Aren’t you glad you got that extra hour of sleep, leaving you just a little more time to not think about the news?  About Obamacare, the NSA, the Youtube Music Awards, even Justin Bieber!  But the news never stops, so Uncle Jay’s gotta keep explaining.

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52 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 4 2013”

  1. John Harr Says:

    Hey Uncle Jay!

    It’s so great to see you again. I really missed you the last couple of years. Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you on a regular basis again!

    Warmly yours,

    John Harr
    (Portland, OR)

  2. Eddie James Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    If Barack Obama is a Christian, like he says, why didn’t he learn the “10 Commandments” in Sunday School. “Do not bear false witness” (Do Not Lie) is one of them, isn’t it? Why is he lying about Health Care? Glad you are back to explain stuff!
    – Eddie

  3. Eric Says:

    Glad you’re back, Uncle Jay! Missed the laughs! Excellent analysis on the OC website- SNL actually got it right when they parodied Sibelius said the exchange was only designed to handle 6 people at a time. Coincidentally, that’s how many people signed up on day 1, and of those 6, I’m willing to bet 4 or 5 did it by accident trying to do something else on the mess of a website they’ve failed to create despite having millions in funding and years of time… anyway. Glad you’re back!!!

  4. Neil Russell Says:

    Glad to see you back again, it was an unpleasant wait but well worth it.
    I don’t think there will be any shortage of news for you to explain Unc!

    I think you may be the first person in the media to make the cable TV contract/ACA comparison

  5. Wally Says:

    The news just wasn’t the same without you…..

  6. Ellie Says:

    Glad to see you back, Uncle Jay!

  7. dee Says:

    Uncle Jay ~ What took you so long to get back??? We, the People, need you; and so do the rest of them. You can turn light bulbs on! energy savers I’m sure. Good health till next Monday!

  8. Tommy Says:

    Like an old friend, its almost like you haven’t been away. Happy to see you back in the saddle. The so called “news” has been SOOOooo confusing without you (although Colbert & Stewart have done pretty well).

    Little Tommy

  9. Harrison Wiener Says:

    I second what John said!

    Welcome back Uncle Jay!

  10. jim moreno Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    Thank you for for again providing us with your wonderful creative take on the news.We all need a dose of comic relief.
    Jim Moreno

  11. Sybil Hoffman Says:

    I am smiling and life is worth living again. BIG welcome back, Uncle Jay.

  12. Walt K Says:

    Good to see you back.

  13. Sam Says:

    BRILLIANT as usual : )


  14. Terri Says:

    So good to see that you’re back!!!! I hope we’ll be seeing you often.

  15. Cathy Donohoue Says:

    I am so GLAD that you are really back!

  16. Ruth Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay! It’s so awesome to have you back!! I’m on your email alert list, and was so happy to see one that I nearly clicked on the hotlink in it.

    It was alarming to see a hotlink that pointed to a ‘netatlantic’ address instead of your own website ‘Unclejayexplains.’

    Is something weird going on?

    Thank you for all you do!!

  17. Steve Blanchies Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    I can finally look forward to receiving an email – yours.

    Great news to have you back!

    I hope everything is going well with and for you.

    Keep it coming


  18. Angie Hawkins Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    In this season of Thanksgiving, I am so thankful that you have decided to give of yourself so we can all receive a few minutes of joy each week. Thank you for making a triumphant return!

    Always Appropriately Yours,
    Angie Hawkins
    (Paris, TN)

  19. Wendy Says:

    I really missed you Uncle Jay. So glad to see new “explanations”.

  20. unclejay Says:

    Net Atlantic is the company that administers Uncle Jay’s e-mail list, and all of those links are safe.
    —Uncle Jay

  21. Bob Young Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    I’m an old guy, much like yourself. That said, I hope you didn’t age prematurley and I’m just embarrassing myself (and you). I really just wanted to say THANK YOU, and how glad I am that you’re back. God Bless and happy sailing. Huh???

    Bob Young, Old Guy

  22. Susan Says:

    Wow! You really are back! Mondays will be better from now on. Thanks, Uncle Jay.

  23. Susann Brown Says:

    Love to have you back! Makes “real life” a little easier to take…

  24. BLH557 Says:

    So great to see and hear you up and running again. Guess I can tear all those posters, pictures and altars down in my secret room… oops. ;)

  25. unclejay Says:

    Hi, Ruth … Net Atlantic is the company that handles the messages sent out to subscribers. They convert the Uncle Jay links to their own links. All those links are safe.
    — Uncle Jay

  26. Chuck P. Says:

    Glad you are back on the air.

