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Uncle Jay Explains: Jan. 11, 2010

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Uncle Jay Explains: Jan. 11, 2010

It’s cold out, really cold.  How cold is it, Uncle Jay?  It’s so cold, all the actors in the #1 movie have turned blue.  It’s so cold, none of Harry Reid’s friends’ phones seem to be working.  Uncle Jay explains it all!

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16 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Jan. 11, 2010”

  1. Neil Russell Says:

    You look like you’re about to hold up the stagecoach from Butte.
    In just a couple of minutes you explained inflation, I sure hope the nitwits in Washington are paying attention…yeah sure they are.
    If Leno goes back to the 11:30 slot, and O’Brien goes…well, he could go back to writing for the Simpsons, that could work.
    I still miss Jack Paar.

  2. John Dunlap Says:

    Where’s Uncle Miltie when you need him? 11:00 would at least have someone who could crack a real joke and he would probably use our “buddies” in D.C. for subjects!

  3. Blessedone333 Says:

    Another awesome insight by Uncle Jay.

    I know when I have a bad day
    I can make it better with uncle Jay

    So Jay Leno’s ratings are tanking no matter what ‘spot’ you put him in. I SAY GIVE THE NBC TIME SLOT TO UNCLE JAY AND TOSS OUT THE ITALIAN SKUNK HAIR JAY!!

  4. jeffe Says:

    Uncle Jay, watch out! that masked man was as funny as you are!

  5. Joe Marr Says:

    Welcome back Uncle Jay! I missed you during your hiatus (vacation, rest-up, time off, time-out or break.) But now you are back (and looking like a Jihadist, I might add,) a new year has begun and I can have my current events explained to me in a way that makes sense (or not.)

  6. Uncle Jay To Save The Day! | Full Circle Thinker Says:

    [...] [...]

  7. marclori Says:

    Thanks for the tip about what to give my loved ones for Martin Luther King Day. Any tips on where to find a tree?
    On a separate note, what do you suppose Mr. Leno’s nieces and nephews call him? If it’s what I think it is, there may be an opening in late night TV for you yet!

  8. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    HEAT is a word which comes from Physics (thermodynamics). Heat is a form of energy, which can be neither created nor destroyed. Therefore there’s absolutely nothing we can do about all the things you talked about in your recent study of this subject, except to change political heat to something else, like a good sex scandal.
    R Einstein

  9. Kathy Says:

    LOL Conan on the American Idol Judge panel.
    LOL Jed Clampett on the dollar bill.
    NK you were certainly dressed appropriately for the weather.
    Good Point for kids to put on a sweater when their Mother feels cold. hehe. very observant.
    THX Uncle Jay for another great show.

  10. MBrown Says:

    Uncle Jay- pretty good job explaining the problem of monetary policy (caused by the Fed). But the government doesn’t have to bother about pretending that money isn’t tied to something because that stopped in 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard. So our money DOESN’T represent anything (not gold, silver, gems or metals).

  11. Mysterion Says:

    Darn, I was hoping to hear something about Al Gore hehe.

  12. Goldie Says:

    Let print up our own currency –
    Uncle Jay on the $50 dollar bill
    Jed Clampett on the $4 dollar bill
    Elly Mae on the $2 dollar bill
    Jethro Boudine on the 1/2 dollar coin
    and Granny on the $20

  13. J Henry Says:

    It’s NOT COLD! The fake cold is a hoax perpetrated upon us by the GLOBAL COOLING ALARMISTS! Honest :)

  14. Sara Pitbull Says:

    Isn’t Uncle Jay feeling the heat and demands of having new material ready for upload every Monday? You neglected to mention that Tiger Woods is still HOT HOT HOT in divorce papers. And didn’t you get a SNUGGIE for X- I mean – the holidays?

  15. Sean Says:

    That was great. Thanks Uncle Jay for making me laugh out loud. Keep the good stuff coming.
    “Enjoying Global Warming in Louisiana last week.”

  16. Lynn Stephens Says:

    Thank you Uncle Jay. You make me laugh every time.


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