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Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 20, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 20, 2010

Halloween and the midterm elections are coming, and we all know which is more frightening.   Uncle Jay can’t help being nervous, but he’s not nearly as nervous as some politicians.   Soon, they might have to actually start looking for the jobs they haven’t created.

30 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 20, 2010”

  1. Ken Says:

    Hi Jay! Love your explanations and how you keep it simple. Your analogy to Tim in Chicago of how the game is played was spot on! Sponsor logos on politicians would be a huge benefit.

  2. anotherbozo Says:

    Great analogy, the football game. Sometimes UJ, you compress great insight into a very little time!

  3. CT Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    Another word for the day is “Accountability” as in the voters are going to hold the politicians accountable for their actions (or lack there of). Some politicians are in a panic because they believe the voters may hold them accountable.

  4. PSql Says:

    Doesn’t get any truer then this. lol

  5. rick Says:

    I would say this is your best one of the whole year. Your response to to Tim was the best explanation I have ever heard on why things never seem to change (other than the poll numbers) in Washington.

  6. Jeremy Says:

    Well done Uncle Jay.

  7. Kyle Says:

    Sad to say…this is why the Constitution gives us the right to overthrow our government. The general public will never be able to afford a campaign run, and so we are left with those whose pockets are already being filled and stay open long through their tenure in office. We must change the rules on tenures and maybe that would help us some…we hope! That, by the way, would be change we could believe in!

  8. Nancy Says:

    Well everyone has to begin without experience in Congress at some point. Hmmm, yes both the Dems and Pubs get paid the same by our tax dollars, so maybe we should quit paying them and let them try taking a huge pay cut. Good one this week!

  9. PhilBob Says:

    Jay,…I’m still confused, and still in a panic.

  10. David Says:

    Has anyone ever stopped to think or realize that football is an unconscious form of male statutory rape; the object of the game being one team trying to get in the other team’s end zone and score the most points.

    While it may seem in your analogy that everyone involves wins, except the fans, the reality is that everyone loses, including the fans. And while it may appear that everyone is doing it to everyone, the reality is everyone is doing it to themselves and reinforcing if for each other.

    Win/Lose; Competition/conflict; domination/submission; humiliation/ degradation. Repeat. Go team!

  11. Jen Says:

    Term limits! Throw them all out and get term limits in. Thank you Uncle Jay for exposing the “Federal” Reserve.

  12. plusaf Says:

    five stars? nope… ten or fifteen… definitely the best of the year… maybe of the past two years!

    people all across the country are starting to catch on, and you’ve done a great job of showing examples!

    as the old joke goes, when Hillary was running, some people put the “Run, Hillary, Run” bumpersticker on the back of their car; some others put it on the front bumper…

    this looks like a front-bumper year for politicians, and maybe in 2012, too!

    GREAT video! thank you!

  13. Ray Says:

    luv the football analogy

  14. Jim Says:

    Perhaps it’s been mentioned before on this site. One of the best lines I ever read was from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, “Anyone capable of getting himself elected President should, for that very reason, be prohibited from holding the office of President.”

  15. Greg McPherson Says:

    Hey Jay,

    Another great commentary. You make my Mondays better. I like that gray shirt where did you get it?


  16. Lindy Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay, It’s your favorite niece again… lol. I wanted to suggest that you get a television show. I feel that 3:29 mins is not enough of your great humor per week. And when you take time off I really go into a PANIC. I hear Larry King is closing shop and Oprah is changing stations, I think one of those slots would be CALMING…if you took it.
    Love ya and I need an iPad for Christmas..

  17. Rick Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay, hey I agree with “CT” about politicians being held accountable, that is why they are in a panic…more and more Americans are starting to get more involved with who they elect and what goes on with all the corrupt back room “Deals”..It is time to elect people who truly believe in Essential Liberties that are written in OUR Constitution…..AMERICA FIRST !!

  18. gary Says:

    Two times in a row now you have used mild profanity in your webcast. So, my kids and I are removing you from our schedule.

    Uncle Jay replies:
    In the future Uncle Jay will try to refrain from saying “hell” or other words that children might hear in church.

  19. Zachariah K Says:

    [quote]Uncle Jay replies:
    In the future Uncle Jay will try to refrain from saying “hell” or other words that children might hear in church.[/quote]

    Also nice analogy at the end there.

  20. Barry Withaby Says:

    Uncle Jay, I agree with everyone – the football anology was (said like Tony the Tiger) GREAT! And you are doing a great job of educating small minds. Also, if you’re giving away iPads, like Oprah gave away Cadillacs, then I’ll take one too!

  21. Robt O Says:

    Dear Oncle J:
    It’s all a game? Darwin would have liked this.
    The Zoo-Keeper

  22. kathy Says:

    Fabulous Uncle Jay.

    Politicians saying the right words we want to hear. (lady Gaga)

    other people like Snooki saying the right words,

    Fantastic analogy at the end comparing politics with football games. LOL and WOW it’s all so clear now.

  23. Frank Says:

    This one is one of my favorites. It was funny but also kinda sad. We are coming up on another election that has some people up in arms about how we are going to vote out those bad people in office. Your point about the fact that the new people are not going to be any better than the ones that are currently there (or the people before them) is perfect. I happen to believe both the democrats and republicans are more interested in gaining or maintaining power than actually helping the country.

  24. David Says:

    Right on Uncle Jay. This is “best of” quality.

  25. Cindy Says:

    The owners of America are the Citizens and taxpayers, not the corporations. The Goverment works for us. Other than that fact correction it was another great piece.

  26. Mysterion Says:

    Congratulations Uncle Jay!!! Hope the wedding went perfectly!

  27. Lindy Says:

    Congratulations Uncle Jay!!!!!
    And also to your lucky daughter; May she and her new hubby live long and healthy lives.
    I say “lucky” because she is lucky to have such a funny dad.

  28. Russell J. Says:

    Uncle Jay, oh how I wish you could come to Australia and loose some of your “slings and arrows” against the detritus we laughingly call Politicians, and against our largely moribund, self absorbed and self obsessed population. The world is in sore need of people with your perception, wit and alacrity. (Are you related to Mark Twain ?) More power to you.!

  29. DMalenfant Says:

    Well you are correct about one thing, the dems are in a panic, the GOP is not.
    And you are wrong about people being sick and tired of this, it is really the independents who are tired of this, the republican voters don’t seem to care as long as their guy gets in because they can never admit that they are wrong.
    Uncle Jay, the republicans are not going to gain or lose votes, they will stay at the same number of voters as they have had all along, the Dems how ever will lose votes because the independent voters are like “well the only reason we voted for you last election is because we didn’t want the crazies being in charge anymore and hopefully you will fix the problems they caused because if we vote for the best guy who is independent Those crazies will stay in” (independent doesn’t have a chance because they don’t play ball with any networks, corporations and don’t have enough capital to broadcast their voice as much as the dems and republicans. Hopefully soon the internet will fix that).
    So no Uncle Jay, at least 1/2 of the nation has not learned from this because they never can be wrong.

  30. Jules Braun Says:

    I love this guy! How could it be said better. We start being “Pavlov’s Dogs”


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