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Uncle Jay Explains: Feb 8, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: Feb 8, 2010

That was exciting: a lightning-fast turnaround, a swift rush forward, and suddenly all the barriers are broken!   But enough about your Toyota … how about them Saints!   Uncle Jay explains it all, without funny commercials.

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21 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Feb 8, 2010”

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  3. alan falk Says:

    you hit that one out of the park, UJ… and don’t forget to credit the left/right/conservative/liberal mass media for contributing to the truth/lies/polarization of the country, too!

    :) what a circus!

  4. Rich Brownfield Says:

    Stereo stories was cute – Thi9s way we could not understand either one. Probably didn’t miss much though!

  5. Veronica Deevers Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay,

    How come so many people think we live in a Democracy? Don’t we have a Republic? Or DID we have a Republic and now we really do have a Democracy? Don’t Democracies eventually fail? Would you please explain the difference between the two?

    Thank you!


  6. egc52556 Says:

    Love the split screen: great use of the video medium and doubled my Jay pleasure.

    I also appreciate the fresh up-to-date-iditty, giving thumbs-up to the Saints. Not “Aints” no more.

  7. Nicky Says:

    Dear uncy
    I had to ask mom to play your video over and over again so I could hear what both of you were saying

  8. Goldie Says:

    As alan we can credit ” …. the left/right/conservative/liberal mass media for contributing to the truth/lies/polarization of the country, too!

    Now we can add the Tea Party to that group!

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  10. Kathy Says:

    hi Uncle Jay,

    Loved the dual reporting. and thanks for clearing up the global warming issue. now we know.

    your the best!

  11. Stuart Says:

    I don’t see where we’ve made ANY progress in understanding our climate since Tom Buchanan had THIS to say on the subject in “The Great Gatsby”…

    “I read somewhere that the sun’s getting hotter every year. It seems that pretty soon the earth’s going to fall into the sun—or wait a minute—it’s just the opposite—the sun’s getting colder every year.”

    1925… so long ago to be so cutting edge!

    Enjoy your show, even if you are doing your level best to make cynics of my children! (I won’t tell them the news about Avatar… let them go on thinking that it’s the most popular movie EVER!)

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  13. Chala Says:

    lolz another nice one! oh and inglorouse bastards best moooovie like ever! better then avatar…..

  14. Lynne Lefebvre Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,
    Please give advice for couples who are at polar opposites
    of the political spectrum. Has there been a spike in the
    divorce rate recently? The heat and volume of so called public
    debate is more corrosive to marriages than those gays
    wanting matrimonal privileges.
    Thank you for getting us through the day.

  15. Barry Withaby Says:

    Uncle Jay, I don’t know how you keep out-doing yourself!

  16. James Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay, since you are an expert with editing video with all those bells and whistles, why don’t you put up subtitles for hearing impaired folks? You looks funny and interesting but I don’t understand what you are saying. All I see was your face expressions, nothing more.

    Uncle Jay replies: I’ve researched adding subtitles or closed captions, and it requires more resources and time than one guy can add to his production schedule. I hope technology gets to the point where it becomes possible.

  17. PB Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    James has a very valid point.
    The hearing impared need you to post subtitles!
    It is not really that hard, and then, you would be in compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

    We love you, but you better get into compliance!

  18. Sara Pitbull Says:

    You’ve out-done yourself Uncle Jay! Did I hear New Testiment somewhere? Messiah/Obama, Tax/Levy: we live in a two-faced world.

  19. Danny Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay, be proud about your soccer trophy, ’cause Iss waz in the uper half offf the lower third of my high scrool klass;

  20. mywebskip Says:

    That was/wasn’t better/worse than all/none of your news updates that I can/can’t remember/forget.

  21. Phil Says:

    @Veronica D

    Technically, we actually live in a democratic republic. In a republic, one or more levels of government hierarchy have control of the laws. In a democracy, the people have direct access to change the legal system. Unfortunately, a true democracy like that is susceptible to short sways of public opinion, and has many technical reasons why it’s impractical. So instead, we compromise. We use democracy to elect representatives in the republic – thus, democratic republic.


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