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Uncle Jay Explains: Dec. 7, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: Dec. 7, 2009

Groups go gaga for Sarah!   Globe goes green in Copenhagen!  Grunts go gung-ho in ‘ghanistan!  Gitmo goons go to Gotham!  Tiger doesn’t go anywhere.  Uncle Jay explains it all!

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25 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Dec. 7, 2009”

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  2. Neil Russell Says:

    It’s actually a great idea to have the Global Warming summit in Copenhagen, the home of Reptilitcus, he wasn’t real either.

  3. egc52556 Says:

    I have no problem that people like Neil believe Global Warming is a hoax. Despite his mad skilz in getting the first post this week (darn him!) I just want to sell Neil some beach-front property in the world’s lowlands, and buy some *future* beach-front property in the Appalacian mountains.

  4. Kathy Says:

    THX Uncle Jay. it was good to hear you again. and the Desperate House photo was LOL.

  5. Q-hack Says:

    Until they post the raw data, I will have a hard time believing either side of the global warming debate. Any time politics tries to get science on its side, the only losers are the scientist. I will say this though, when scientists try and stop peer review from happening (even opposing views) then that isn’t science… its pseudo-science. Unfortunately that is exactly what Professor Phil Jones et. all did. For those of us who have been fence sitters on the subject, it looks real bad.

  6. plusaf Says:

    you’re right… it IS just half a word, and that was LOL for me.

    and climategate is what i’ve been waiting for since Al Gore learned how to fake data.

    well-done! [no pun intended...]

  7. Carole Says:

    It is all a big cluster! Especially the attention that Ms. Palin is getting. Hasn’t any figured out that she is not the brightest bulb in the string? For those who support her, I wonder if you really know what you are getting. The ethics investigations that she ran away from in Alaska and other improprieties are just a shadow of things to come.

  8. Veronica Says:

    Sarah Palin is very intelligent and loves her Constitution which makes her VERY SCARY and the media loves to attack her and put her down. Sadly, many Obamabots fall for that. I think our media is part of the clusterpha……….k problems. Hooray to the brave people who exposed the global warming hoax! WooHoo!! God bless ‘em!! Can’t wait for the hearings on Obama’s eligibility to begin. That will make for some good Uncle Jay material for sure.

  9. James Says:

    Dear UJ, It seems to me that five seconds of time spent mentioning what happened 68 years ago today (Dec 7, 1941) would have been an appropriate use of time in the place of one less cluster fudge joke. Take care, James (from near Athens).

  10. Nick Says:

    Carole is speaking about the investigations on Sara which were pretty much debunked.
    I don’t support her as much as I agree with someone speaking conservative values, Republicans quit that a while ago.

    Love the sight Jay

  11. Ric Says:

    To bad people like Carol [and there are lots! I'm in DC] do not weed out the BS stories in the media. Palin beat all of those allegations except for some trip expenses which she paid. The MSM and left wing Alaskans came at her for ethics violations using ethics laws SHE instituted! Palin is a good looking, mother, politician, pro-lifer, NRA, hunter, conservationist, all-american-woman! And that is why the left is TERRIFIED!

  12. Jeremy Says:

    I agree with James. It would have been nice to at least get a passing mention of Pearl Harbor day.

    Nevertheless, good work Uncle Jay.

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  14. Mo Ky Fellow Says:

    Uncle Jay, you are the best thing to happen to the internet.

    Sarah Palin, you are the best thing to happen to the political scene.

    …..and so it goes~~

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  16. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    “SPARE CLIMATE CHANGE!” This is a brilliant bit of Anglo talk. And aliteration is also always an assurance in Anglo Alk.
    Albert Ah

  17. Laura M Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay,
    Like others, I am surprised that you did not mention Pearl Harbor. I am happy to see that you brought up the fudging of climate change data. Most of the media is too busy talking about Tiger Woods to worry about false data. Keep up the great work and see you next week.

  18. Austin Says:

    To James and the others after him:
    Pearl Harbor Day, while very politically correct to mention, is not news, and I for one would like to offer that we saw enough lip service paid to its memorial already.

  19. Danny Graham Says:

    What Uncle Jay, global warming is a hoax, dang…I bought a house inland and I was hoping it would become beach front property. I guess Al Gore is making millions on the “climate change” fraud while living in a huge mansion and flying around in a private jet, both with large carbon footprints.

    I pray that all the folks that were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor are resting in peace and their souls are in heaven.

  20. Michele Says:

    Uncle Jay

    Grrreat Stooges impression!

  21. Goldie Says:

    Why does Sarah Palin charge $16 just to sign her book? isn’t buying the book enough to warrant a signature?
    other authors sign without charge when u buy their book. sarah u disappoint.

  22. 'BB Says:

    Palin’s not the empty suit we have in office now. And, there is no charge for signing her book for people. My daughter got me a signed copy in Tri-Cities, WA. A photographer charges $16 for a photo op with her.

    Uncle Jay left out the cluster of Tiger’s girl friends coming out of the woodwork lately. Too many clusters for one weekly show, I guess.

  23. Yessir Says:

    Hey, ‘BB, The list of Tiger’s girlfriends was Uncle Jay’s very first joke of the episode.

  24. J Henry Says:

    Algore needs to be sued for fraud to recover the tens of millions of his ill gotten gains.

  25. Sara Pitbull Says:

    “Desperate House…” I’m still laughing over that last bit.

    I can’t wait for the reality series “In search of Global Warming.” It’s almost as creative as Ghost Hunters, except ghosts are real.


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