Yes, next week is Uncle Jay’s famous Singing Year In Review!  Carrie Underwood wasn’t available, so he’ll do it himself again.  But this week, on top of some fun Year In Review clips from earlier years, there’s a quick preview from next week’s all-new episode!  See you next week!

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6 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Year in Review PREVIEW!”

  1. Papa Joe Says:

    Oh, I have missed those Year in Review episodes. Waiting with bated breath for the whole enchilada. Thanks UJ!!

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Uncle Jay you crack me up – looking forward to next week!

  3. little billy Says:

    YES, YES, I Cant wait.

  4. Laura Says:

    Thanks for the appetizer Uncle Jay! Looking forward to the main course, my holidays just got better.

  5. Janet Says:

    I’m sorry, Uncle Jay, but I don’t find ANYTHING funny anymore about what is going on in this country. Obama is the least funny president in history, and the economy is not funny, it is very not funny.
    I am just deleting your emails anymore, but I am still on your list if that helps you. Obamacare is the least funny thing in the known universe. It has negatively affected our family, and the worst is yet to come. I have narrowed what I think is funny to friends and family, and good natured humor. Everything else is toxic, including you if you still think this stuff is funny. Merry Christmas.

  6. Maria Says:

    Janet…if we cannot laugh at ourselves and the sticky situations we find ourselves in, we truly need to hang it up. I LOVE Uncle Jay and the way he finds the humor (and truth) in today’s world. Keep it comin’, Uncle J!


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