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Uncle Jay Explains: July 5, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: July 5, 2010

Happy birthday, America!   We’ve all pitched in for a nice gift card for 12 trillion dollars.  Uncle Jay explains Uncle Sam’s Declaration of Independence, celebrating the land of the free and the home of the Whopper.

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64 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: July 5, 2010”

  1. Tony Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    The larger part of the population of the US, misunderstand the Declaration of Independence, The Founding Fathers, and The Constitution. What has been said in this episode does not help with that. I hold The Founders in the highest regard and I do not appreciate making light of all that they have given us. They were great, and inspired men.

  2. Lindy Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay, My ribs hurt from laughing at your latest edition. You are fantabulous! Happy Fourth!!! Love the red,white and blue shirts cycling around… you didn’t miss a beat between shirt changes… LOL…I know I know. I sure wish you had been my social studies teacher… I might have become SOMETHING! … as it was I just caught up on sleep. Love ya, when are you coming to Kalifornia?

  3. Larry O'Neill Says:

    That unsubscribe notice .. sorry .. that was mine. As one whose ancestry in America dates to before 1700′s, it pains me to see people be so disrespectful to the founding documents and founders fathers of this country. If it had not been for them, well, just think about it for a couple hundred years or so.

  4. Veronica Deevers Says:

    Thank you for NOT wishing us a happy 4th of July. This is like saying Merry December 25th and Happy January 1st.

    And now it’s back to the oil spill with no news on the wars, the homeless-jobless Americans, how you will be taxed for your health insurance “income” very soon, on how Obama refuses to allow Republicans to go near the oil spill, and of course….no news on the vicious cap & trade bill they will shove down our throats (if we allow it), crushing free trade, etc.

  5. Christopher Says:

    Not impressed this week with your take on the Constitution. Your presentation was negative, biased toward the revisionist trend in viewing history, and just plain weird and confusing for my children. You have the opportunity to positively effect and educate your audience but instead you chose cynicism, smurfs, and political correctness. You usually do a great job balancing the left and right, but not this week.

  6. Uncle Jay Strikes Again! | Full Circle Thinker Says:

    [...] [...]

  7. Susan Says:

    Uncle Jay, I loved you entry this week! Don’t let the haters get to you. Maybe next week the work of the week should be “satire”!

  8. Joe Says:

    Usually I really enjoy you tirades UJ, but I think you stumbled this week. I always knew you to be a little on the PC side of thinking, but, you are usually entertaining that I can skip over that little fault. Had you studied history a little deeper, you would have found that the founding fathers struggled with the “all men are created equal” phrase. Had they included slaves, the DI would have never been signed by the southern states. Further, not ALL happy nesses are extinct…many people are still in pursuit of them and do actually find them her in America. Obviously, you have found one right here in your little internet business. Good for you.

  9. Aime Watts, Jr. Says:

    I agree with Christopher. Thge Founding Fathers had many, many issues to deal with; and it was agreed at the time that slavery was one that had to be put aside in the name of getting started at all.
    It might also be relevent to understand that slavery was a ‘normal’ state of existance for millenia prior to our independance. Judging people of the past by today’s standards is counter productive at least; and is a type of lie at worse. Many hundreds of thousands of people died and an equal or greater number were wounded resolving that issue.
    Today’s show was the first time that I was dismayed and dissapointed with the content and presentation. The Declaration was a wonderful beginning to a great nation, a nation that has been a beacon of liberty and opportunity since its inception. Nothing devised by Man is without problems; but the beauty of the system is that we strive to correct those problems. I am proud to be an American and a veteran. Too bad Uncle Jay isn’t; but that’s his choise and we still have freedom to choose here.

  10. Doug Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    Don’t be discouraged by the naysayers. This was one of your best lessons ever! It was hilarious & people need to lighten up about their vision of the “Founding Fathers.” They were human & imperfect & they they never envisioned the mess that this country would become, but they did make some very interesting safeguards that shows they had some idea. No need to balance left & right, just keep speaking your mind, please! (And confusing kids is okay too–if they aren’t confused, they will grow up to be dumbies!)

