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Uncle Jay Explains: June 14, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: June 14, 2010

Maybe Helen Thomas’ new career could be doing PR for BP.  Nah.   How about starring in the next version of The A-Team?  Hey, this is more fun than explaining real news.   But Uncle Jay takes aim and HE SCO-O-ORES!!

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19 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: June 14, 2010”

  1. Miltiades Says:

    Bravo Uncle Jay – More! May your bank account runneth over, instead of overdrawn. You are good – Thank you for edutaining humor.

  2. Christina Archer Says:

    What was that all about? He scores was the title, and I thought that Uncle Jay was going to talk about the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in sixty years! But no. Uncle Jay misled us, by discussing Helen Thomas. I feel let down.

  3. Gary Says:

    Long time listener, first time caller…I get my news from The WSJ, Bloomberg, and Uncle Jay! Keep helping our ‘small’ minds.

  4. Mother Larkin Says:

    Uncle Jay, I’m scared! I heard Mom and Dad talking about the oil spill…What if they don’t have it fixed by next year? What if they can never fix it? Will everything die? And why isn’t anyone talking about praying that God will help with fixing that well?
    Thanks Uncle Jay, Lynda Larkin/Pt. St. John, Fl.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Great and funny as usual UJ but you looked a little fuzzy today. But your msg came through loud and clear!

  6. Auntie E Says:

    I so very much enjoy seeing and hearing my nephew each week — haven’t told you that in a while. You’re doing a great job – you’re so cleaver — I’m proud to be in your blood line.

    Love ya…


    Uncle Jay replies:
    Just so everybody knows, this really is my Aunt E.

  7. Randy Hilman Says:

    Uncle Jay: Obviously God, who normally only speaks to the political fright groups, this time helped liberal Democrats engineer the Gulf oil spill as an object lesson for conservative numbskulls about the very real dangers of offshore oil drilling. Naturally, we’ll all pay for this lesson, which certainly gives new meaning to the phrase, “crude behavior,” but it feels good nonetheless to score a point, now and then. I thought it insightful of you to recognize natural phenomena as ideological warfare, but really, none of it would be possible without God’s help ( occasionally God hands off the ball to the Devil). Don’t take my word for it. Ask Pat Robertson, who does know these things. God and his fallen foe, DO listen, so remember to say your prayers, or incantations every night before bed. Who knows, one or the other may see that you get the Pulitzer!

  8. Donna I. Says:

    Boy, I agree with Christina! Speaking of the word “obscure”, leaving the sport of hockey out keeps the question of last week alive. We weren’t focused on baseball and the world series last week, we were focused on the Stanley Cup! But I guess hockey in the US is too obscure to be mentioned as things that are obscure….

  9. Curt Barnes Says:

    Al Gore an equivalent to Rush Limbaugh? Next week’s word should be “EVEN-HANDEDNESS.” And the misuses thereof.

    Otherwise, I always enjoy Uncle Jay!

  10. Lynne Lefebvre Says:

    That was a huge TWO guffaw episode! Thanks for starting off the week
    Lynne Lefebvre.

  11. Jeremy Says:

    Great video. Love the little facial expression thing you did when you said “the Vatican”. (See, the details get noticed.)

    My $0.02 on Helen Thomas’ new career:
    a) She’s ~90. She should retire.
    b) If she doesn’t want to retire, back when I was a “little mind” myself, I learned that people should do something they love – something they would do, even if they weren’t getting paid for it! With that in mind, Helen Thomas should be the PR rep for Hezbollah.

  12. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    Bad weather (political, climatic and everything else)? It’s a conspi-racy; and JC, Mohammed and BP are leading the pack.

  13. kathy Says:

    Very Funny and entertaining Uncle Jay.
    Thanks for everything.

  14. peggy Says:

    Love it!!!! You always do a great job!

  15. alan falk Says:

    Lynne is right! … “Vatican….”

  16. Sara Pitbull Says:

    There was some white noise in the video, but the important message came through. Everything to do with politics today is obscure, that’s why we need you Uncle Jay.

    It’s not the gulf waters that need to be avoided, it’s the oily backsides of our politicians.

    Lastly, off-shore drilling would probably be less hazardous if it was handled and better mandated by U.S. enterprises. The real danger is forbidding offshore drilling by American companies and buying the oil from foreign companies that can drill off (yet near) our shores. Can these companies transport our nuclear fuel too, please?

  17. Danny Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay; I watched the last two episodes and there must have been an esoteric message; I didn’t get it, however, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Focus your message for us less erudite folks in your viewing audience.

    Helen Thomas, she is part of the liberal lap dog media and the Hollywood elite which are anti Semitic.

    Love ya man,

  18. Zachariah Kendall Says:


  19. uncle jo Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    You left out how “OBSCURE” this website is…………..



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