Osama-Rama!   Osama is now like Elvis, enjoying a great popular surge thanks to the ultimate career move.   Uncle Jay explains every version of exactly what happened!

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7 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: May 9, 2011”

  1. mskitty Says:

    First time since last Monday I’ve had a good chuckle. I think you’re on to something, Uncle Jay. I really do!

    I wish I could have had you for a real uncle. I really do :))))

  2. Mywebskip Says:

    The Navy Seals axed Osama BL. WAY TO GO SEALS! I was old enough to know what OBL masterminded back on 911. He was a fool to go messing with us and to any future terrorists I hope you get the point that if you inflict harm on the USA or our allies that you will have to live the rest of your days in hiding, that is, until we find you.

  3. Grace Says:

    i really liked the news today, Uncle Jay. :) U brighten up my day with all of ur chuckles!! :D I love the shows u do every Monday!!

  4. plusaf Says:

    Great summary of the Mainstream “News”, UJ!.

    But I’m still ticked off that we missed the last ten minutes of Brothers and Sisters so that we could watch those same OBL videos over and over as the talking heads could prep us for Obama’s speech ONLY about 35-40 minutes later. Time I’ll never get back.

    Whom should I sue?

    hugs to you! keep up the great work!

  5. kathy Says:

    Thank you Uncle Jay. You are the number 1 Obama News Source. LOL ObamaRama. Haha Obama is like Elvis. Good Point about May sweeps and the news will try to find other ways to scare us. Good Show Uncle Jay.

  6. FedupwithR Says:

    Another good one UJ. By the way did you know that a Hasidic Newspaper has photoshopped Hilary Clinton out of that White House photo? check it out on The Daily Beast.

  7. RobtO Says:

    Hi Oncle J…there has been a lot of talk lately about the justification of what the CIA calls “enhanced interrogation methods” (torture) in finding Bin Laden.

    Torture, of course, is a violation of international law and, for most of us, moral law as well.

    Most people are opposed to torture. But even those who denounce torture tell me that if it involved a case where family members were victims of a terrorist’s kidnapping and could be saved by extracting information from the terrorists by torture, they would approve such methods.

    And, of course, the participation of the United States in “enhanced interrogation” implies consent to allow similar methods to be used by terrorists on Americans.

    The law prohibiting torture is generally considered necessary and just…except when it involves one’s own friends and family.

    Should one obey the law prohibiting torture and thereby allow victims of terrorism to die for lack of information? Or are we allowed to make exceptions under special circumstances?

    What happens when we wrongly torture an innocent person? Who has the power to decide these things? Is the familiar image of justice, proclaiming equal rights for all, wrong?

    This is a tough call, worthy of a Greek trajedy.


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