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Uncle Jay Explains: 2009 in Review!

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Uncle Jay Explains: 2009 in Review!

It’s Uncle Jay’s famous Singing Year in Review!   Last year’s went viral (in a GOOD way,not like H1N1).    Re-live the year’s news and sing along with Uncle Jay!  Oh wait, you can’t … he changed all the words.  See you in January!

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35 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: 2009 in Review!”

  1. Neil Russell Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay, waited all year for the singing recap and wasn’t disappointed.
    That’s more than I can say for anything on TV.

    Merry Christmas and whatever else you want to celebrate!

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  3. OmegaMom Says:

    Merry Christmas/Happy Channukah/Peaceful Kwanzaa/etc. to you, too, Uncle Jay! Thanks for the melodious recap; like Neil, I was waiting all year!

  4. Jim S. Says:

    I’m with Neil on that, Uncle Jay. Just exceptional!

  5. alan falk Says:

    An excellent wrap-up for an “amazing” year.

    Happy Holidays to you, and may the Supreme Being of Your Choice [if any] bring felicitations and other good stuff to you [but only if that's your desire.]


  6. Frank Says:

    I can tell you put a lot of effort into making us chuckle. Thanks for the laughs.

    And that’s the way it is.

  7. Steve Says:

    Seasons greetings to you too, Uncle Jay. Thanks for a wonderful look at the year!


  8. SimiKev Says:

    Just how do you do it Uncle Jay?! The look on your face during Tiger and Elin’s piece… totally priceless! Thanks for the laughs, as always. Merry Christmas, et al.

  9. Romitis Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay!

    I especially loved the part about Tiger and the endnote. Very best to you too, and see you in the New Year!

  10. Blake G Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    Thank you for your insightful and amusing weekly videos!
    Merry Christmas!!

  11. Barbara PJ Says:

    Hahahaha – Thanks so much for this good cheer!!

  12. Cheesedoff 17 Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay. I loved the Japanese car! Happy Mithras.

  13. Joe Says:

    Thank you Uncle Jay….for all the smiles and chuckles you have given me this year. I have come to love Monday mornings knowing that in my email box will be an intelligent and non-hyped explanations of current events. Bless you and yours for a joyous new year.

  14. Holly Says:

    Happy HanaKwanzimas to you too, Uncle Jay! I love your year in review! So informative too. :D

    For instance, I didn’t know I could trade in my Dharma van for a car from Japan!


  15. Tom Says:

    Great job, as always, Jay. You always brighten our week, but this time you’ve outdone yourself. If there was any justice in the world, you’d drown out O’Reilly and Olberman and all their fellow gasbags.

  16. Janet Says:

    Thanks, Uncle Jay, for always finding ways to chuckle about this craziness, no matter which way one leans. Merry Christmas! and see you next year!

  17. Donna Says:

    I loved the whole thing, especially the end (and, no, not because it was over. :)) Thank you, Uncle Jay! Merry Christmas!

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  19. Ga James Says:

    Merry Christmas UJ, May all of the happiness, smiles and thoughtful ‘Oh’s’ that you spread around throughout the year find their way back to you in a way that warms your heart and tickles your soul. – James (near) Athens, Ga.

  20. Ol James- Alabama Says:

    Merry Christmas & Peace be unto You. Bravo, Uncle Jay, Bravo!!

  21. kathy Says:

    Loved it Uncle Jay. THX for a great year with you.
    LOL good and very entertaining.

  22. Ried Says:

    Uncle Jay, thanks for the memories, and enjoy whatever feeling you want for whichever holiday you celebrate! I look forward to your explanations for 2010.

  23. wayne Says:

    a great recap of a not so great year. the one man 4 part carol, wonderful.

  24. Goldie Says:

    Uncle Jay -> u forgot to include the lobbyists. u know the ones that own our elected Senators & Reps, lock, stock and barrel. And that $600k lobbyist pal, Joe Lieberman. Way to go Joe, you sold your soul and constituents out to Health Insurance Mega corporations.

  25. Sharon Says:

    Uncle Jay, you have made my life brighter this year. Thanks and may we all continue to act stupid so you can review it weekly.

  26. Mason Says:

    Hey thanks Uncle Jay, my world history class watches you every chnce we get and we always enjoy the singing reveiw. Happy (insert holiday here)

  27. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    Unique, inventive, original, technically impressive,creative, talent rich and generally awesome. Thanks

  28. Jennifer Says:

    Wow, that was great! I’m going to miss your normal Monday musings, looking forward to 2010 with Uncle Jay. Merry Christmas etc. etc. from Vancouver, BC. Canada.

  29. Carole Says:

    Feliz Navidad! We love you Uncle Jay and your singing is priceless.

  30. Wind Says:

    It just gets better and better. Thank you Uncle jay for the bright light you shed on us all and the smiles that allow us to cope with the news. God Bless You!!!

  31. Ethel Says:

    Genius! Each week is better than the last. Keep ‘em comin’!!

    A. Ethel

  32. Twitted by ehwhy Says:

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  33. Goldie Says:

    I may have a crappy day, but whenever i watch your vids
    it puts a smile on my face.

  34. Don Richey Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    Your 2009 Review is the best…. way better than JibJab or any others. Thanks for all the smiles. Looking forward to your 2010 … hopefully some exciting news in November!


    Don Richey

  35. Melissa Says:

    I watch you every Monday….and then share with my friends! I loved your musical montage! Thank you for all your hard working in putting these together each week!



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