Mideast violence!  The stock market!  The economy!   Politics!  How can the media allow stupid stuff like this to get in the way of Kim Kardashian’s wedding coverage?  Uncle Jay explains!

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13 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Aug. 22, 2011”

  1. Eddie Caplan Says:

    UJ, I never noticed how much you look like Alec Guinness as Obi Wan Kenobi. Are you SURE you’re not the Wan we’ve been looking for?

  2. kathy Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay. You’re good.

  3. LauraM Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay,

    Thanks for coming back from vacation and explaining the news to me. How does the president find a parking spot for that extremely large bus? Wish my troubles were that cute and furry. See you next week!

  4. PhilBob Says:

    Hiya Uncle Jay

    I’m so glad that you are back on the job after your summer hiatus. (Ooo,…now there’s a candidate for Word of the Day!) As I was saying, it is so good to have you explaining the news again. The entire summer’s news has me totally baffled as to what is REALLY going on in the world. Hope to have it all figured out again soon with your help.

  5. BLH557 Says:

    Hey, UJ, I just realized… you remind be of Obwiwan, or at least Alec Guinness’ rendition of him. “May the FARCE be with you!”

  6. Emily Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    My parents and I just returned home from a family vacation in our nations capital. We got to go inside the White House for a tour. President Obama had not left yet on what my dad said was his 15th vacation this year. If President Obama is so well loved, admired and popular, why did we see so many very heavily armed men inside and out at the White House? We saw LOT’S of them.


  7. Joe Says:

    Why do I keep watching this cr*p? Guess I’m just a glutton for punishment. Maybe UJ might want to check out A&F to see if he could get paid for wearing their clothes. Lord knows he could use a wardrobe change. Anything would look better than that yuckky yellow t-shirt. Get some class, man!

  8. mskitty Says:

    At last my Monday chuckle! Getting back into the swing of things!

    Prince William and Kate tour the devastation in London. “And they sure looked great doing it” :P A link was provided for a description of what Kate wore that day.

    Now as for me, I truly do wish our Space Brothers would disclose themselves. It’s really the only way to get things sorted out on Earth.

  9. Julie Says:

    Pay no attention to Joe, Uncle Jay. I thought you looked “mauvelous” in the yellow t-shirt. He’s just trying to start “tribles”!

  10. BarryWithaby Says:

    Excellent, just excellent!

  11. Grawnque Says:

    Resistance is unnecessary. You will not be ousted.

  12. RobtO Says:

    Hi Oncle Jay:
    Please allow me to amend the NASA report concerning galaxtic aliens. As you know, I was employed by NASA, and I can tell you with complete objectivity that the aliens are already here. And (you won’t believe this) they are working as part of the NASA space program. Our manned space flight projects are really an attempt to eventally return NASA aliens to their home planets, which are scheduled to be in position when our galaxy completes its present (galaxtic) year, which is equal to 250 million earth years.

    I hope this does not cause undue anxiety for your readers.

  13. Hey gumbo gumbo Says:

    You are a strange strange man but I am too so don’t worry ur little heart out


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