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It’s been a very long time since Uncle Jay explained anything.  But if anything ever needed explaining, it’s the new website for Obamacare,!  Uncle Jay has no answers, only this cute song to share everybody’s frustration.  Sing along!

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61 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains:!”

  1. Chuck Says:

    Glad to hear from you! Please provide a more in-depth analysis of this topic when you can.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Yea!!! Not only have we missed you but what a great song explaining exactly what we are all going through!!

  3. Vicki DeVico Says:

    Welcome back, Uncle Jay. You have been sorely missed!!! We’ve needed a lot of things explained and haven’t had anyone around to do it for us. Hope you’re doing well and will continue to keep us informed.

  4. Tom Redd Says:

    I am so excited to see Uncle Jay back again!! Have I missed something, or was it really missing from out world for more than a year?

  5. Truthsprecher Says:

    Welcome back Uncle Jay…you have been missed!!

  6. David S. Pyle Says:

    Bravo, Jay, bravo!!

    It’s good to have you back – even for a moment – maybe even a critical one at that. Seems like everything – and everyone – is coming completely off the track.

    Oy vey, oh boy . . .

    Be well.


  7. Greg Tower Says:

    Uncle Jay! Are you back from the witness protection program?? I hope you can compile a year-end review as in the past. This will definitely make up for lost time!

  8. Nancy Says:

    So glad to see you again, Uncle Jay! Hope all is well and that you are back on a regular schedule again SOON!!!! Hugs, kisses and only appropriate behavior

  9. Debra Says:

    “85 weeks” made me laugh out loud.

    Along with “that’s putting it mildly.”

    This has all been a media driven fiasco, and the right wingers are jumping on the bandwagon.
    Patience is a virtue! All the kinks will be worked out eventually.

    Glad to have you back Uncle Jay!

  10. Barry Says:

    I have missed you uncle Jay welcome back.

  11. Tom Fitzgerald Says:

    Welcome back, Jay. I missed your insight. I hope to hear from you more often!!! Thank you!!!

  12. Hal Hoffner Says:

    Welcome back Uncle Jay! Been missing you. Hope that they stop looking for you soon so that you can come back and visit more often. Looking forward to your next posting.

  13. Palmetto Says:

    Great to have you back!

  14. Glenda Currin Says:

    We have so missed you, Uncle Jay! Hope you will continue to sort it all out and explain as only you can do!

  15. Martin Says:

    Wow, I forgot how much joy seeing Uncle Jay in my inbox brought. Hope all is well and you’re mounting a comeback, even if sporadic. Best of everything and enjoy the only planet you’re likely to live on.

  16. Martin Says:

    And…. Happy Halloween!!!!

  17. Moe Says:

    Yeah! You’ve been missed and I’ve been getting dumb and dumber . . . need your guidance. Hope all is well and very glad to see you back.

  18. Rob Says:

    WELCOME BACK!! Love the take on the Obamacare nightmare. Barry and his minions are busy screwing up the government for the benefit of the US citizens. What more could we ask for from our inept politicians in Washington. Can’t wait to see what the “DC Jerks with Perks” do next!!!Go Uncle Jay!!!

  19. gloria Says:

    You are back!!!
    AND as clever as ever!
    Chuckled all the way through!
    Looking forward to more >>whenever you are able!

  20. Cindy Says:

    Have SO missed you Uncle Jay! Thanks for my laugh of the day!

  21. JamesB Says:

    We missed you!!

  22. Rusty Says:

    All we need is Not Gov!

  23. Donna C. Says:

    Welcome back, Uncle Jay!!! What a great surprise to see you back in my Inbox today!! Please stay with us…we need you now more than ever!!

  24. ric Says:

    Uncle Jay now that your back are you coming over for Thanksgiving? The kids miss you.. Hell I miss you
    Happy Halloween

  25. Cathy Donohoue Says:

    Oh, how I have missed you!
    And a homerun here on your comeback song.
    Don’t make it so long next time.
    Cathy Donohoue



  27. Don Sawicki Says:

    Just as the darkness was about to overwhelm us, a ray of light! Or, better yet, a JAY of light!
    Welcome back.

  28. Paul Niksch Says:

    Were you under surveillance by the NSA? Is that why you dropped out of sight and went dark?
    You’ve got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do Lucy!

  29. Bonnie Says:

    I love the last line. “That’s why we’re here, to make sure people pay a fine!” That says it all.

  30. Cathy Thiele Says:

    What a great surprise to see an email from you. Hope you are well and glad you are back.

  31. Jerry Russo Says:

    Uncle Jay with your beard you qualify as a true winner like the Boston Red Sox.

  32. Cait Says:

    A wonderful Fall surprise seeing you back online. God’s richest blessings!

