Playstation 4 is here!  So is Obamacare 2.1,857,364!  Uncle Jay explains the latest on both, plus a lot more exciting news, including an extra special avoidance of all things Rob Ford.

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15 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 18, 2013”

  1. Neil Russell Says:

    Thanks for another great video, it just hasn’t been news without a regular Uncle Jay update

  2. Mike Barletto Says:

    So glad you’re back, Uncle Jay!!

  3. Papa Joe Says:

    Life is looking so much brighter now that UJ is back! Thank you, UJ.

  4. Casey Says:

    Subtitles now!

    Uncle Jay replies: As of the Nov. 4th episode, there are closed captions on Uncle Jay episodes. On the Youtube window, click on the “CC” at the bottom and you’ll see them. Unfortunately, this feature does not appear on mobile devices.

  5. Larry Says:

    Thank you for coming back. I really missed my Mondays with your great News Casts. Thank you again.

  6. David W. Cooney Says:

    Uncle Jay, You’re the best. Thanks for helping all us boys and girls better understand the news.

  7. Eric Says:

    Awesome video! My classes love watching these, you are the best thing to look forward to on Mondays!

  8. Kendra Says:

    I’m so happy Uncle Jay is back!!! Love your explanations of the news. Life is so much clearer now

  9. Judy Barnes Says:

    According to Walmart’s black Friday ad, specials start at 6PM on Thanksgiving Day not 6AM.

    Uncle Jay replies; That was the “that was a joke” part.

  10. Jim Scott Says:

    Life is worth living again, Uncle Jay is back!!!

  11. Elizabeth Says:

    Yea! We missed you and we’re glad you are back. We’ve seen all the new ones. My kids want to know if you are going to do a singing one for the year in review even though you started late this year.

  12. Kathy Says:

    I LOVED your plug for your store Uncle Jay. Great job again. Love you Uncle Jay.

  13. Laura Says:

    Too bad the 6 AM Walmart opening was a joke. I can’t think of a better way to show my thankfulness than to trample some people on Thanksgiving Day! (A joke)

  14. Leigh Ann Says:

    Soooo glad you are back, Uncle Jay. You were missed!

  15. J.G.Lord Says:

    Glad to have a great mind explain it all to all we kids. Happy holidays good to have you back.


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