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Uncle Jay Explains: March 15, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: March 15, 2010

President Obama heads out on the road, March Madness heads out to the courts, the Census heads out to the mailboxes, and Congress has its heads up the usual places.   Uncle Jay explains it all, faster than a speeding Toyota!

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22 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: March 15, 2010”

  1. Ried Says:

    Thank you for these great insights! I will stop swallowing things whole like hot dogs and census questions whole from now on.

  2. Barry Withaby Says:

    Hey Uncle Jay, I really do love how you sneak in all the snide little comments, but don’t you have even a little sympathy for the USPS? So scathing, I almost feel guilty laughing at that one (almost). Dead on about the census. As far as the hot dogs go – what the heck do they want to shape them like, anyway?

  3. Q-hack! Says:

    I don’t really care what shape the hot-dogs come in, I just hope they fix the issue of count… Hot-dogs come in packages of 10 while hot-dog buns come in packages of 8… What moron thought that up?

  4. Lynne Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    I know that we have to be counted every 10 years. I learned that in school. What I do not understand is why the govenment sent me a letter telling me they we sending me a letter that will have my census form in it. My goodness, they have already spent millions telling me on TV that I would get a letter in the mail. How stupid does the govenment think we are? How much more did they waste on double postage??

  5. Ronnie Says:

    Hi Q-hack…

    The hotdog bun salesman came up with the brilliant idea to have only 8 hotdog buns in a package because now you have to buy TWO packages and have the left over buns to grow your own personal mold samples!

  6. kathy Says:

    LOL Uncle Jay,

    Biden sent to the Middle East, that is scary.
    the medical profession should tell parents to cut hot dogs in half for little ones.
    the census gives the post office a reason for existing. Ha Ha Ha.

  7. Parker Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    You are, quite simply, a genius. Watching your program has become my method of waking up and lifting my spirits every Monday. Thank you for what you do.

  8. Uncle Jay Is Back! | Full Circle Thinker Says:

    [...] [...]

  9. Nancy Miller Says:

    Just one teensy correction to this week’s excellent report – Pres. Obama isn’t pushing health care reform, he’s pushing health *insurance* reform, and preparing to force everyone to give more of their money to the insurance industry. There are better ways to make sure all of the citizens of our country are kept healthy and given good care – making insurance companies even more stinkin’ wealthy is not one of them.

  10. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    Encore…something to laugh about: more Seinfeld level humor. Thanks.

    Rigoletto O.

  11. crystal Says:

    Don’t forget that in the so called health care bill or health care insurance reform bill or w/e you want to call it…..they have added education into it.
    That’s right…In the mystery bill comes the nice surprise of ALL STUDENT LOANS will come thru the government. Now they are reforming charity, too?
    Seriously, Pelosi is a nut job, and her shell is empty, and her case for ‘you have to vote on it to see what’s inside’ …. Grow up government leaders!

  12. BannedGeek Says:

    I wish you could’ve worked in that the federal government’s only powers are those that are “enumerated” in the US Constitution – really enjoy your work – keep it up!

  13. J Henry Says:

    A government that makes you feel like $%^& every week is job security for someone like Uncle Jay who can help you laugh about it!

  14. JM Says:

    In-depth news coverage compared to Jon Stewart and much more accurate.

  15. Dr. T Says:

    Maybe Healthcare Reform should dictate that Hot Dogs must now be produced in the shape of easier things to swallow: Like maybe fishbone-shaped, since no one EVER chokes on fishbones. Or maybe Hot Dogs in the shape of Healthcare Reform Bills; hmmm, but that shape doesn’t either seem to be quite as easy for the public to swallow as some had hoped!

  16. Jan Says:

    “How much more did they waste on double postage??”

    Remember that Hillary said “never waste a good crisis.” All the money spent on postage to tell us we will be getting the census helps the Post Office! If a governmental agency is going under, force the use of it and invest as much more money in it as possible to keep it afloat! We desperately need intelligent people to lead this country instead of narcissistic, self-focused individuals who have the idea that we should practice charity through the government. I sometimes wonder if these Progressives think they are like Robin Hood … stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. The legend of Robin Hood says that he stole BACK from Prince John, the temporary king (who actually became a usurper) who was on the thorne in the absence of King Richard. Prince John was stealing everything he could from the people (like our current government) and keeping it for himself. How many billions of dollars in pay offs, bribes, and kick-backs are coming from our taxes to force through programs we abhor and know will further our destruction. Pelosi said the passage of the health care bill will open the door for more Progressive programs which will take this country in a new direction. Yes, it will, backwards!

  17. Vinton H. Jewell Says:

    What will we do if the dummies vote is a repeat of the past one…….????

  18. Vinton H. Jewell Says:

    What can we do if the voters repeat the last Presidential Election??

  19. Jim Althoff Says:

    Have you noticed that the census has to be “returned” under penalty of law/prison/fine, but there’s nothing I saw that said it had to be filled out accurately.

    Also, we’re assured that the law says the responses will not be used by law enforcement, social security, the IRS . . .What’s not said is that “as the current law states it will not be used by . . . ” There’s nothing to say that Congress won’t change the law next week . . . you don’t have to look any further than the shenanigans with Health Care. Yep, trust the govermnent

  20. JOE WEAVER Says:

    Just throw a bigger party and get 25 packs of buns and 20 packs of hot dogs. That will come out even.

  21. Danny Graham Says:

    Hi Zak; about the Canadian Socialized medicine, love ya like a neighbor, however, why did Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams fly to Florida for heart surgery?

  22. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    On the Census envelope (received March 5): “Complete and return this today!”

    On the Census form: “As of April 10, 2010, which of the following is true…”

    Your tax dollars at work.


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