […]

  16. Kathy Says:

    Hilarious Uncle Jay. Very entertaining.
    HAPPY New Year :D

  17. Carole in Colorado Says:

    Happy, happy New Year Uncle Jay! We were lost without your explanations of the news.

  18. Joan Eisenstodt Says:

    I saved this, Uncle Jay, for the last day of 2013 when I knew I’d need laughter. Thanks for brilliant insights always. For rhymes and for protecting our rights. You are, aren’t you? Here’s to good health & a do-something-good Congress in ’14.

  19. Ann Marie Says:

    Uncle Jay, I will admit that I really loved your singing the year in review UNTIL you said Xmas instead of Christmas. I realize that you did that in an attempt not to exclude any one but did you not think that it may be offensive to cross Christ our of Christmas?
    I am still forwarding it to my family and friends. I do enjoy your weekly emails.

  20. Uncle Curtis Says:

    Uncle Jay;
    You are the bomb — and funny too!
    Uncle Curtis

  21. Lee again Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay. I am glad u r back


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