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Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 8, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 8, 2010

The people have spoken!   They want smaller government, lower deficits, and harder-to-spell Congressional leaders!  Oh, and some jobs would be nice.   Uncle Jay explains!

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38 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 8, 2010”

  1. Q-Hack Says:

    Wait… did he really go there? Jay went off the deep end with Mel Gibson.

  2. Pat Says:

    Oh great! i’m the first to respond!

    lollll you’re too funny, Uncle Jay. You always make me feel much better {{{hugs}}}

  3. Joe Says:

    Please explain to me how the Jews are running everything when I thought that was the job of the Tri-Lateral Commission? UJ…did you just “step in do-do?”

  4. PaulB Says:

    Since we Jews really control things, how come I still have to pay taxes like everyone else ?-}

  5. egc52556 Says:

    I dunno, Uncle Jay. I’ve been trying to give the government the finger for some time now, but they don’t seem to want it.

  6. Jeffery Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    I was chaperoning a high school dance earlier this year. I noted most of the songs were from the ’80s. When I asked the kids about this later, they told me today’s music “sucks.”

    So I was right. Things were better when I was a kid!

  7. John Paul Says:

    First of all, our so called Government has been taking way more from the people then what they need. The on top of that they “LIE” all the time to us saying there doing one thing and yet there doing something much worse. then you have all the “BIG” business who are paying all the “BIG” guys in our Government to pass new laws or approve mass amounts of money to be gave to help them.

    So when I hear anything that Uncle Jay says, I tend to believe it. Good going Uncle Jay Keep up the good work.

  8. Walt Jones Says:

    You made one little slip Uncle Jay. Will agree with a couple other comments made here about your reference to THE JEWS ! Hoping a retraction can be made.

  9. Faith Says:

    I’m Jewish, Uncle Jay, and all I have is my one vote. I don’t control anything outside my own house, and sometimes not even there. Your comment was offensive.

  10. Joe Ingrao Says:

    Uncle Jay.. I would like to hear more about the JEWS running this country. Can you give us some examples. tks

  11. Kay Says:

    I am not Jewish but I too agree that the Jewish comment was offensive. It is such comments that were made by the Nazi as they began their attempted genocide of a great people. Please make a retraction or I will be forced to stop watching.

  12. Marc Says:

    The comment about the Jews controlling everything was not only offensive, it was inappropriate and inciteful. Your vague attempt at humor and sarcasm could have far-reaching implications. A refresher course on Hitler’s rise to power would show the potential damage. Any recourse on the past 4,000 years of World History would show the futility of blaming a tiny religious group for all the world’s problems. Certain attempts at humor should be completely off-limits, especially one that can stir up such hatred. Next, will you use the N-word to describe blacks? UJ, you went over the line this time! You need to retract and apologize for this.

  13. feanor Says:


    It was a JOKE!!!!!!!!

    And apparently one most of you didn’t get.

    He’s not making fun of Jews, he’s making fun of the idiots who think they really do control everything.
    Get a clue!


  14. Brian Says:

    Uncle Jay…did you really say that Jews run this country??? I had to play this twice to make sure I heard you correctly. Wow. If this an attempt at humor, it went over like a “turd in a punch bowl” as the saying goes.
    All you have to do is look at how Nazi Germany regarded the Jews. Your comment puts you on even par with them. I am appalled that you (of all people) would stoop this low.
    I am starting to re-evaluate your wisdom.


  15. D.L. Youngston Says:

    Uncle Jay is great. Parents must wonder where their kids get those ideas. Uncle Jay should be required reading from K-12.

  16. Frank Says:

    Feanor is right. It was not mocking the Jews – The point was that blaming democrats, republicans, or any other group is just an oversimplification of the real problem. That is what is what is interfering with progress. That and American’s insufferable need to have everything solved now – no matter how long it took to create the problem or how complex the problem is. Oh and make sure that none of the things you do to fix the problem inconveniences me in any way.

    On another note – Does anyone know how one can write a question to uncle Jay? All those other kids have figured out how to address letters to him – I just haven’t figured it out yet…

  17. Vanessa Says:

    I think his comment about the Jews are supposed to funny, but also related to how the U.S. handles things with Israel. Plus there are a lot of people who think that Jews <— not the religion or it's people, but the government has more involvement with U.S. leaders then U.S. citizens may realize.
    If Jay could make a video that gives a few examples I'm sure it would please some people to understand what he meant, but honestly no one is going to be 100% happy with his comment because they will find it somehow Anti-Semitic no matter how he explains it.

  18. Nicky Says:

    Get a grip you kids!
    Jews in New York got Hillary in office!

  19. Bev Says:

    Sorry, UJ. I listened to this one twice because I thought I must have misheard you. But no, you actually said “It was the Jews.” I get that this was supposed to be a joke, but there are certain “jokes” that can only be made by the minority in question. Thus, Whoppi Goldberg can joke about blacks; gays can joke about homosexuals; and Jews can joke about Jews. Unless I miss my guess, you don’t qualify.

  20. J Henry Jr Says:

    WoW Unkie Jay! I had to rewind it too. Was that gratuitous Jew-Bomb meant to shock people or did you really think the majority of people would see it as funny?

    Imus would surely get fired for that one!

  21. Gerry M Says:

    Next time, watch out for the swing pendulus else you be bonked some place else.
    Some laugh, some hurt, some don’t care.

