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Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 15, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 15, 2010

Do not confuse George Bush’s book with Keith Richards’ book!   They mean very different things by “Mission Accomplished.”  Also, Congress and Obama try to accomplish keeping each other from accomplishing anything.   And the TSA uses full body scans looking for contraband Happy Meals!  Uncle Jay explains.

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14 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 15, 2010”

  1. Christina Archer Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay- Do you hate Canadians? I sent a question about the G20 meeting that was held in Toronto and the bad manners that everybody had. We have a fearless leader who wants us Canadians to be like Americans. We love the United States; why do Americans hate us? Thank you, your friend Christina

  2. Michael Says:

    Deer uNcle J, Daddy says a hellfire missel is for bad guys. why are they shooting at you? Mikey

  3. Diana W. Says:

    Great one this week, Uncle Jay!

  4. Jen Singer Says:

    Good one, Uncle Jay! I love to start my week with your funny stuff. Keep up the good work.

  5. Marty Says:

    Hi Unky Jay! My Mommy says “you funny!” I just wanted to thank you for making me laugh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ain’t the news funny?

  6. Jim Allen Says:

    Hey, Uncle Jay. I am 73-years-old. Is it legal for me to call you “Uncle Jay”?

    PS: I liked the hellfire missels.

  7. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    Gotta keep on dancing…this week’s message.
    Ginger R

  8. Laura Says:

    Uncle Jay, I love your graphics this week. Unfortunately putting Darth Vader on a happy meal box will only make my kids want it more, not less. Keep up the good work UJ.

  9. Scott S Says:

    Always can’t wait for Monday for you to explain this last weeks news to me!!!

    The Lone Gunmen would be proud of you, and would’ve likely always watched your show…


  10. Pat Says:

    No wonder I was having a miserable Monday. Too much craziness in the news all week, and I didn’t realize you were late with the news Uncle Jay! I just got it and it is now 9;51 PM. :( Well, anyway, I feel myself perking up a bit now. Good one this week, Uncle Jay! :9

  11. Barry Withaby Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    I’ll say it again, you just keep getting better and better! The way you bring out the truth is so funny – I guess that what helps us deal with the fact that we individually can’t do much about most of these issues. But if you educate enough of us, maybe someday we can collectively make a difference – so keep on keepin’ on!

  12. Barry Withaby Says:

    PS Uncle Jay
    “Your failure is complete” awesome – just awesome!

  13. kathy Says:

    THX Uncle Jay,

    another good one. it’s a good pick-me-up.

  14. Sara Pitbull Says:

    Great film editing skills. I liked the TSA photograph that was timed with the words: “suspected terrorists.” The little girl – getting body searched – fit the profile perfectly.

    2ndly, at least Bush waited until after his presidency to publish his book and did not publish an egocentric autobiography before becoming president.

    correction: “the” not “to”


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