This week, there’s so much to be thankful for: Iran’s nuclear agreement!  Getting to say “filibuster” over & over!  PS4 and Xbox One! Hunger Games sandwiches at Subway! And of course, Black Friday starts Thursday afternoon. Uncle Jay explains!

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5 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 25, 2013”

  1. mark mortier Says:

    Uncle Jay’s Tip Jar appears to be for people buying stuff. I want to contribute. How do I do it?

    Uncle Jay replies:
    The Tip Jar page does look like there’s an “item” to buy and deliver, but you can ignore that part. Just enter any amount (say, $10,000.00) and then just enter your Paypal or credit card info. Thanks!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Great job Uncle Jay. Love your plug. Thanks for a good break in the day.

  3. Bill Conroy Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay !! Little Billy here. I just want to say how much I have missed you. Like, this much (————————————————-).

    Really! On the other hand……Iran, civil? What have you been smoking while you were away?

  4. Mort Ames Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    I got my big coffee mug and refrigerator magnet and like met both – especially the message. That said, regarding the agreement with Iran: I trust what the Israelis thing about this, and it looks like we have kinda sold them down the river. This is an ego project for our current president, and I am afraid that no one is stepping in to tell him he is wrong. I hope the lid stays on in the Middle East, and it doesn’t boil over.

  5. mrcathman Says:

    Thank goodness Uncle Jay is back! A breath of fresh air, or something, in this self-centered world.


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