Uncle Jay Explains: May 10, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: May 10, 2010

Be vigilant, citizen! Learn how to spot the difference between an illegal immigrant and a normal-looking American like Lady Gaga!  Uncle Jay tries to explain what the immigration conflagration is all about.   Hope you’ve had your shots!

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53 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: May 10, 2010”

  1. Ken Says:

    This is an episode which no one should shun.

  2. Neil Says:

    My appreciation of your explanation of the situation is without limitation.

  3. John Says:

    That was pure genius!!!

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  5. egc52556 Says:


  6. WV-Dave Says:

    It will not play. I jams at the 5 second mark and will not move past it.
    I was able to watch it on YouTube just fine.

  7. margaret brown Says:

    Congratulations…..It’s a sensation!!! Just wanted to show my appreciation…..

  8. Jeremy Says:

    Very, very good episode. 10 stars (out of 4) for Uncle Jay.

    For anyone here who is actually a big mind watching news for small minds, I thought it might be enlightening to share this New York Times Editorial from someone who helped write the Arizona immigration bill (rather than someone who just heard about it on network TV, Internet, friends, etc and decided it was good/bad):

    In addition, here is the text of the bill (it’s only 17 pages) for those interested enough to read it themselves (in other words, those who are running their mouth about the bill, and might want to know what they’re talking about.)

    Best wishes.

  9. Michele Says:

    ‘-ation’palooza!! You have my total admiration

  10. Uncle Jay’s Oasis In The News | Full Circle Thinker Says:

    [...] http://unclejayexplains.com/2010/05/09/uncle-jay-explains-may-10-2010/ [...]

  11. Paladin Says:

    Best Uncle Jay ever. WTG Uncle Jay.

  12. Mother Larkin Says:

    A most excellent explanation of immigration, but we need to close out boards without any hesitation! (America breeds enough drug crime of our own.)

  13. Herbert Stupid Says:

    Salvation to the information of this unclejay show

  14. Deanna Says:

    While I found this episode admirably humorous, I have to disagree with the solution of “talk and hug” it out. A friend in Arizona has been informing a group of us about the murders, kidnappings and human trafficking, vandalizing, harassment, and other crimes plaguing Arizona on account of the drug cartel from Mexico. This is not something to reconcile – it needs to be stopped.

  15. Lou Howort Says:

    Kudos Uncle Jay! This was on my Top 10 Uncle Jay shows.

  16. Karen Says:

    Ala George Carlin – congratulation!
    Outstanding humorization of our painful situation.

  17. bweez Says:

    Uncle Jay, become famous… be on the O’Reilly Factor. O’REILLY LOVES WORD-PLAY. Your commentary is priceless and should be spread among the millions of viewers he has. HIS AUDIENCE WOULD LOVE YOUR HUMOR! This one was totally PRICELESS! Yes, I agree it’s one of your BEST! ;-)

  18. Danny Says:

    Hey Uncle, I got a great idea, let’s adopt the same immigration laws that Mexico has, you know, show me your papers and if you don’t have them, you go to jail instead of, oh, here’s free food, medical and education for your kids.

    Can you imagine telling a Mexican Federal Police officer you want your Miranda Rights and an English speaking officer…ouch!

  19. psql.santoro Says:

    While it is true that I do not agree with illegal immigration I think if they found there way here should we completely kick them out specially if there working and have no criminal history in their country or ours. I believe as an American I get fist dibs on a job no matter what. But I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same they are doing if desperate enough. As far as the criminal element, drug cartels, kidnappings murders, well if you wanted to terrorize people what else would you call it. Yet our government ain’t doing nothing about it. And they can but they won’t. The powers that be probably profit off of the way thing are and may even perpetuated. It sad we can’t clean up next door but we can prance around the world with big guns.

  20. Genoise Says:

    With elation, a standing ovation!!!

  21. Bill Leddy Says:

    Great piece, Unkl Jay!

    Very cleaver and well done, as always.

  22. Jim Says:

    Dr. Suess couldn’t have said it better. You have my undying admiration!

  23. Stephen Says:

    Loved it. Today’s was pure genius.

  24. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J
    An illustration of inspirational ill lit eration. WOWWW!!

  25. Lauren Says:

    I’m having commiseration with how hard it must have been to do that conversation. That was GENIUS!!!

  26. Marc Boin Says:

    I agree – this week’s episode was brilliant! However – one question: What happened to the discussion regarding Lady GaGa?

  27. Cheesed Off 17 Says:

    Awesome Uncle Jay!

  28. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    It caused too many heads’ explodation.

  29. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    Heh… “your comment is awaiting moderation”.

  30. Sylvia Says:

    Wow!!! Every week I think “He can’t top this one” – and today you did… A big congratulATION to you!!