  11. Bob Gingrich Says:

    You should leave subjects you don’t understand alone. Almost all members of the Constitutional Convention were opposed to slavery but they were also realists who understood that they had to produce a document that could be adopted in nine of the thirteen colonies. Had slavery been outlawed, the convention delegates knew they would not be able to get the Consititution ratified and getting the new Constitution ratified was absolutely necessary to the future of the United States. Within that document, the delegates postponed a slavery decision until 1808 with the expectation that by that time, slavery would have run its course and would no longer be a deal-killing issue. Unfortunately, they were wrong in that assumption; it took a devasting civil war seventy years later to rid the country of the practice of slavery.

    By the way, slavery wasn’t invented in the colonies; it was inherited from the Founding Fathers’ European ancestors.

    Today, most young people are ignorant of early American history; your “lesson” of July 5 has the potential of doing a lot of damage, unintended though it may be. Getting a cheap laugh isn’t worth the potential damage inherrent in your message.

  12. Rick Says:

    Normally I love your insight, but this time I’m afraid you blew it. Although OUR Constitution is not perfect , Our founders gave up their Honor, Their Fortunes and their Lives so we all could have FREEDOM AND LIBERTY . Our politicians have eroded that Great Document because it ties their hands too much, which is exactly Why it was written.
    Otherwise keep up the good work, still Luv Ya !

  13. postalinVT Says:

    Wow, you really blew it this week Uncle Jay. We used to be much closer to the ideals the founders left us with. We started to lose it all way back when some folks decided it wasn’t “fair” to leave the lazy behind in the “pursuit of happiness”

    Did you know it originally said ” the pursuit of property”? They decided to change it so the slave holding states couldn’t use it to justify slavery as they considered slaves to be property.
    My teacher tells me to do my research before I run my mouth.

  14. Grumpy Says:

    I think it’s time to post a disclaimer before each episode that this program is NOT suitable for small children, small domesticated animals, revisionist academics, home-grown Communists and Socialists, their fellow Left Coast Liberals and wannabe’s, and anyone who has tasted or is already addicted to the Obama “Kool-aid”. Sigh, free speech apparently is only free in this country now if it goose-steps to political correctness, ex-60′s radical tenured academic’s, and/or the Obamanation! (pun intended)

  15. Lonnie Says:

    Not sure I agree with your analysis on this one, Uncle Jay. I would argue that although it is true beyond a doubt that the people of the past did not regard many segments of people as being “people” (such as black folks), the Constitution and the Declaration laid the groundwork by which those people could and would eventually gain their freedom and be recognized as human beings just as white males were. Men and women were always equal and human, even if we did not acknowledge it and if it took struggle and time and even war. The Declaration and the Constitution did much to guide us in that direction, at the very least as a foundational reason.

    Don’t think I can state what I want to say very articulately, so I will leave it at that. This won’t stop me from viewing you in the future! I do believe you erred on this one, but as a friend of mine who is a big Chicago Cubs fan once said, “Even Ryne Sandberg committed an error once in a great while.”

    By the way, everyone, there is a big difference between being a hater and being a disagreer; let’s try to remember that line and not step over it.

    Keep up the good work, Uncle Jay!

  16. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    George lll was an idiot!! And so were we for going to war over a matter of taxes. And, I fear, so am I for so saying.

    Fearfully yours,
    Robert XXX

  17. Littleartwork Says:

    Wow, good one Uncle Jay! I think people are taking your videos way too seriously though…don’t they get satire? By the way,for those that think the constitution is the be all and end all…remember it is not a sacred text….and the legislative branch and the judicial branches were created so we could change the mistakes that were made…look at all the amendments we have. i think this was one of my favorite installments of yours…can’t wait until next week’s!

  18. William Says:

    Didn’t like this episode at all, there, uncle Jay… :-(

  19. egc52556 Says:

    People, this is satire. Get a life.

    Or do you only think Uncle Jay is funny and appropriate if his humor doesn’t hit too close to home?

