In honor of Congress skipping their July 4th recess for the good of America, Uncle Jay will press on with his own recess.  Here’s that famous “Congress Recess” episode from July 4th of 2007, even though parts of it aren’t true anymore.  Just like Congress!

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5 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: July 4, 2011”

  1. John Traylor Says:

    More!! More!! More!! and Soon!!! Sooner!!

  2. ken rader Says:

    Welcome back from the Rapture….How was Heaven??? We missed you down here on planet Earth..Hope to see more soon..

  3. Laura Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay,

    Hope you are enjoying your recess. This is still my favorite of all of your episodes. Hoping you will be back soon.

  4. mskitty Says:

    So much in the news that needs explaining, and Uncle Jay is on vacation :(

    That excruciatingly boring and tiresome Casey Anthony thing is no sooner sort of over, and now a ‘big scandal’ breaks. reported in Rupert Murdoch’s own newspaper empire in England, about how the Murdoch-owned newspapers are under fire for hacking into phones and other illegal things. I presume this is being reported in his own newspapers, as where else would it be reported, since he owns the entire news media? A new diversion, sure, with one talking head on the morning news expressing a phony disbelief that news reporters routinely would be willing to ‘break the law’ to ‘get a story’. Of course it’s o.k. for her to say this, since the story is emanating from England (and we all know how honest Murdoch’s U.S. news empire is).

    This is all too confusing for me what this nonsense is all about. My intuition tells me it nothing will come of this story and it will soon fizzle out. Still…I do wish Uncle Jay would hurry back and sort things out.

  5. Me Says:

    Uncle Jay has put on some weight……


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