Uncle Jay Explains: Dec. 20, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: Dec. 20, 2010

Once every year, Uncle Jay sings the news instead of explaining it.   This doesn’t make the year’s big stories any easier to understand, but it fits the holiday mood.   So feel free to sing along, even though Uncle Jay has changed all the words.

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24 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Dec. 20, 2010”

  1. egc52556 Says:

    Happy All-fest Uncle Jay!

    (I especially liked the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” duet)

  2. Katie Says:

    Love it! You are the highlight of my Monday mornings, and the highlight of my year ends. Happ..Mer..enjoy this wonderful time of the year about love and peace and joy?

  3. Julie Says:

    Brilliant! New heights and depths for Uncle Jay. Posting the link on my Facebook page with well-deserved accolades. Great job, UJ, and thanks!

  4. Reed Says:

    Nice job, uncle. Like the census number.

  5. Paula Reynolds Says:

    You are truly brilliant…in that wacky, quacky, chortley Uncle Jay way! Love ya!

  6. Katie Schierl Says:

    Thanks for another great wrap-up of the closing year. Looking forward to you again in 2011. Happy NEWS Year to you Uncle Jay, and many more!!!

  7. Jeffery Says:

    Hurray for Uncle Jay. Have a happy holiday season.

  8. Kathy Guevara Says:

    You’re a genius, Uncle Jay. A true genius!!! Thanks for the laughs throughout the year. May you continue to be blessed by the spiritual entity of your choice.

  9. mskitty Says:

    Uncle Jay, you are soooo hilarious! I loved the amusing way you did the new in Chris…I mean Holiday or Winter songs! Everything fit nicely.

    That guy Steven Slater lives in my area. I was so delighted someone from this dull and benighted area made it into the news, and was THRILLED to see you incorporated him into your year-end review. Such an HONOR for Steven! I wonder if he knows? I never met him myself, but if I ever see him in the area I’ll have to mention he made it BIG TIME on Uncle Jay’s website! He’s ARRIVED!

    Anyway, Uncle Jay, so many thanks for making my Mondays a lot less drearier. And wishing you and yours MERRY CHIRISTMAS and a most HAPPY 2011!

    p.s.: If I ever win the Lottery, you are high up on my list :)

  10. mskitty Says:

    Oh-Oh Uncle Jay, I think you made a mistake! It’s Steven Slater, isn’t it? Not Stewart lolllll I think you made a boo-boo Uncle Jay! :)

    Uncle Jay replies:
    That’s “Steven the Steward.” As in, flight attendant.

  11. Lindy Says:

    A true masterpiece of hilarity. Thanks so much for explaining the news so that it is fun and insightful.
    (It’s unbelievable the version of the Census form you got… Wikileaks needs to hear about this invasion of privacy… no wait… they would probably publish your answers.)
    I’m going to go now to Jon Stewart’s page and suggest he have you on as a guest. Between the two of you: News is a blast.
    Have a wonderful holiday season… I always look forwards for the next edition of “Uncle Jay Explains…”

  12. Mother Ellis Says:

    Uncle Jay you are my favorite uncle. See you next year! Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year :o)

  13. mskitty Says:

    LOLLLL OH! :O Steven the Stewart duhhhhhh

    *wiping off egg on face* :)

  14. Alan Says:

    outa the park again! best of the year, too, in my never-so-humble-opinion [imnsho]…

    Happy Holidays, UJ and everyone!

  15. kathy Says:

    LOL great entertainment.
    THX Uncle Jay. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  16. Laura Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    You are the Uncle we all love to see at holiday gatherings. Thank you for a wonderful year of explanations. Your holiday medley brought us all great mirth and joy.

    Merry Whatever,

  17. Morris Says:


  18. Ben Says:

    Better than the Jibjab 2010 year in review….
    by a lot

  19. Diego Says:

    Thanks again Uncle Jay! Love you!

  20. Lisa Says:

    Uncle Jay, you have a very nice singing voice!

  21. CT Says:

    Uncle Jay I’ve enjoyed your weekly tidbits through out the year, but you’ve really out done yourself with this year end summation. I’ve forwarded your website to all my friends so that they may receive your Monday morning observations in the New Year.


  22. Philm Says:

    Love your creativity. And your content does a great job of showing the lostness of the human race and its systems of thinking. It is a broken world we live in. Who will have a working answer for it?

  23. Charlie Says:

    Happy Festivus Uncle Jay!

  24. Ann Marie Says:

    Hello, I am just now reviewing the 2010 Year in Review and find that you did say MERRY CHRISTMAS.. SO maybe I was wrong to comment on your Xmas greeting for 2013
    Love and peace to you and yours. Ann Marie


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