  20. psql.santoro Says:

    I see a lot of people were a little upset with the humor posed in this episode. As an African American descent I tend to agree with what was said. All minorities in this country can say this. Anyone who can look at the document and not realize there were quite a few people left out are only thinking about themselves and the freedoms and moneys they enjoy today. These people I’m talking of enjoyed hundreds of years of freedom to pursue happiness where their families and ancestors created businesses and they did on the backs of others using free labor collecting all the profit not to mention the death of others. These people and their descendants are still rich today. People of honor like our forefathers probably were helpless to change the situation but who ever said they really wanted to. Let me tell you this much people I can look at that document and tell ya I don’t need to respect the way others feel they should. And those of you who think you have so much freedom then maybe you should re evaluate what freedom to pursue really means. Most people I know are free to barely pay their over priced bills. My people were not considered human,s that’s why the fore fathers could justify the term (men created equal). I’m so tired of people trying to justify things like this to convince themselves that things weren’t as bad as they were. Maybe guilt, which is uncalled for. You shouldn’t be made to pay for something an old relative did. In order to be a true American you must recognize flaws and fix them. You should never trust your government to do good things for you, you must stay on top of them. And most of all stop running from our dark history. One more fact the civil war did not free blacks, the civil rights movement came the closest.

  21. Lesthanzero Says:

    I just have to add my voice to the “naysayers” this week, Jay. I usually appreciate your humor, but it doesn’t help making light of the seriousness of our nation’s founding, especially when most Americans are ignorant of the facts to begin with. We do not need another “Daily Show” that people mistake for actual news.

  22. Alan Says:

    Sorry Uncle Jay. You missed the mark on this one. I started off laughing but quickly sobered up when you started your left-leaning-revisionist diatribe. I’ve often tried to figure out your political stance and this time you left (no pun intended) no doubt.

  23. Sean Says:

    It’s good to come out of our own “thought box” every once in a while. Even on foundational issues like you mentioned. Thanks for a voicing your thoughts.

    Looks like we stirred ‘em up a bit this week. Eh, Uncle Jay? Goood, Goood!

    I bet things were stirred up when they were writing both of those Documents.

  24. Pat Says:

    Thumbs up from me, Uncle Jay. Good episode. No matter what you’ve said on past Monday’s, I’ve never before seen so many negative responses, so I am very surprised this time. But I’m disappointed in them, not in you! Thanks as always.

  25. Kathy Says:

    THX Uncle Jay.

    I liked how you explained the spelling in the DOI.
    Very funny. And those smurfs are cute, aren’t they?
    Thanks for another entertaining news show.

  26. Bill Says:

    Normally I love your weekly presentations but I found your humor regarding our Founding Fathers to be off base. Hope you do better next week.

  27. Jeff Says:

    Right on as always UJ. I don’t know what video the negative voices saw – one even accused you of being unamerican! Didn’t he see your shirts?

    There was nothing unamerican about the video. The founding fathers did write “all are created equal” yet many of them did have slaves and did not let women vote, Indian’s as mentioned, etc. These are facts people.

    Happiness is spelled differently today – that was all UJ said. He made a joke about the spelling being like nerfs – that’s all.

    He mocked toys made in China – got a problem with that joke?

    And the Creator issue is still an issue. It is interesting that He was mentioned in the Declaration and not the Constituion.

    So other than calling UJ a leftist revisionist and other names what specifically are your beefs? I don’t see anything unpatriotic or unamerican in this video. I don’t see anything that puts down or is negative about the founding fathers other than that they bypassed the tough issue of slavery, which they did.

  28. Judy Says:

    To all of you out there with apparently no respect for Uncle Jay, I have this to say to you: Get a life! Have you not figured out that Uncle Jay is not really targeting children in his videos? This is mostly meant for adults to see. How many children would understand the innuendo he puts in every episode? There is nothing wrong with his take on our founding fathers or any of the documents they wrote.

  29. Judy Says:

    I love you Uncle Jay!! Keep up the good work. Please keep reminding our narrow-minded public that this is still a free country!

  30. Charlene Says:

    Wow, poor Uncle Jay! I got a laugh out of it. Especially the Happynefs :)

    I’m sorry, but if you can’t laugh at the Happynefs joke, you seriously need to lighten up.