  22. DrewMC Says:

    Whether it really was meant to be a joke or a metaphor, it is still lame and inappropriate to say the least. luckily for you I am not Jewish so I won’t do what I can to promote a boycott of uncle jay.

  23. kathy Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay,

    Very Funny as usual. Don’t forget to duck.
    People wanting Congressman with harder-to-spell names.
    Senator Reid morphing.
    The latest advancement in bad spelling.

  24. Suze Says:

    Ah, Jay, you old publicity hound, you! You had to know your Jew comment would arouse controversy, even among your fans who are supposed to be thinkers. (See proof above.) Knee-jerk reactions die hard, don’t they? *sigh* Yes, I know, that’s just the sort of thing you were trying to point out, but you’re gonna get some hate mail for this one. I hope it gets you all the publicity you can handle! The more people who listen to Uncle Jay, the better off this world will be.

  25. Chris Says:

    I didn’t get the joke until I read the comments,(and, yes, I rewound it twice to make sure that’s what you said). Now that I “get it”, it doesn’t bother me. However, that can be the problem. Sometimes, something can be so sensitive that you just have to stay away from it, even when it’s obvious satire – especially if it’s a subtle point that some might not get. I’m still a big fan, but I think you might have stepped in doo-doo this time.

  26. Alan Says:

    spot on, feanor! you can tell things have gone to hell when people lose their sense of humor and get upset over EVERY POSSIBLE thing they can… and yes, my upbringing was Jewish, and i took no offense at the comment. i could just picture those who heard that line and said “yeah, they run everything!” or some equivalent B.S…. and boy, UJ, i knew from that instant that the number of comments this week would be WAY above average… :))))) keep up the great work! thanks!

  27. Donna Says:

    OMG people – nothing like over-reacting! Kind of like how extremists Islamist over-react to Mohammad comments. COME ON – GET A GRIP and don’t be so sensitive, it is a big part of what is wrong in America these days. Right up there with political correctness (which is a bunch of doo-doo)!

  28. Aaron Says:

    Uncle Jay is, first and foremost, a teacher. He makes sure that his message will be understood. When he is being funny or sarcastic we know it. Unfortunately, this was neither humor nor sarcasm. Just straight-out anti-Semitism. What a shame.

  29. Sara Pitbull Says:

    Jews, video games and one dimensional cartoonish characters? No more television for you, UJ.

  30. Maughta Says:

    Dear Jay,

    As a Jew, I laughed my tushie off at your remark that’s gotten so many others so apparently steamed.

    Don’t let the naysayers who wouldn’t know satire or irony if it bit them on the knish get you down.

  31. Nicky Says:

    I hope the kids threatening a boycott follow through!
    Maybe there’ll be less oversensitive whining!

  32. Rafael Says:

    Dear uncle jay, there is this question that my economic teacher and all my classmates what to know about you, are you a republican or democrat.

  33. Rabbi Joel Berman Says:

    Hi, Uncle Jay,
    Having watched you now for a couple of years, it would be hard for me to conclude that your comment was anti- Semitic. It felt like you were saying that to come to a conclusion of the problem of “who to blame for our woes,” why not just fall back to the oldest scapegoat, one that the enlightened (i.e. anyone who watches Uncle Jay) will realize is a cynical and sardonic answer. But not anti-Semitic. I suspect that the reason it even crossed your mind is contained in your own background. But even if you’re not Jewish yourself, you recognize the idiocy of “blaming the Jews,” and are using that idiocy to illustrate your point about senseless blame. I also suspect there was a memory of Tom Lehrer’s “National Brotherhood Week” egging you on. So it didn’t seem to work as well as you might have liked (“turd in a punch bowl”), and some thought it revealed a negative trait. Lenny was crucified for bigger fish.
    If there is an international Jewish conspiracy, I’m still waiting for my residual check.
    Rabbi Joel

  34. RightWingNutJob Says:

    Really? Anti-semitic Uncle Jay? Hah! And as for those of you who call him a nazi, I call Godwin’s Law on you all. If you aren’t able to understand that he’s making fun of people who blame the Jews for everything then it wouldn’t surprise me if you think Uncle Jay is simultaneously a Liberal who believes in death panels as well as a Conservative who believes in shooting illegal immigrants. It’s called sarcasm. If you haven’t yet discovered it… why are you watching Uncle Jay…?

  35. Disappointed Says:

    The “Jews” comment was unnecessary and I honestly can’t believe that you slid that into the commentary. Not sure why you decided to put that in but I can assure you that my days of viewing “Uncle Jay” are now over. I really was a fan but the context of your comment was inexcusable (to me at least).

  36. greg Says:

    There quickly went the cards on the table –
    thank you for having a sense of irony. Of course, Uncle Jay would only be appropriate and funny – if no one was threatened, incited to misdeeds or a hated. Three cheers to Uncle Jay.

  37. Ben Says:

    **OMG what you said about jews was anti-semitic and terrible! You’re a nazi!!**


    Seriously though, calm down people. I feel bad for UJ. It must feel terrible to know his site attracts idiots.

  38. dave Says:

    You people are upset about the comic moment involving Jews? He makes all comments left and right to point out how crazy some beliefs are. You were offended? Are you kidding me??? Monty Python made more offensive remarks week after week, but we hold them up as priests of comedy. Worry about Iran having the bomb right near Israel and not Uncle Jay. Iran is a bigger threat to every Jewish person than Uncle Jay. Right on humor brother


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