  27. Michael Says:

    Uncle Jay! Yay! You’re back. I haven’t understood the news since you’ve been off the air. Glad you are back to make sense of it all for all us big kids out here.

  28. Cindy Says:

    Now my week will start off right with Uncle Jay back on the web! Love you, UJ!!

  29. Mary Says:

    Yippeeeeeee!!!! Uncle Jay is back! Happy days are here again!

  30. Lee B Says:

    WELCOME BACK to where you belong!

  31. Donna Says:

    Uncle Jay is alive and well! I’m so happy to be able to find something in the news to smile about once again! Please keep it coming, Uncle!!

  32. Donnie Fair Says:

    I love you, Uncle Jay! Now that you’re back (sort of), you can help me to understand the complexities, the nuances, and indeed the racist facts of the news, such as why TSA agents need guns to touch my privates, why the most violent cities in America each have Democratic mayors, why President Obama keeps firing people in the military, why Apple wants to share my fingerprint with the NSA, and why the IRS is involved with healthcare. Is it because the earth is hollow? Like the heads of our leaders???

  33. Nancy Says:

    Has it been 2 years? I was UNAWARE it’s been that long. Keep me informed Uncle Jay. No one does that better then you.

  34. Kate Says:

    Oh, WOW! Uncle Jay is back! YAY!

  35. Kathy Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay. Good & Funny show. It’s great to have you BACK. Do you think the Jonas Brothers will have a reunion?

  36. Elizabeth Says:

    We missed you! All of my family is thrilled to have you back. I think the kids (9 and 13 now) are almost as happy as the adults. Glad you are back to explain all this healthcare mess to the rest of us =)

  37. sue Says:

    Welcome back, I missed you!

  38. Steve Says:

    UNCLE JAY!!!!!!! Where have you been?!?!?! this country needs you now more than ever before…. thank you for returning to us….
    PLEASE never leave again… at least not until there is third party rule in our government.

  39. Jay Says:

    From one Jay to another … SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK! We’ve missed you. Keep up the good work at making us laugh (and cry) about the news of the week!

  40. Chuck Solide Says:

    Uncle Jay…
    just letting you know; you have brought the twinkle back into the eyes of a couple of middle-aged Aussies.
    Watching your take on the news was always the highlight of our week. While some of the “nuances” of US politics left us befuddled, you brought a smile to our lips. Thank You.

    Chuck Solide, Melbourne ,Australia

  41. Lyle Says:

    SO SO good to have you back Uncle Jay!!!

  42. Jimbo Says:

    Uncle Jay! Glad you are back. I was almost ready to attend a service at T.B.A. in the hopes of getting an Uncle Jay fix.

  43. Teresa Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    We need your sense of humor to help us laugh at this crazy world so we’re glad you’re back!
    Love your comment about the Three Stooges. LOL!

  44. Julie Says:

    Welcome back, Uncle Jay! I was just thinking of you during my last commute (pretty quiet in that car), so I was thrilled to find you in my inbox! Please don’t go away again! ;)

  45. Laree Says:

    Oh I’ve missed these! Thanks for coming back. I know your a lot of work into these, so thanks!

  46. Lee in AZ Says:

    Uncle Jay, Holiday shopping’s not the only thing to come early this year…your return to the video tube is the best gift ever! THANK YOU and please keep up the needling, prodding and poking fun at all of us.

  47. Bernie A Says:

    Your are looking as healthy as ever! Please continue perodically, we need to know the Truth. (or at least your version of it). Thanks!

  48. Scotty Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    Thank you! The world was crying for you to ‘splain the news to us. Brilliant!

  49. JL Mo Says:

    Welcome back, Uncle Jay. Glad to see you aren’t dead.

  50. Steve Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    Now my world is complete, ….. your back!!


  51. Tom L Says:

    So glad you’re back! Like others have said, the news hasn’t been the same without your expert insight! I almost missed your comeback because my notification got spam filtered. So if it takes a while for others to find out don’t be discouraged…

  52. David Says:

    Welcome back, Uncle Jay! I used to share your stuff all the time, and now I can do it again! I guess I should buy something, you think?

    There’s a LOT of new material out there now…I’m sure you just couldn’t stay away!


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