  31. Ely Says:

    I think the thing about doing humor or satire is that sometimes it doesn’t come out as you’d hoped.

    This one really flopped.

    But… I’m looking forward to the next episode!

  32. Rindie Says:

    There is satire and there is misinformation. I agree with most of the comments that this episode is faulted with revisionist history.

  33. Zachariah Kendall Says:

    Hillarious! says I, a 21 year old college student.

  34. Gregg Says:

    All you people talking bad about Uncle Jay, next thing you will say those aren’t real letters from boys and girls he answers every week! I still believe in Uncle Jay … and his satire!

  35. Maynard R muttonchops Says:

    Well you can’t please all the people with Cool Whip.

  36. Brad Says:

    You’d think this was the first time all these complaining people ever saw an Uncle Jay episode. Don’t you know the routine by now? Uncle Jay makes fun of stuff in the news that doesn’t make sense. That usually includes a heavy dose of politics. It doesn’t mean he hates the government. It’s just that it’s not particularly funny to celebrate the smart and good things compared to making fun of the dumb and shady ones.

    Now that Uncle Jay picks on a “sacred” document, he must hate America? Do you really think the DOI is a perfect document created by perfect people? Don’t you ever tease and pick on people you love? The same thing can apply to a country and its founders. Lighten up!

  37. Temblor Says:

    Too bad most of these naysayers don’t really know or understand what went on as the Constitution was being written. But I find that most Americans have a very idealized idea of that process, the Founding Fathers were all saints and anyone who disagrees is automatically a communist, socialist, liberal, fascist, etc.

    But they don’t even know the actual meanings of these words, much less what actually went on at the Constitutional Convention. Not all their fault, high school history classes are a joke, but they certainly could read many books that describe that process.

    They could try reading the many fine biographies of, or autobiographies by Washington, Jefferson, John Adams, Franklin and others, to get a true idea of what went on. It would be most enlightening. But the naysayers won’t. Too many big words, you know, the 3 or 4 syllable kind. They will, instead, take what they “learn” from Limbaugh, Beck, and their ilk (which is nowhere near the truth) instead.

    Then, without even thinking about it, processing it in any way, they will regurgitate it as if it were the truth.

    For instance, at first it wasn’t just all white men who had the right to vote, it was only white landowners!

    You provide gentle satire, which obviously many of the ilk that are criticizing you don’t understand or even recognize.

    Keep up the good work Uncle.

  38. Steve Says:

    It is always interesting to me to see how people only hear the things they want to hear. Did anybody listen to the last 20 seconds of this episode? Keep up the great work Uncle Jay!

  39. Grandpa Gene Says:

    How in “God’s Green Earth”* can people (who claim to watch “Uncle Jay Explains” religiously) fail so miserably to discern the satire expounded by that “Uncle Jay”?

    * An expression strictly to be taken metaphorically, of course.

  40. Stephen Auslender Says:

    Great program! You say it as it is. There are people who have the need to worship institutions and leaders.
    Do not listen to them. But elevating these great writings to worship level they they are just making them into the biblical idols and graven images. We are all human and our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written by fellow humans. Thus they display the foibles and weaknessess, needs and morality of the people of that time who wrote these documents. These are still wonderful documents but, being made by humans, they are not perfect. Keep up the good work, I enjoy your program and watch it weekly.

  41. Inez Says:

    I guess some people missed the “a great kid” point of this piece. I loved it and thought it on target and very funny. The founding fathers aren’t on some pedestal, and I DO teach my children about how the government treated any one who didn’t look like them — male and European. And we should all read some books from the Tory perspective of the American revolution. Has any winner of a war taught the full truth about it in school books? Don’t think so.

    Uncle Jay, keep’em coming!

  42. Jim S. Says:

    U.J. Keep it up. The only thing that beats a great lecture or presentation is a great argument about it. While I’m decidedly on the side of the naysayers on this issue, I still love the arguments presented; maybe one of the most undervalued bi-products of the Constitution – the right to argue.
    By the way, for all of you that think blacks were considered non-human; One of George Washington’s highest ranking officers, in his inner circle, was black! A lot of facts like that, in our history were selectively erased from history books by “progressives” and bigots like President W. Wilson.

