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Uncle Jay Explains: Mar. 22, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: Mar. 22, 2010

The patient survived!  Amazing, considering that half of the surgeons were trying to pull the plug all through the operation.  Uncle Jay explains it all!

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25 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Mar. 22, 2010”

  1. Rick Says:

    I think am going to be sick, Oh wait I can’t afford that. Well then Go To Jail Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go Do Not Collect $200.00.

  2. Cleve Says:

    OK, except for that part about concentration camps (I don’t think that was in the bill, but I didn’t read it all, much like members of Congress that passed it!) this is right on! When do we start calling each other Comrade?

  3. Mo Ky Fellow Says:

    Did you see the $9.50 apples in Uncle Jay’s report this morning?

    See what happens when we have Obamacare!!!

  4. egc52556 Says:

    Apples are too loud for the movie theater. All that crunching would make me miss some dialog. They should only sell quieter fruit, like bananas. Then when the movie is really bad I can be entertained by the patrons slipping on the banana peels in the aisles.

  5. Now, For Some Sanity In The Sanitarium | Full Circle Thinker Says:

    [...] [...]

  6. Mary - MI Says:

    By the time the Obamanites get through we will all be criminals in some form or another for not abiding by some unconstitutional mandate. Then they can stick us all in “Communal Prisons.”

  7. Rachel Says:

    “there are no death panels for popcorn.”

    *Somehow* I am going to say that in my classes this week :)…or just show Uncle Jay ;)

  8. kathy Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay.

    LOL Obama & Peloski in MJ “This is it”
    YUP a peach @ $9.50 in theaters.
    hehe John Edwards as caddie.
    Very entertaining as usual. Great Job Uncle Jay.

  9. Ried Says:

    Comrade Cleve, you may start any time now!

    egc, tomatoes (or should I spell “tomatos”?) could be another offering for the movie critics that want to maintain arm tone during bad movies.

  10. Karl Says:

    Not to worry my southern friends, now 30 million people in your country have the right to die on government waiting lists too…just like us. It’s the True North and Socialist way. Cheers to your health!

  11. Goldie Says:

    The only thing missing is the public option.

    I know with ObamaCare my health care bill won’t cost me 37% of my yearly income.[Yes my income is < 88K]

    And closing up the donut hole.

  12. Lori Sedlak Says:

    What a great way to hear and understand today’s depressing news! Great Job Uncle Jay!

  13. Nicky Says:

    Goldie will have 60% of income taxed for ObamaCare
    What’s wrong with donut holes?

  14. Geno Says:

    Unc Jay

    I’ve been enjoying your take on the news, and hope to continue doing so. This is a kind, constructive criticism.

    Please update your format and presentation. Mix it up a little. Be creative. You are using a template that grows more stale with time. Especially non-voicing or whispering the word of the week. ho hum

  15. alan falk Says:

    egc…. “Apples are too loud for the movie theater. All that crunching would make me miss some dialog. They should only sell quieter fruit, like bananas. Then when the movie is really bad I can be entertained by the patrons slipping on the banana peels in the aisles.”

    you got THAT right, and it fits right in with health care costs and health insurance!

    two for the price of … 750 or so, using government math….


  16. Danny Graham Says:

    Gee Uncle Jay, can you help me, I missed the part about “tort reform” in the Democrats’ health plan, which page was it on…1022, 1800 or 2800? I need to take a speed reading course. What!, oh no Uncle Jay, please don’t tell me the trail lawyers bribed our president, senate and congress not to include tort reform in the health bill with campaign contributions…say it isn’t so…

  17. Rosemary Says:

    Welcome to DMV Healthcare.

  18. Tami Says:

    Well, usually there’s something in each week’s update to make me laugh. The best I could muster this week was a weak smile at the John Edwards joke. While I hope this feeling of depression passes, for now it feels like I won’t smile again very soon. At least not without pharmaceutical help, which, I’m SURE is probably buried in the 2700 pages somewhere. We’ll NEED it — either to just make it through life, or to become zombies enough to accept the government takeover by the statists.

  19. J Henry Says:

    Thank you for explaining the news Comrade Uncle Jaysky, I would have laughed if I wasn’t afraid that there is now a law prohibiting laughter due to its potential to spread germs that will cause the deficit to increase…

  20. Dr. Tim Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    You are just flippin’ great! I WISH FOR YOU A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE. Thanks for your wit. I sure hope the brown shirts don’t find your page.

  21. mywebskip Says:

    Hey U Jay Look how “O”care has helped the economy! It put hundred lawyers to work trying to stop the bill from effecting their states. Who’s gonna pay their fees? Oh I forgot… the tax payers.

  22. Donna W Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    There are no death panels for popcorn – I love that line!

    I completely disagree with Geno. I enjoy your format, presentation, and whispering the word of the week. I find you and your show very comforting, like an old friend visiting each week. Of course, I’m getting older & really dislike change!!! :-)

  23. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    Hey, I like the template! Maybe change a little bit here or there, but don’t shake it up too much. It’s vintage Uncle Jay.

  24. Goldie Says:

    Nicki – can u live on 12,345 a year?
    closing the donut hole will save me a little bit of money. Oh great my income is now 13,000.

  25. Carole Says:

    I’ll just keep smuggling in my water and bags of veggies to the movies!


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