The world watched as thousands confronted the corrupt, decaying old order.   But sadly, the Grammys weren’t overthrown.   Egypt’s president, though, had to resign after his Valentine’s Day shirtless photo was found on Craig’s List.   Uncle Jay explains!

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18 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 14, 2011”

  1. C.H. Says:

    What? America unfriended? Defriended? Misfriendafied?

    Oh noes. Who will we play Farmville with?

  2. Alan Says:

    Excellent first minute and a half…

  3. Mike Says:

    Uncle Jay, was that a Cyclones game you were singing the Anthem at, by any chance?

    Uncle Jay replies:
    Yes, in a 6-inch snowstorm, February 2008. Beat the Dayton Bombers!

  4. Pat Says:

    I saw a video clip of Christina Aguilera singing the anthem, just to see what all the fuss was about. She sounded like a moose in heat. She was GOD-AWFUL! It was laughable seeing those people in army uniforms (I think) holding their hand over their hearts. Real warm fussies (sic) there, all patriotic, with Aquilera screaching out the anthem. What a total joke.

    You, OTOH, did quite well Uncle Jay, at the hocky game. They would be better off having you sing the anthem next year at the super bowl. If you do, I’ll watch it.

    On the Egyptian revolution, I don’t hold much hope there. What has been put in place is a be-medaled aristocracy that served the autocracy. These princes and barons of the regime and their families live in gated communities of mansions well guarded, often outside of the squalor of urban Egypt. This officer class controls most of the industry and the wealth of an impoverished developing country of 80 million — 40 percent of which live in crushing poverty. I got all this from another source, and a seer said to watch the week of Feb. 23-28.


  5. gladys Says:

    Hey if that was you really singing the star spangled banner, you sounded pretty good. If you dont sell enough DVDs you can always explore singing as a second career!

  6. anotherbozo Says:

    First three news items (congressman, Guitar Hero, Rumsfeld) dazzling tie-ins to Hosni! You are forgiven for equating global warming deniers and global warning warners last week, Jay. Keep on truckin!

  7. Nate Says:

    I’ve been without Uncle Jay now for SEVERAL weeks! At some point, I stopped being able to view the videos with my current player. I was hoping that other complaints would be made and the old format might be returned to… but no signs of that so far, and I’d hate to download a whole ‘nother player JUST for Jay’s videos (I’ve not experienced any problems playing videos anywhere else). I want Jay back but I don’t want to have to DL a whole new media player!!! WAAAH!

  8. Jimbo Says:

    Happy 82nd Anniversary of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre!

  9. kathy Says:

    THX Uncle Jay.

    that was great current footage of the rioting.haha
    LOL that commercial of Americans going to the cloud to watch TV.
    You sang GREAT Uncle Jay.
    Great entertaining news from you again.
    Happy Valentine’s Day <3

  10. Rick Says:

    Having trouble with “Final media” also.
    Click on the Video WMV button above the comment section…should go into your default player/ window media player.

  11. Zachariah Says:

    Nice clip of you singing. That’s great.

  12. Donna Says:

    Nate, are you able to play videos at YouTube? If so, Uncle Jay’s page there is

    I hope it works for you. It stinks to be without Uncle Jay!

  13. Joe Says:

    Anybody that supports a hockey team and lets a puny little 6″ snowstorm stop them are nothing but a bunch of wimps, sissies and crybabies. That is their “downfall.”

  14. Pat Says:

    Nate, not that I know what I’m talking about, but try viewing the videos on both the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. I had a similar difficulty awhile back, but somehow it worked out. I would be freaked out if I couldn’t see the videos!

  15. Steve Says:

    Donald Rumsfeld … Defender of the Constitution … What a joke. That’s as bad as Obama’s Nobel Peace prize award.

  16. Lindy Says:

    Another hysterical edition. I’m not on Facebook but I love the graphic on the USA unfriended Honsi… and the responses from his neighbors… you are a crackup. But your singing is not cracked…it’s very good. Sorry hardly anybody made it to the game to hear you.
    And on another topic… all these comment-spaces-spell-checkers are out of date. It says “Facebook” and “unfriended” are misspelled… that’s so last century.
    Please keep making these Explanations… the world is a better place. love, your favorite niece, Lindy

  17. Paula Reynolds Says:

    Nice pipes, Uncle Jay!

  18. PatPiano Says:

    Nate, you could always watch Uncle Jay on YouTube or Facebook.

    Uncle Jay, you have a really sterling voice – I always enjoy (and look forward to) your Year in Review.

    happy Valentine’s Day, Uncle Jay!


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