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Uncle Jay Explains: Apr. 12, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: Apr. 12, 2010

The day we have to file our taxes is the same day that Lincoln died, the Titanic sank, and “Doggie in the Window” hit #1.  The news has enough surprise disasters, we don’t really need to schedule any.  But since we do, Uncle Jay explains it all, including the required Tiger Woods joke.

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15 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Apr. 12, 2010”

  1. Dan Anderson Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    I am only dictating this, not from my own brain nor pets, but from one of dozens of teddy bears, and sadly, none get claimed as dependents.

    This episode is probably one of the most brilliant I have seen in the years you have been doing these little lessons for small minds. (Sadly, I still think it may too deep for some small minds to pick up on the nuance and inference.

    Keep up the great work,

    Atatakai Dan
    Kasukabe, Japan
    (gee, it rhymes – never noticed that before)

  2. Carole Says:

    Oh Uncle Jay! We love this time of year because we are all disasters…. Thanks – I am still working on my taxes because they are too darn complex.

  3. Joe Says:

    Gee, Uncle Jay. I filed my taxes 6 weeks ago. Normally, my refunds are back and spent by now. But I hear rumors that the government may be sending out IOUs for our refunds now because they are short of money or maybe even considering my refunds as a down payment on next years taxes. That would really mess up my plans to help the economy and spend my refunds in hopes of creating jobs for somebody.

    BTW…score another great video for Uncle Jay.

    Joe Marr
    Castle Rock, CO

  4. Uncle Curtis Says:

    Uncle Jay:

    My wife is still working on our taxes, she and I are made as hades – We have to pay extra because we owe the evil Uncle Sam. On top of that, I have to call two stock/financial companies because the IRS asked a question on our tax form that requires me contacting them to get the answers. That is my job in this process, to be the bad guy and get information for Uncle Sam. I blame the American people for this mess, because they voted for these fools who wrote up these complex tax code. I could say more, then I will have to ask GOD to forgive me for the saying those things I would have said. I guess I better stope thinking them too, because that requires me to asking for forgivness too.

    Uncle Curtis
    Bumpass, VA

  5. Oscar Says:

    Why is it when the government, at any level or stripe, introduces a new tax, sometimes disguised as a user fee or a surcharge,they say its good for us. How can that be?

  6. Kathy Says:

    LOL Uncle Jay,

    great start with your serious picture like TG commercial (that was creepy)
    your graphics when the IRS will track you down were real good.
    it was all good. THX UNCLE JAY.

  7. mywebskip Says:

    Thanks again Uncle J
    I feel now like I’m on the same page.

  8. Gross-Find Out What It Really Means | Full Circle Thinker Says:

    [...] [...]

  9. Chris Says:

    You need to sell that golf sweater with the “Uncle Jay” face. I’d buy one of those.

  10. Stephen Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay

    I already filed my taxes and will get a refund. However, if the US is in debt to China, does that mean they will pay me in Chinese Currency?

  11. Lonnie Says:

    It does seem ironic that tax time is in the same month as some of the great disasters of our time, isn’t it?

    Very interesting, Uncle Jay. Thanks as always for helping this small mind understand what is going on.


  12. Danny Says:

    Yikes Uncle Jay, I just looked at my driver’s license and realized I was born on April 14th; could I be a disaster? Not fair, I get a birthday present on the 14th and I give the high taxing free spending politicians a present on the 15th; what’s up with that#$%^&!

  13. Guydeco Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay and / or other responders,
    I know “My Lttile Grey Cells” (Brain) aint what it used to be….but for the life of me…I have watched this weeks U. J. 3X, WHERE WAS THE TIGER WOODS JOKE???
    I really think he acted like a putz (sorry) and frankly I dont give a *(&()(^%&&. But someone pls. PLEASE tell me where the Tiger Woods joke was. T.Y…..Guydeco (or just by mentioning his name was the Joke)

  14. Goldie Says:

    Wow i’m lucky cos i did my taxes back in mid-march and got my refund the 2nd week of April & it was in dollars and not Iraqi dinars from the profits of iraqi oil that dubya said would finance the war.
    And doing my taxes ain’t so bad when i’m able to use turbo tax for free [yes - my income is below 36k...way below 36k. some would say poverty level.]
    Before i lost my job in Oct 2008, I wasn’t happy paying taxes but i figured, it’s a small price to pay for the privilege of living in these united states.

  15. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    Guy… he was dressed like a golfer.

    UJ — Medicare? I don’t get it. Isn’t the government in charge of that already, and thereby demonstrating their masterful grasp of medical financial managemential… er… ology?

    As for the Republicans opposing the President no matter what, it might help if he actually listened to them instead of just pretending. Not like either side really has our best interests at heart, though…


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