Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 12, 2011

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Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 12, 2011

Has America REALLY changed since that day in 2001?   Or has it been more like the word “change” was tossed around in 2008?  And has Obama changed since then?  Uncle Jay explains!

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7 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 12, 2011”

  1. little Billy Says:

    Other things never change too. Take Obamas speech, “You must pass this bill now!”

    “It’s all paid for.”

    “How?” eeerrrr, I’ll tell you in a couple months”

    Thanks Uncle Jay. You are my favorite uncle.

  2. mskitty Says:

    loll Sometimes I feel for you having to actually watch the news in order to explain the news.

    Yesterday, on 9/11, I simply could not get into all that psychic feeding on every channel. I was almost reduced to the Food Network, but found a couple of episodes of Monk instead, then watched reruns of Scare Tactics.

    Finally the National Psychosis is over for this year. I read online a story about a blind man’s dog that helped him out of one of the Towers. If this story is true, why wasn’t it told way back in 2001 for a real human interest story at the time?

  3. RobtO Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    May I introduce a new word…borrowed from ancient Japanese? SameO-SammO means America hasn’t really changed (except for technology) since Thomas Jerferson stole the concept of republicanism from Pericles. And, as for 9/11…religious fanatics have been busy manufacturing wars long before Pericles.

    Can we blame the whole mess on God? After all, isn’t he the one who talked Osamma into the kind of problems we’re having today?

    May the Force be transformed,

  4. Guydeco Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    Welcome back to the firestorm of world events.
    I think opinions are like a** h****, everybody’s got one. As to RobtO’s comment, I think he is very close to the truth, very few ideas are new; just what to do about them is……and the success there in. Closer to the truth is to not continue to blame others (including God), other people’s religious beliefs or political ideologies…but to take responsibility for our own actions and EVERYONE on the planet should live up to “The Golden Rule.” Simple. HA !
    Peace…..Guy L.

  5. kathy Says:

    Thank you Uncle Jay. It is always enjoyable to hear your perspective on the news. So is Jennifer Aniston pregnant?

  6. Mic Helms Says:

    I could have sworn Ron Paul was THE front-runner, why wasn’t he pictured? Is Uncle Jay being brainwashed by watching too much news?

  7. little Billy Says:

    Now I’m sorry to be included with these other comments


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