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Uncle Jay Explains: May 3, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: May 3, 2010

Big news stories are gushing forth and oozing to the surface, spreading out far and wide.  As more news bubbles up, Uncle Jay tries to encircle all the facts and burn off any doubts, delivering high-octane explanations!

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20 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: May 3, 2010”

  1. toni Says:

    The ‘slickness’ of the pen in your pocket is great!

  2. Tony Says:

    Yes, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the growing ink “slick” in your pocket! Forgot to retract your pen point again, eh? Been there. done that. New shirt time!

  3. Robert Says:

    Yeah, I noticed the ink stain towards the end, then watched it again to see if it was there at the start. Very clever, Uncle Jay! This guy rocks!

  4. Jeremy Says:

    Good ol’ Uncle Jay – never afraid to dive into a sticky situation.

  5. Heeeeerrrrrrsssss Uncle Jay! | Full Circle Thinker Says:

    [...] Posted in America, Environmentalism, Jobs, Social Engineering, Society, censorship, double standard, government, news | Tags: bp, gulf of mexico, new orleans, oil spill, Uncle Jay [...]

  6. scott Says:

    you forgot the “SLICK” one 1992-2000

  7. Laura M Says:

    Love the graphics this week. Uncle Jay, looks like you better get to work controlling your own “spill”. See you next week.

  8. Goldie Says:

    Let’s get all those SLICKERS who cried out “drill baby drill” to start cleaning up the mess. Starting with Palin — oh wait she’s too busy on her speaking tour. well then what is todd doing?

    Yes we forgot slick willie – while everybody was concerned about little willie, he was handing a budget surplus over to dubya.

  9. Kathy Says:

    THX Uncle Jay,

    LOL Nasa’s going out of business sale.
    You’re good.

  10. Danny Says:

    Hey Uncle Jay; here’s the top 10 reasons President Obama was slow to respond to the oil spill. 10. He was on a smoke break. 9. On a date 8. Making up more fibs about the health care bill. 7. Raising money for Sen. Boxer. 6. Sending the lawyers to sue the oil spill? 5. Playing golf. 4. Blaming “W”. 3. Playing basketball. 2. Blaming BP and finally, drum roll please; the number 1 reason for his slow response, he was practicing his jokes for the Correspondence Dinner.

  11. Ray Says:

    hehe luv pen stain

  12. Charlie M Says:

    Because of the “Goldies” that will be surfacing by the millions, I have purchased a fleet of rick shaws and am trying to get about 50 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS legal so I will have someone to pull the rick shaws. I guess Goldie can walk to the store, her school and maybe ride her bike to the doctor’s office so she doesn’t need gasoline and won’t be a customer of mine…….
    Loved the SPEECHING UJ!

  13. J Henry Says:

    Nice inkblot on your weekly question sheet. Put some adhesive on the back and maybe we could use it to cover Goldie’s mouth to help prevent global warming!

  14. Marty Raia Says:

    I believe that the call to “Drill Baby Drill” was made to American interests in hopes that we could produce more oil for ourselves. In case you are unaware, Goldie, BP is a foreign concern with not the same, hopefully, concern for our shorelines. What we don’t need are more foreign companies selling us oil from the wells off our shores, where we are not allowed to drill. This has nothing to do with vice presidential candidates. It has everything to do with PRESIDENTS AND CONGRESS in office.

  15. Lou Howort Says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere a couple of weeks before the BP oil spill in the Gulf that President Obama approves of MORE drilling for oil off the coasts of the US. Is it possible that he has more interest in serving oil industry profits than concerns about the environment?

  16. Craig W Says:

    Another great one, oh great one! I can help get that slick off the shirt, unfortunately, something clean will have to get dirty to get your shirt clean. What ever you do, don’t burn it, it will contribute to global warming. Wait, don’t throw it out, that will contribute to landfill waste. What the heck, recycle it. Perhaps on a recycle show. Thanks for the laughs.

  17. Sara Pitbull Says:

    An oil spill the size of Rhode Island! Good one. Way to keep things in perspective.

    I hope you do a special episode when the cause of the spill comes to light. There are already so many entertaining debates and accusations… The UN should speak out next.

  18. mywebskip Says:

    Thanks again U Jay! I waited till Thursday to see your informative commentary so it feels like Monday thus the weeks gone by real fast.

  19. Craig Clifford Says:

    In 2007 Arizona passed the Legal Arizona Workers Act (LAWA), concerning illegal hiring of illegal alliens. Senate Bill 1070 amends this current Arizona law – providing clear direction for Arizona Law Enforcement of exisiting Federal Immigration Law and the previously passed LAWA. Note the attached web link for SB1070 – Special Note (for those unfamiliar with public laws process), only the CAPPED BLUE sections represent the recent senate bill proposed changes to the previously enacted Arizona Revised Statutes (2007 LAWA) and US Immigration Law (Code Section 1373c). Also note the law prescribes adherence to Federal Immigration Law, while protecting the civil rights of all persons and respecting the privileges and immunities of US citizens (requires law enforcement to use probable cause)…and specifically not investigate complaints submitted that are based solely on race, color or national origin. Whether you like it or not – READ IT and be informed.

  20. Brian in Indiana Says:

    laughing out loud! I like the ink spot on the paper! I think it look like a girl. pretty slick if you ask me


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