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The Mideast explodes, Wisconsin implodes, and Old Man Winter reloads.   And we wonder which will shut down first: the NFL or the USA?  Uncle Jay explains!

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15 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 21, 2011”

  1. Darren Marlar Says:

    ONE OF YOUR BEST YET!! I do my own “Daily Dose of Weird News” every day – and you inspire me to keep doing more! Great work, Uncle Jay!

  2. Tweets that mention Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 21, 2011 | Uncle Jay Explains The News -- Says:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by  Tom Betz, Uncle Jay Explains. Uncle Jay Explains said: The Mideast explodes, Wisconsin implodes, and Mother Nature reloads. It's Uncle Jay's new episode! [...]

  3. Joe Says:

    Why do you people keep hammering on Pres. Obama. Give him a chance. He promised to make our rent payments for us and fill our gas tanks and put a chicken in every pot. Once he gets those printing presses rolling, we’ll have all the money we need to pay off those nasty bills. We should even have enough money to buy the friendship of all those people that seem to hate us right now. Maybe there might be enough left over to put in UJ’s Tip Jar…At least until he’s famous.

  4. Alan Says:

    You hit every one of those out of the park…
    shame is, the mainstream media, well… you know…

  5. Brady Says:

    Well done, sir! I agree with Darren. One of your best ever.

    “with a cup of water…
    that we borrowed…
    from China.”

    Well done, indeed! :)

  6. Pat Says:

    BRAVO Uncle Jay! You put it all into perspective once again! I even love your bylines in the email you send out:

    IBM’s Watson should be dealing with the world’s really BIG questions instead of playing games! SOOOOO TRUE! It’s like the endless advertisements for breakthroughs in the medical field coming up with better ways for men to…you know, if you know what I mean…instead of curing diseases. These “items” are also covered by medical insurance no less!

    And also where you wrote:

    Like: The Mideast exploding, Wisconsin imploding, and Old Man Winter reloading. And we also want to know which will shut down first: the NFL or the USA?

    LOllll soooo true.

    Reading your REAL NEWS, Uncle Jay, I always get the feeling of angels blowing on my eyes.

  7. Wayne Says:


  8. Blue Rose Says:


    …celebrating Presidents Day with fantastic reductions in every department!

    You NAILED it, Uncle Jay!

    And yet the peoples celebrate. LOLllllll

    Gosh, how I wish I was born in a nice little country somewhere in Europe, in a little villa, getting around on those little scooters, drinking Cinzano in a bistro, and surrounded by ANTIQUITY….sigh

  9. Jeffery Says:

    Great as always!

    I noticed you were channeling your inner Trekkie today! Kudos.

  10. Scott S Says:

    So, when is China going to repossess the United States???

  11. Ray Says:

    with a glass of water, they borrowed, from china. hehe

  12. Zachariah Says:

    lolz. Loved the last bit. “with a glass of water–borrowed–from china” Nice.

  13. RobtO Says:

    Hi Oncle J
    Incitful humor…I love it!

    R. Rigoletto

  14. kathy Says:

    Another great one Uncle Jay,

    LOL with a glass of water that they borrowed from China.
    and WHOA the statement who will shut down first, NFL or USA.
    another LOL showing you as 2 contestants on Jeopardy with Watson in the middle.
    Good Show.

  15. Laura Says:

    Thanks for the update Uncle Jay. I didn’t even know that Jesse Jackson had gone to Madison. Too bad he didn’t take the Wisconsin politicians hiding here in Illinois with him. Perhaps he felt that the Wisconsin protesters needed more people of color to get the job done.

    This may be one of your best updates yet. Happy President’s Day!


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