  43. Mark Says:

    I can’t find any fault with this issue. These negative comments appear to be from people who partied too much thinking that the reason for the holiday is to have a barbecue and get drunk. Considering the number of drunk renditions of the anthem I heard, my observations support your analysis.

  44. Cheesed Off 17 Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay, I watched this last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. When your email mentioned that it had upset many, i returned to see it again. I am amazed by by the negative comments. These folks must be totally humorless or totally dumb. Perhaps they all from the Religious Right who believe that the Bible was written by the Sky Daddy Himself and now they want the Constitution to be treated like a Sacred Text!
    You were spot on UJ. Your video’s are great.

  45. Pat Martin Says:

    This is satire people! I too hold our founding fathers in the highest regard, but they had thier faults. The parts about the Indians and blacks were true. I like uncle Jay and will continue watching him. I don’t think he was America bashing. It was funny and creative, just like always. Keep it up UJ! Us kids will be back next week!

  46. Connie Says:

    Dearest Uncle Jay:
    As a second generation American; all four grandparents immigrating individually – and legally – via Ellis Island with their parents who waited in line for their turn, I appreciate your sense of humor on all things in the news.

    One of the main issues at this moment in time, is a lacking of humor in nearly all aspects of life…

    Along with a greater lack of personal responsibility for ones own behavior/decisions/way of life. These are, I would assume, who take the greatest affront to anything you broadcast. Tough! They can simply get over themselves and their personal pity party and move on, or we, as a country, are doomed to failure under this present regime in DC (as well as the rest of the world who are sinking under Socialism).
    Keep up the good work. The vast majority of us love your weekly 3 mins. and a few seconds of great humor.

    Not one of us who walk the earth today were among those who wrote our Constitution and Federal Letters. Nor were we or did we own slaves, most of whom were sold to the slave runners by their own people. Ah yes, the almighty money ruled there too. Not one of us scalped or killed to over run the Native American Indians, nor do they believe we did. Are you fully aware these Native Americans learned the scalping from the French? It was England who paid the French to kill our Indian nation and as proof to turn in scalps for proof. In that three of my grandparents immigrated from England, it was my forefathers, in some sort, who were guilty for the demise of so many of the original Americans. Do I feel guilt? Hell no! I didn’t do this and won’t be held accountable for such. Nor do I agree I am to feel guilty for any race or religion who feel we, as a nation, own them jack squat.

    Keep up the great shows Uncle Jay and God Bless America and you.

    Little Connie from SoCal

  47. Suzanne Says:

    You lost another subscriber with this one. Go to

  48. PB - Texas Says:

    I think I so some Happynefs out in the back 40. Excuse me while I go get my gun.

  49. Rick Says:

    Touched a few nerves this week, Isn’t Free Speech Great !!!

    It Brings a good debate even if we didn’t ask for one.
    Happy Independance Day….Remember Why We Celebrate…

    Could you pass me another Beer LOL
    Keep Up The Good Work Uncle Jay…

  50. David Says:

    I’ll be unsubscribing to your little show now, thank you.

  51. Jess Says:

    Hey, wait a second, I don’t get what the big deal was about this episode – it was funny and, besides, most of it was true. The Founding Fathers were just people; they weren’t perfect. The slavery thing, the spelling thing, the creator-not-in-the-Constitution thing, and all the rest was fact…UJ just twisted it a little to make it funny, which it was! Honestly people, lighten up here. George Washington was not God! Neither was Jefferson.

    Great job Uncle Jay. You may have a lost a couple of subscribers, but you also just gained one!

  52. kathy Says:

    LOVE YOU UNCLE JAY! AND it’s Miami’s LOSS not to have you.

  53. Dave Says:

    Well, apparently many here have made their personal ‘declaration’ known on both sides of the aisle. However, as it was way back then, so it is today: we are still an imperfect people living in an imperfect world trying the best we can to make things better for everyone and, in many ways, I personally believe we have (and that is my personal declaration)!

