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Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 1, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 1, 2010

Steve Jobs said: “Here’s my Change and Hope!”  President Obama said: “Here’s my Service Pak 2.0!”  Judge Alito said: “What a load of app!”  Uncle Jay says: “There’s an explanation for that.”

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26 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 1, 2010”

  1. Neil Russell Says:

    I had to post this on Youtube since this week’s show turned up there first, and I’m such an attention tramp I had to post it here too:

    It’s reasonable for something to languish when it is so poorly crafted with no plan in place to fix the errors and could ultimately adversely affect the health of Americans.

    But Toyota will get those pedals fixed.

    Another great one Uncle Jay

  2. Barry Withaby Says:

    I’m concerned for you, Uncle Jay. We are all expected to get better at what we do as time goes by and we gain experience – I understand how you can stay dead-on target week after week, but just how on earth are you going to get any funnier? I keep laughing my assets off!

  3. Miltiades Says:

    This week you gifted us an especially good episode, Uncle Jay – the unexpected and lighthearted are appreciated.

  4. DesertDweller Says:

    Great show as always Uncle Jay!

  5. Mother Larkin Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay,
    Mom and I watched tonight the special that National Geographic showed about Camp Leatherneck over in Afghanistan. I thought that is was cool, but my Mom was mad cause she said that when George Bush was president no one every showed anything good about what our soldiers were doing over there. I don’t understand, my brother Josh is a Marine and I liked what I saw. Why is my Mom so mad?
    Hope you can explain this to me, Lynda in Pt. St. John, Florida

  6. Monk Canafax Says:

    Wowzers! Great episode sir but I’m still concerned a giant meteorite/asteroid/UFO is heading our way and will flatten the democratic party on Dec 21, 2012

    Is tinfoil earth friendly? I will wear it on my head and paint it green.

    thank you once again for keeping us laughing!

    Your BFF

  7. egc52556 Says:

    Uncle Jay, love the special effects. Maybe James Cameron will consent to direct one of your episodes? He’ll need a $100,000,000 budget and the right to final cut.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by UncleJayExplain: I think, therefore iPad. Uncle Jay’s new App-isode is out:

  11. Mark Lorberbaum Says:

    What explosive ideas this week! I can’t wait for next weeks edition.

  12. Mainer Says:

    Best show ev-ah! I literally LOL’d twice (a new record).

    You made my day, Uncle Jay!

  13. Shar Says:

    I love you Uncle Jay! :D

  14. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    A couch potatoee and a LANGWISH SANDWICH will be on my menu for tonight.

    Hungry but not angry

  15. Goldie O'Keefe Says:

    Uncle Jay –
    I LANGUISH every Tuesday-Sunday waiting for your Monday explanations of the past week news.
    Love ya GOK

  16. Ruth Says:

    Another excellent episode, Uncle J! I hope your assistants have managed to put you back together okay after the explosion so we’ll see you again next week!

    A loyal fan,

  17. mywebskip Says:

    A series of 3 minute serendipities. That pretty much explains Uncle Jay.
    My teacher suggests when I learn a new word to use it in a sentence.

  18. Charlie M Says:

    There’s gays in Hawaii?????????
    Good episode UJ!

  19. Jody Says:

    Bravo!!! Frankly the Best Uncle Jay explains since Uncle Jay explains Health Care Reform.

    Thanks, Uncle Jay!!!!

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  21. Kathy Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    LOL Thanks for informing us about PETA’s intentions
    for Punxsutawny Phil.

    LOL “Hey, you guys are good.”

    Thanks again for a great show.

  22. Lynn Stephens Says:

    Way funny, albeit slapstick, I laughed out loud. Oh so much truth in what you say. Still chuckling.

  23. Ellen Madera Says:

    Hey, Jay! I just now discovered you, and like what I saw.
    Now, would it be possible for you to comment on whether or not Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are STILL giving housing loans to high-risk customers — with no collateral?

  24. Clay Says:

    Possibly the greatest ep. yet!

  25. Gary Fuller Says:

    Uncle jay, you are the absolute master of irony, not a wrinkle left in my trousers!

  26. Steve Says:

    Uncle Jay…

    Funny as usual… but always on target… amazing!!


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