The madness isn’t just on the court.   No, the game is hot between the Mighty Qadaffy Ducks and the Ragtag Rebels, with the Krazy Koalitions running interference.  Uncle Jay can barely fit in any real news!  But he does.

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16 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Mar. 28, 2011”

  1. egc52556 Says:

    Uncle Jay, I have the opposite problem. I’m over 50 and I don’t know the people you showed at the end, even though they are famous NOW. Was that one of the Kardashians and was I supposed to keep up with her? And who is that Antoine guy, and how did he have his auto-tune riff ready before he was interviewed? And judging from Rebecca Black’s YouTube page ( — with 10 times as many unlikes as likes) she’s out before was in. Maybe she needed to use her Fridays more productively.

  2. Christina Archer Says:

    Thanks Ubcle Jay. You showed the emptiness of Earth Hour. I’m a meanie, so during EH. I use all the equipment I can think of. You’re great!

  3. Joe Says:

    Who is Mrs. Calabash? And where is she?

  4. Lynne Lefebvre Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    Your wit would be too much for the viewers of CBS nightly news.
    However, the TV Onion show would be a perfect spot.
    Thanks for kick starting the week with truly clever thinking.
    Lynne Lefebvre.

  5. kathy Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay.
    LOL “war is such an ugly word, it’s good for absolutely nothing.
    LOL advise & consent=re-elect.

    Good one: Qudaffy Ducks.

    You really looked good behind that CBS desk.

  6. CT Says:

    One of your best Uncle Jay, as an over sixty I especially appreciated the excellent cultural references you slipped in.
    God Bless

  7. Billy Says:

    Hey Joe, to find out who Mrs. Calabash is you need to ask Jimmy Durante.

    And the problem is, of course, no one knows where she is!

  8. RobtO Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    A Rose without a thorn is a rise without a rose.

    Omar K (the obscure)

  9. mskitty Says:


  10. Deuce Al Says:

    Beyond Awesome again!

  11. Austin Says:

    One of my top 3, and I’ve been watching for over a year.
    Keep it up and you just might be the next Katie Couric, minus, well, you know.

  12. JJ Says:

    Mrs. Calabash was a private joke between Jimmy and his first wife Jeanne Olson. Depending on who is consulted, it referred to either a Chicago suburb they both liked, or her mis-pronunciation of “Calabasas, CA”.

  13. Jimbo Says:

    I heard the other day that President Obama has now launched more cruise missles than all of the other Nobel Peace Prize Winners combined.

  14. BarryWithaby Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    Bravo – I’m glad to see you are continuing to think outside the box – KUTGW!

  15. JenniferK Says:

    One of your finest, sir! Now off to bed – to dream sweet dreams of the day no one knows who Snooki is. Ahhh…

  16. Vicki Runyan Says:

    Your levity is appreciated more than you know! :o)


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