How’s your March Madness going?   Will Libya be a slam-dunk, or are you betting on overtime?  Japan’s team is giving it everything, but the heat is intense!   Oh, yeah, there’s some basketball, too, but Uncle Jay makes a fast break to explain everything else!

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19 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Mar. 21, 2011”

  1. Auntie Ethel Says:

    You are a genius…. you gotta have some of my blood in ya…
    I wish I could get everyone to watch your UJEN — I sure try.

    Luv Ya

  2. Walt Jones Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay for the little commercial showing my favorite dish soap . . . keep up the good work.

  3. Joe Says:

    Yes! Thank goodness those kids working for Fox News didn’t watch Mr Rogers and get their brains washed. Otherwise they would have grown up to put out liberal crap such as I just suffered through.

  4. Randy Dutton Says:

    Dumping on Fox News for reporting the nuclear accident? I don’t see that Fox is fear-mongering.

  5. Billy Says:

    My daddy says “pat on the back to Joe”

  6. RobtO Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    Thanks for the French spelling lesson. Never-the-less, I beleive the American spelling is more representative of the state of the world.

    Robert “tout a fait fac’ed-up”

  7. kathy Says:

    Very Funny Uncle Jay.
    You had me there with that fake abrupt ending at the beginning.
    And you had a good topic with the Facade.
    THX Uncle Jay. Good show.

  8. Alan Says:

    Geez-o-freakin’-pete! I stopped “enjoying” these little episodes several months ago because of the left-leaning position this guy takes on some of them. It is all very entertaining until he falls off the left side and starts banging on FOX NEWS or some other news source he doesn’t like. UJ has talent but he wastes it by pissing-off a whole lot of people that could be coming back to his site for more every week. I hope he likes playing to the third of the audience instead of the whole. Apparently he does. See ya Mr. Jay.

  9. SamSSarkis Says:

    You know, Alan, I think that the only people who get pissed are oversensitive dudes like you who focus on the negative. Refer back to nearly any episode, and he takes shots at anyone and everyone. It’s called satire, bro. Chill out. It’s just that the people in power recently in America have been primarily democrats, so there is lot of dirt getting thrown in their direction by Fox, etc, but he exposes everyone. “Dey ain’t none of us clean, but it would sho’ be nice to be clean.”

  10. Mr. Vic Says:

    Good presentation today UJ, and enjoyable, as usual. You’re comment about Fox News was accurate, in that they seem to be dwelling on any negative possibility this Japanese nuclear situation could present. Generally “fair & balanced” (okay leaning toward conservatism), FOX is over doing the “fears”. I am a regular supporter of FOX news and think UJ is correct in his assessment here. Some of the previous e.mail contributors seem to be as bad as the liberals that constantly complain about everything the Conservatives do or say. Get a thicker skin guys. Keep it up UJ.

  11. Deanna Says:

    OK, I know it’s satire, but back in the 70′s I don’t recall anyone not watching TV broadcasts because they were too Liberal. As I recall, there wasn’t anything on that was Conservative? I do recall all the news being liberal biased – when I was old enough to understand, that is. But as for PBS, I couldn’t watch it because we could only get 5 channels clear enough to watch, and PBS was not one of them. It was too fuzzy. (Yes, these were the days we had to walk all the way across the room to the television to change channels.)

  12. nick Says:

    There is plenty of satire to go around on both the left and the right. Any one who can’t see that probably poked a stick into one of their eyes (right or left – take your pick). Keep up the good work Uncle Jay!

  13. SpikeDDS Says:

    I’m a conservative, and I like Fox News, but there is nothing wrong with a little criticism in good fun or in good taste. FNC isn’t perfect, tho’ it’s closer than most news services are.

    What I appreciate about the satire is that it IS even-handed. Jon Stewart takes shots at both sides too, but when he takes them on conservatives, inside he’s stabbing them to death behind his sheepish little grin. Jay’s not that way even when he mocks the left.

    Keep it up Jay. The balance is just about right on.

  14. Mywebskip Says:

    I haven’t been spoon fed by the news in years and fortunately Uncle Jays gonna keep it that way. I really liked the way you said “And now it’s time for this weeks question” You always bring sparkle to my day.

  15. mskitty Says:

    Oh here we go again…the Right Fox news contingent doesn’t like Uncle Jay because they suspect he is Left-leaning lollll Some people just don’t get it !

    Well Alan — we (i speak for myself of course but I *think* Uncle Jay understands what I mean) are not concerned about ‘pissing’ some people off and whether they come back here or not. Better, imo, they don’t. :)

  16. DJohnson Says:


  17. Joe (not the dumb one) Says:

    Ummm, Alan? If you stopped “enjoying” these episodes several months ago then why are you still watching them? Get a grip! Uncle Jay is one of the few outlets that don’t sensationalize the news and it’s people like you who react in the worst way that make things worse. Keep up the great work Uncle Jay!

  18. sandy Says:

    yes, uncle jay leans a little liberal but he is still funny.

    come on, we need a little laughter.

    i just fast forward the liberal stuff or curse during that part, uncle jay.

  19. Nate Says:

    I think that UJ leans slightly to the left but who can remain unbiased these days. But I do stand up for Fox News because I think they present a less tainted perspective then CNN or other Left medias.


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