Happy Tax Day, and Happy Passover!   May the total pages of your tax return be thinner than matzah.   May your sleep be as serene as an air traffic controller.  May the color of your toenails fit your gender.  Uncle Jay explains!

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11 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Apr. 18, 2011”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hi Jay!

    Love the nails!

    Ken in Georgia

  2. kathy Says:

    LOL the Extreme Shielding. Loved it.
    Don’t give Trump the idea to go on American Idol.
    Happy Tax Day To YOU too.

    And how green to wish that the total pages of my tax return are thinner that matzah. I e-filed.

    THX again Uncle Jay,
    Happy Easter.

  3. plusaf Says:

    And what is that lovely color called?!

    Great video, UJ! Yeah, Trump… just in it to help us all… and other fantasies like that. LOL!

  4. mskitty Says:

    Donald Trump with that goofy-looking hair style of his looks like Bela Lugosi in ‘Dracula’.

    God forbid, but if he ever did become president, this country would officially enter a reality TV Twilight Zone. If I were younger I would renounce my alleged citizenship and become a citizen or subject of some charming country in the Alps like the Von Trapp family did. I only wish I could do so today.

  5. mskitty Says:

    LOLLLL I just noticed the red nail polish you are wearing Uncle Jay!

  6. Joe Says:

    Were teenagers that ugly when WE were teens? Those kids are really ugly. I pity teenagers wanting to be and look like those girls standing up in that car. BTW, I’ve already spent my tax refund, UJ…filled my gas tank.

  7. Jeff Says:

    You ‘nailed’ it again Uncle Jay. Oh yeah, I went there.

  8. Chris Says:

    Usually you get all your facts straight, Uncle Jay, but I couldn’t help but notice your error on a very, very serious and important issue – namely, the number of views that “Friday” has.

    While Friday is deservedly the most *disliked* video on Youtube, with over two million(!) dislikes and also the most commented-on video, with even more(!) comments, its paltry 110,000,000 viewings pale in comparison to the illustrious “*********”‘s 300,000,000, and even more so to the reigning champion,”***********”, with over 500,000,000. Of course, these videos feature ****** and a *******, respectively, so there’s still plenty for the moral guardians to be outraged about.

  9. Suze Says:

    It’s no wonder to me that bullying is such a big prob when the entire internet world, including Uncle Jay, treat the 16 year old whatshername with the lame music video as fair shredding game.

  10. RobtO Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    I just don’t understand how you come up with this “Aristophanes level, cosmic” humor stuff. I can see you having a couple of beers in Athens, telling the crowd at the bar how Pericles has screwed up again and hearing the approving cheers of the bar crowd. I admire you for this. But, at the same time, I’m envious.

    Robt Sophocles

  11. Judy Crayton Says:

    Yep, I learned I’m one of those people that read a lot into nail polish. First thing I thought when you held up that picture was, “Wow. I never noticed he wore nail polish! Hmmmmmm. I wonder . . . :)


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