  31. Jerry Russo Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    I like that name, I was called Jay as a younster, and am an Uncle now.
    I liked you compliation of exclamations, it was the best of you series. You should run for VP, as you are more verbose than Ex VP, Spiro.

  32. Laura M Says:

    Uncle Jay, you are a singular sensation!

  33. 'BB Rabozza Says:

    A wonderful, brilliant, in fact, example of rhyming, but not a solution to the ILLEGAL immigration problem.

  34. Goldie Says:

    Great episode Uncle Jay –
    I can understand why people want to come to America BUT they have to do it LEGALLY and we must prevent those who cross our borders illegally protecting not only our southern border but the northern border as well.

  35. JohnnyC Says:

    Allow me to offer my ovation!

  36. Lonnie Says:

    Not sure if there is anything else I can add to what has already been spoken here on the comments. Nice job, Uncle Jay!

  37. Bill B Says:

    It met my usual expectation. I think he might be using this latest explanation for a bit of exploitation.

  38. Gary B Says:

    In my estimation, the hesitation to enforce legislation is an abomination. Now that someone with the courage to enforce the legislation has arrived, it is time for incarceration and deportation to begin without hesitation which has always been my expectation.

  39. kathy Says:

    Thx Uncle Jaytion.

    what a mouthful. your dictionary is smoking.

  40. judith Says:

    OF COURSE drug cartels and kidnappings and murders have to end BUT you CANT just blame it all on illegal immigrants, and admit it what they are doing is just going based on the common indigenous looks (racial profiling)and anyways all they are worrying about is the LATINO AND HISPANICS, but you have to realize that there are illegal immigrants who are asians,along with europeans as well.

  41. Barry Withaby Says:

    Dear uncle jay,
    Applause and standing ovations are in order! I hope you prosper greatly and feel good about the fact that you have made a lot of people happy!

  42. J. Klein Says:

    What part of “illegal” do the talking heads on this issue not understand? The really interesting thing I’ve noticed is that most of the “protesters” come from places that don’t have an illegal immigration problem. I’ve yet to meet anyone here in Arizona (where we deal with this problem on a DAILY basis) who is opposed to this law.

    I used to live in South Florida. Twenty years ago, a very popular t-shirt read, “Will the last American to leave Miami, please take the flag?” I wonder if he or she did…

  43. Jacqueline Says:

    Maybe Uncle Jay should do a dissertation on ILLEGAL.
    If the Federal Government was doing it’s job, AZ wouldn’t need this law.

  44. RegularGuy Says:

    Uncle Jay has little to fear. None of the illegals (in AZ or anywhere else) have a chance of taking away Uncle Jay’s job.

    For those who have lost jobs to illegals, it is an abomination which calls for repatriation.

  45. Michel Van Says:

    my exaltation Ovation from Germany
    one of best Unclejay episode ever !

  46. Sara Pitbull Says:

    Constitation? Is that like edjamacation?

    Are you related to Dr. Seuss?

  47. June Frega Says:

    This is the 1st time that I’m using this website. Thank you for making it available to us.

  48. Woody Says:

    The narration avoids explanation that immigration without documentation creates vocations without authorization and leads to alienation of citizens on unpaid vacations and gives Americans constipation.

  49. cjfquilts Says:

    Dr. Seuss is proud!

  50. AJB Says:

    Uncle Jay — great up until the summation which should include deportation without hesitation. If allowed to stay, as you infer, they should not be eligible for any gub’ment funded benefits until they properly become citizens, such as food stamps, medicare, free healthcare, free college education and, of course, subsidized Government Motors cars!

  51. Naomi Robinson Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    Thank you for your time and talents. I have enjoyed and looked forward to every Monday morning…sometimes waiting Sunday nights to get the News! My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
    The comments below are from our homeroom 7th grade students:
    Austin: Thanks for making the news as funny as Jay Leno but sort of funnier to me!
    Thomas: Thanks for the awesone year with tons of laughs for all in the class!!!
    Hailey:Thank you so much for making the videos. It made Monday Ac. lab fun. I hope you
    continue making the videos!
    Alec: I have had such a fun year watching your show. Your show is funny, important, and cool. My favorite part of your show is when you mouth the word of the day instead of saying it. It was always worth my day watching your show. Thanks.

  52. Suzie Q. Wacvet Says:

    Didn’t Uncle Jay do a video like this not too long ago? I didn’t like that one, either. I love ya, Uncle Jay, but I don’t like these “-ation” videos. Sorry.

  53. Don Says:

    In anticipation of outcries of subjugation, opposers of AZ SB 1370 have failed to understand the Arizona voters’ indignation over Presidential and Congressional constipation regarding immigration. Time either to poop or get off the pot Washington!


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