On Tuesday night, don’t mistake the State of the Union for a special “patriotic” episode of Glee.   That’s President Obama singing his own praises, and Republicans providing the counter-drumbeat.   Closely watch Uncle Jay explain, but don’t fall into a mall fountain!

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6 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Jan. 24, 2011”

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  2. BOB J Says:

    the Unk does it again. I always enjoy revisiting W’s ineptitude (sp?). The “state of the union” shock buzzer idea is hilarious.

    PEACE to all !!!

  3. Laura Says:

    Good Morning Uncle Jay,
    Not only did President Jintao have a good show in Washington DC but he had one here in Chicago too. He impressively clogged up traffic with his motorcade. The girl who fell into the fountain should be ticketed for texting while walking. She obviously cannot do both well. Thanks for starting off my morning with a smile.


  4. kathy Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay,

    LOL the icase.

    great tribute to starbuck’s.

    good point about not being negative with china.

  5. Gerry M Says:

    President Jintao must be thinking, America – Made in China
    Do you suppose they let him tour a Wal mart or two while he’s here?

  6. RobtO Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    Once again I had trouble “tuning in” OJ’s 2 minutes of incisive wit, but once again it was well worth the trouble. I am never disapointed.

    Crystal Insight


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