As Uncle Jay prepares his Singing Year in Review for inclusion on the 2011 DVD collection, here’s a taste of what else is on this year’s compilation.   Yes, there are fewer episodes this year; just think of it as Uncle Jay’s NBA tribute.

6 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 27, 2011”

  1. Eugene fan Says:

    Uncle Jay! Come back!!! We need you!!!

  2. kathy Says:

    LOL good Uncle Jay. THX.

  3. mskitty Says:

    oh my goodness, I do miss you Uncle Jay. You are my one point of sanity and I sorely miss my Monday chuckle.

    You know, you’d be PERFECT to have your own satire program on TV, along the lines of the Onion News with Brooke Alvarez. I can totally see you having such a satirical TV program. You could get rich, even more famous, and quit your day job!

    I would get the Year in Review but my DVD player doesn’t work. I hate to have to buy another one and hooking it up. Maybe I’ll get one.

  4. Rachel Says:

    yea :D

  5. Barry Brilliant Says:

    I love Uncle Jay. I wish I had money to give him to continue his news efforts.
    Please give to him for me and everyone else who enjoys his show but just will not put money into his pocket. I think uncle Jay can create jobs ask me how….

  6. RobtO Says:

    It’s time to celebrate, Oncle Jay, because next month the world will end, I think.


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