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Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 1, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 1, 2010

On election day, we’ll see how that Rally to Restore Democrats and/or Liberals worked out.   Then, we’ll see how those Republicans and/or Tea Partiers work out.  And thank goodness that Rally to Blow Up a Plane and/or Synagogue didn’t work out at all.  Uncle Jay explains!

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15 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 1, 2010”

  1. egc52556 Says:

    Thank you Uncle Jay for bringing the news into focus again. Week after week you “rally” my spirits and “restore my sanity.”

  2. don winstead Says:

    I am 70 years old in NC. I cannot ever remember an election that was so frustrating. It seems that all the candidates Republican and Democrats felt they had to dig up all the dirt possible and sling it. Then the so called Tea Party came in stirred it up more. I dread to think what kind of mess we would be in if by some chance Sarah Palin had been vice president. And heaven help us all if she manages to get elected as President or even vice president…

  3. Nezzy Says:

    Gee, is Uncle Jay also noticing just prior to election times there is usually a “terrorist scare”? A friend of mine said she hated to even think that it might be political. I hate to think it too, but have nonetheless come to that conclusion. (I put the ‘nonetheless’ in there for the English teachers.)

  4. Pat Says:

    You said it so well, egc52556. I wish I had thought of that.

    What does that NY Times phrase ‘jump the shark’ suppose to mean? I suppose now there will be unending articles and media talk about the pros and cons of comedians getting involved. Well, America *is* a joke, after all, so it rather seems a propos that comedians and rodeo clowns now begin to set the tone as legimate and influential newspersons. No one believes the actual newspersons anyway anymore.

  5. Pat Says:

    Oh and P.S.: Don’t forget to write in Uncle Jay’s name on all the ballots for everything!

  6. MB Says:

    @Pat- never heard the term “jump the shark”?? Look it up. It’s not original to the NYTimes. The phrase comes from an episode of “Happy Days” where the Fonz waterskied and jumped a shark, and refers to a point in a tv shows history where it became lame and went downhill (now extended to non-tv shows).

  7. Robt O Says:

    Thanks Oncle J
    Thanks for the English lessson, which had a great affect on me that will, hopefully effect my friends with my new command of English.
    Affectivly (or effectively) yarn,
    N. Hawthorne

  8. Pat Says:

    Ah OK, I didn’t know that. Thanks, MB. Good to know. I’ll try to work it into a conversation lolll

  9. Shtanto Says:

    Thanks again Uncle Jay! The language of Orwell’s 1984 is getting closer to reality every day. Now if I could only remember what this week’s video was about…

  10. J Henry Jr Says:

    Uncle Jay, you forgot to mention the nasty partisan signs at the Honor and Sanity rallies. Oops, there were no signs at all at Beck’s rally, just at the comedy sanity one, my bad…

  11. L0v3Fire Says:

    Who in their right mind would listen to Beck and believe a word he says? Everything he says are basically abstracts, and no human being — including the so-called Founding Fathers — ever lived up to such high-sounding abstracts. I mean except for maybe Mother Theresa, I simply never met a saint.

    Beck describes himself as a rodeo clown — and well he might — that is the part he plays for the Right and is well paid for it — an affected, counterfeit charlatan ranking in some nice big bucks for feeding a lot of pretty much meaningless drivel and pretensions into the ears of those who, though perhaps well-meaning (some at least), are comprised basically of the materialistic and superficial mentality. These are the sorts that could only believe in the daily humbug of Glenn Beck. Please.

    I am no great thinker, but it does take a long LONG time to lift the Veil even a tad. And I don’t mean that Veil that is pulled aside and shown the charlatan behind it. The charlatan hides behind a Curtain.

  12. Vibrant7 Says:

    I think Uncle Jay is a member of the Galactic Federation. Good sense of humor and has a bird’s-eye view, seeing through the Illusion.

    Let’s hope Contact is made soon — with the UFO’s. That’s about the only thing that will save us.

  13. kathy Says:

    Thx Uncle Jay.

    That was funny. And yes vote for the lesser evil.
    I don’t like that bear TP commercial. Ugh.

  14. L0v3Fire Says:

    Geitner Visited Jon Stewart in April, Thouth Not For Laughs

  15. Allen Gaspar Says:

    Righty McRacist on the ballot? Is it any wonder why consevatives have such low regard for the media? Your liberalism is obvious, Jay, and usually enjoyable. Please don’t join your lesser colleagues in the gutter.


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