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Uncle Jay Explains: April 26, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: April 26, 2010

It’s a rerun, only worse!   It’s last week’s singing episode, but now with Youtube’s new computer-generated captions.  How’s the accuracy?  About as accurate as your average news report.   Yeah, that bad.

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17 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: April 26, 2010”

  1. Jeannie Says:

    OMG even funnier than the first time!

  2. alan falk Says:

    that closed-captioning was about as accurate as the commentary from all of the mainstream media that comes from companies you don’t agree with… :))))))

    but not too bad for a beta…

    my rule is: wait for rev. THREE.0, at least. :)

  3. George Lowe Says:

    Methinks it will be version XP or past afore they git it write.

  4. Uncle Jay (With Closed Captioning) | Full Circle Thinker Says:

    [...] [...]

  5. Kathy Says:

    there are some doozies in there for sure. wow.

  6. Tami Says:

    Oh, that was awesome!

    (And now, I will have to go home tonight and pull up some of my own videos on youtube and play the cc just for a laugh!)


  7. Terri Says:

    I had to watch it a few times, because I couldn’t watch/listen/read just one!

  8. Marc Says:

    This eggs two fun knee!

  9. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    CaptionWare 2000 should be close enough.

    Wait a minute…

  10. Goldie Says:

    Have a wonderful & well deserved vacation. Where did you go?

  11. Katie Says:

    That made my brain hurt. Not a nice thing on a Monday morning.

  12. Barry Withaby Says:

    That made my brain hurt too, Uncle Jay – but I loved it anyway. Hope you have an awesome day – no matter where you went away. You work so hard that I must say – I’m glad you take some time to play. (Told you my brain hurt!)

  13. J Henry Says:

    Wow, it’s amazing how appropriate some of the “mistakes” are. For accuracy, an F, for applicability a C minus!

  14. Sara Pitbull Says:

    With all Doomsday, good show, O.J. See you next spiceland.

  15. Greg Says:

    This reminds me of a fun little game someone taught me.
    Go to your favorite translating page – Babelfish, for instance. Type in the lyrics to your favorite song (or anything else, for that matter). Translate it into another language – Japanese, for instance. Copy the translation. Past it in the “Translate again” box. Tell it to translate it into English. The results are always entertaining, if not baffling P.S. The Eastern languages are more fun than the Romance languages since so many of our words are Latin based anyway.

  16. Danny Says:

    Hey Uncle Jay, I have a great idea. I’m going to ask President Obama to nominate you for Supreme Court justice. Not to worry, you don’t have to know or follow the Constitution, you can just make stuff up and like they do and your decisions would be sooo much more funny and not destructive to life and property.

  17. cameron Says:

    Funny, but a little scary


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