Obama went to Facebook headquarters to complain that his de-friending of Qadaffi isn’t working.   Plus his own friends list seems to be missing several names.   Meanwhile, get ready for Friday’s Royal Wedding and Space Shuttle launch!   Which do you think the media will slobber over more?  Uncle Jay explains!

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7 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Apr. 25, 2011”

  1. Andrew Shin Says:

    Funny video. Nice job.

  2. mskitty Says:

    $50 says the media will unendingly slobber over the Royal Wedding until we all go insane. That’s the plan I think. And the media frenzy won’t end with the marriage. We’ve got the honeymoon to get through. Then all eyes on when she will give birth. It just never ends.

    Sorry, but I can’t get into it. No one can top Princess Diana anyway. And it took me a long time to realize Kate Middleton was not the name of some actress. So I definitely won’t be draining my energy watching the ‘Royal Wedding’. Anyway I hate her. Though Prince William is pretty darn good-looking, I still think his younger brother is quite the fox.

  3. egc52556 Says:

    Didn’t we hold the American Revolution so we didn’t have to fawn over the British royalty?

    But I still like a good wedding, especially if it’s being paid for by somebody else’s taxes.

  4. don Says:

    now you’ve gone and done it! you neglected to mention Secretary’s Day/Week (this week?) or is it PC now for Administrative Assistant, executive assisstant or some other new terminolgy? in any event, nothing will get done in America this week.

  5. kathy Says:

    That was jam packed with good stuff, Uncle Jay.
    LOL about they’re just leaving weapons around hoping someone will find something to do with them.
    Good word “slobber” for which story the media will slobber over.
    Good Show Uncle Jay, THX.

  6. RobtO Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    I was a little disappointed with your analysis of the news this week. There was no mentioned of any of the gargantuan suffering in the world, like the bloody bodies in the streets of Syria and Libya , as well as those poor homeless folks and broken bodies from the tornadoes in the mid-west. Consequently, I missed my usual depression and my bedtime tears.

    I’m also glad you didn’t mention how tough the French govt is getting these days…going so far as telling the gendarms they can no longer drink on duty. What oh what is becoming of La Belle France?
    Robert O

  7. Ray Says:

    Great satire! You help us laugh at the waves plunging over the bow of our sinking ship. Keep it up.


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