    Keep them coming, Uncle Jay!

    P.S.- Where’s this week’s episode?

  54. Jim Says:

    Some good discussion, a lot of rants. Good to stir up the pot a bit now and then.

    I especially like the comments againts the nay sayers indicating they should not speak out because you have free speach. Satire in the show, irony in the comments.

    I particularly enjoyed the rant about how some were misrepresenting the time period and they should read biographies (good thing go do it!) to get it right only to follow that with a gross mirepresenation of the period’s voting laws. Good work, there!

  55. Tony Surace Says:

    I was very disappointed with your 4th of July video.
    Making fun of our Founding Fathers was done in such poor taste that this will be my last viewing of your web site.

    A disappointed fan,


  56. beachmom Says:

    You may want to check out David Barton’s web site.
    He actually owns many of the documents from the 1700′s and on.
    The founders tried numerous times to outlaw slavery.
    And there were many blacks who helped to free this country but we aren’t taught that anymore because it wouldn’t fit in with the agenda of people like Uncle Jay who insist on remaining ignorant, in the vein of remaining uneducated about history.

  57. Rastarobb Says:

    “To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”

    This, as usual, was brilliant. Thanks UJ. God bless the U.S.A.!

  58. DALE Says:

    Uncle Jay:

    I think your presentation was accurate.

    I know all about the Declaration of Independence. Alvin Greene, South Carolina candidate for Senator, explained it to me.

  59. Angela Says:

    What happened to the special 4th of July singing episode, Uncle Jay?

    Uncle Jay replies:
    Those singing episodes take a LOT of extra time to make, and Uncle Jay was just too busy this year. He’ll sing extra-good in December.

  60. Andrew Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    I’m sure at #60 on the list of replies to your video you’re getting sick of hearing the discussions of last week. I just want to say I missed seeing your video this week, and I’m excited to watch the next that’s posted!
    Hope I didn’t distract you too much from work.


  61. David Says:

    Uncle Jay;
    This is the first of your videos that I did not enjoy. There are so many inspiring things you can say about the birth of this nation. I feel somewhat hypocritical because I laugh at your other political satire, but somehow this seems to cut into the bone too far. Hope all is well, and you keep up the great videos.

  62. Harrison Says:

    I thought your episode was hilarious and witty, just like every other episode that you have done in the past. You brought up some interesting points that show our less than glorious part of our past, but it is our past nonetheless and needs to be discussed.

    I am a little concerned however that I did not see a new episode for last Monday, July 12th. I hope all is well and I am looking forward to my weekly dose of Uncle Jay!

    Keep up the good Work and much Happynefs to you and your family!

  63. Donna Says:

    What kind of balance, which you mentioned in last week’s e-mail, were you talking about? Facts are facts, and yours were accurate.

    Yes, many of our founding fathers did want to end slavery. Did they do so in the Declaration? No. Why? So they could bring the Southern colonies on board with the Revolution.

    Did they do so in the Constitution? Yes and no. They ended the slave trade, but it wasn’t until 1865, after four bloody years of civil war, that slavery itself was ended.

    There was this wonderful exchange in the movie 1776, when they were debating removing the passage condemning slavery (which they DID; your facts WERE correct, Uncle Jay), that pretty much says it all:

    John Adams: Mark me, Franklin… if we give in on this issue, posterity will never forgive us.

    Dr. Benjamin Franklin: That’s probably true, but we won’t hear a thing, we’ll be long gone. Besides, what would posterity think we were? Demi-gods? We’re men, no more, no less, trying to get a nation started against greater odds than a more generous God would have allowed. First things first, John. Independence; America. If we don’t secure that, what difference will the rest make?

  64. DMalenfant Says:

    I love this video for the most part because it is true BUT what did you mean with the part of talk radio, god, and the Constitution? Are you trying to say it was bad to leave out god or that our founding fathers where just trying to cover up another mistake?

    Oh and I just wanted to say that you have to remember that the people who wrote these documents are human and not all knowing nor even perfect, but they did have a good foundation for the most part of what this country should be.


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