How crazy a week was it?   The earth shook!  The sky swirled!  The waves crashed!  And Beyonce is pregnant!  Uncle Jay, um, explains?

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14 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Aug. 29, 2011”

  1. George Lowe Says:

    Welcome back Uncle Jay. It has been a v-e-e-r-r-r-y
    l-o-o-n-n-g dry spell without you. Newswise that is.

  2. Bear Says:

    Geography 1 for little minds. At the 2.00 minute mark of the 29 August 2011 episode, the map mistakenly switches the locale of MA & CT. Tsk, tsk.

    Uncle Jay replies:
    Um, uh … you passed Uncle Jay’s trick geography quiz! Congratulations!

  3. toni Says:

    Love the “purported” reason why hurricane names are alternated between male and female names! Keep up the good work!

  4. LauraM Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay,

    I hope you are OK after blowing off like that. Are you in OZ now? Thanks for getting the news in before you left. Say hi to the wizard and look forward to seeing you after the holiday.

  5. Patt Says:

    I want to apply for a job at the Federal Agency Legislating Weather Explanations, Lordy, Lordy! That job won’t be in Virginia, will it? There are too many earthquakes and hurricanes there. I’m guessing those are God’s ways of striking at Pat Robertson.

  6. Bob Roberts Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    You know how kids express their ages, like, “I’m twelve and a half?” I’m sort of like that but I am seventy-nine and a half, and am one of your admirers. I missed your gentle humor while you were gone and welcome you back again. Hope your health is okay, because that’s what we first question when us old geezers fail to show up. “Live long and prosper.” That’s a quote from some famous guy–of course he had pointy ears but that’s okay too.

  7. Mr. Vic Says:

    Loved your presentation, as usual. Great comments on the Cheney book. Strange how the media (all of them) enjoy churning things up, rather than smoothing things over. Then again, they wouldn’t be attaining their “numbers” would they?? Keep up the good work, Uncle Jay

  8. Rich Says:

    Ha ha Ha! Best episode ever.

  9. RobtO Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    I’d like to call your attention to the fact that we, here in Southern California, have “macho” quakes…compared to the sissy stuff they call earthquakes back on the East coast. And our “macho” sunlight is also superior…down on Venice Beach it’s capable of producing a case of melanoma in only a matter of hours.
    RobtO Sanguine,
    President California Board of Tourism

  10. Christina Archer Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay: Why aren’t you Americans nicer to your next door neighbour- Canada? We live close to you guys, but you don’t mention us at all. Don’t you care about us?

  11. kathy Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    THX for risking your life to bring us the news. Love your style of reporting and explaining. Thanks again.

  12. mskitty Says:

    Are you taking yet another day off after your long, long, Long vacation? tsk already. Next you’ll be wanting off for the following Mondays on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day, and all other holidays for 2012. Or up to 12/21/2012, whichever comes first.

  13. mskitty Says:

    lolll ok I’m over my mad at your being off for Labor Day.

    This was a funny episode, and I loved the touch of your being out in the hurricane. That crazy Mayor Bloomberg and his endless Apocalyse Now! warnings for mandatory evacuation from a Zone A flood zone cost me a pretty penny having to find a pet-friendly motel in New Jersey (luckily no floods there), and the area where I live (Zone A) was not damaged in the least — not even a power failure.

  14. Jonk Says:

    Cananda – isn’t that the United State’s largest national park?


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