  33. DON Says:


  34. Joshua Says:

    Fantastic to see your return! My family has sorely missed your regular hilarious take on current events.

  35. Cathy Says:

    It is so wonderful to hear from you again. You have been missed. Your humor always puts a bright spot in my life. Please keep up the wonderful work.

  36. Familypaladin Says:

    So glad to “see” you again. Are you back for good? Don’t tease us and then disappear again.

  37. Trixie Says:

    Thanks, Uncle Jay! Glad to see you back in action! You have been sorely missed!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Diane Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay!

    I’ve missed my favorite uncle. Glad you’re back! I’m looking forward to your take on soooooop much that’s going on in this f__ked up world. Thank you for the giggle today, you always make life’s questionable moments — well, a little less questionable…


    Diane xoxo

  39. Lori Says:

    Uncle Jay please don’t go away again. We have missed your explanations and the end of year review is the best!! Hope to see more from you.

  40. jimmym1296 Says:

    WOW! What a pleasant surprise. So good to hear from you again. Don’t be such a stranger.

  41. Laura Says:

    Hurray Uncle Jay is back! I was thinking the other day that the holidays are coming and hoped Uncle Jay would be here to review the year for me. Please hurry back as soon as you can. I don’t think I understand anything in Washington (except that I had to work without pay during the furlough).

  42. DanT Says:

    My health just improved with an infusion of Uncle Jay!

    Thanks, Unk!

  43. Kathy Says:

    It works sort of. So you have to pay a fine, lol
    Great having you back Uncle Jay.

  44. George Says:

    I have it on good authority unlike anything likely to come out of either party of the guvmint that our beloved Uncle has been held against his will for self preservation (the guvmint’s, not his) at Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Truly glad that he was able to smuggle out this brief, but enlightening missive.

    So wonderful to hear from you again and please don’t stay such a stranger. I, and others, have been praying that you have been well. You are, whether you know it or not a Godsend in a nation of confusion.

  45. donna Says:

    missed watching all the new videos, there is so much I need explained, hope to hear more of you and see more of you, and the music choice was amazing :)

  46. Sam Says:

    Welcome back Uncle Jay.
    Thanks to your explanations, I’m a smarter person :)Yes, indeed, you have been sorely missed!

  47. Bobby V Says:

    Welcome back, Uncle Jay! The world is a lot crazier now and we need your sensibilities to help us get through the muddled messes the current regime and federal bureaucrats are force feeding us. Long live Uncle Jay!

  48. Dan Says:

    You’re much missed! Please come back when you can.

    All good wishes…

  49. Lindy Says:

    Sooooooooo glad you are back to decipher all the news for us. I was wandering around in the dark without you. Please don’t leave us unattended ever again.
    love, your favorite niece…LOL

  50. Rich Heierling Says:

    What a treat! I missed your wit and insight.

  51. Lyle Says:

    We miss you Uncle Jay!!

  52. Kathleen Says:

    Now we know why government in Washington is going downhill – there hasn’t been Uncle Jay to explain to us what is happening. If anyone needs some humor it is those of us watching the debacle called our government.
    Please continue your delightful perspective on our world I hope you are doing ok. You’ve been missed, making this return so delightful. Shirley, TPTB can spare you now and again!

  53. Bob Says:

    Welcome Back Jay!
    From a Cincy native now down in FL.
    Keep ‘em coming!

  54. Glenn M. Donaghy Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    Glad to see a glimmer of you. How is Edward Snowden and Old Vlad? Did you have to escape the NSA’s watchful eye as well? I bet it is cold in Siberia. We need you back to explain things like the BCS! How can a team like Florida State that has absolutely dominated sever Top 10 opponents be ranked behind Oregon that not only hasn’t played any decent teams, but also has lousy taste in uniforms?
    We need you Uncle Jay!
    (In my best Brandon De Wilde voice) Jay come back, come back Jay!
    Your ignorant nephew,

  55. Michael Says:

    We miss you, Uncle Jay. Come back!

  56. Jamie F Says:

    What a Happy Surprise to have you back in my Email!!! I have missed you and thought about you a lot. I hope you are well…..and that I will see your Good Face again soon. I will wait with bated breathe for more of your Wisdom and Wit!!!!! Hugs and Kisses and Only Appropriate Behavior!!!! {:-)

  57. Jamie F Says:

    ps: Uncle Jay!!!! Don’t you just Love my RED SOX!?!?!?!!!!!?

  58. Elesix Says:

    We’ve missed…where did you disappear to????

  59. Bernie A Says:

    Welcome back! Like a breath of fresh air. Always looked forward to these as a nice break.

  60. Bill M. Says:

    We miss you Uncle Jay. Hope you’re back to stay. Loved the new video, by the way……

  61. Christopher Michak Says:

    I was so happy when I got an email that you are back !!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work,


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