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Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 23, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 23, 2009

Last week Sarah Palin sold a tower of books … almost as many pages as the health care bill!   This week, millions of Americans will bite into turkey, bite into their savings, and then go watch Edward not bite Bella.  Uncle Jay explains it all!!

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16 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Nov. 23, 2009”

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  2. Viet Pham Says:

    Another awesome episode!
    On behalf of Mr. Kleinschmidt’s 2nd Period Government class, I thank you for lifting our Monday spirits every week.

  3. Dick Kinkead Says:

    You showed Newsweak’s cover of Sarah Palin’s assets, segued to Obama’s chest shot (no pun intended) yet chose not to mention his Brazilian chest wax controversy. Gotta keep an even keel for the kids!

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  5. Danny Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Uncle Jay and fellow camp followers like me.

    Wow, can you believe the turkeys in the Senate voted to “debate” the monstrosity of a health care bill on the Senate floor. Unbelievable, the Senate & House health care bills will gobble up American’s current health insurance, increase the national debt and taxes on all working folks…what a turkey…gobble gobble!

  6. Rachel Says:

    The way Sarah turned into a werewolf pretty much sums up how most liberals feel about her. Why, I don’t know.

    Cool 60s pic Uncle Jay :)

  7. Donna W Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    I enjoy your input every Monday. You’re great and you always make me smile. Loved your 60s photo.
    Was Sarah Palin supposed to be a wolf or possibly a cougar?

  8. Amused Says:

    Good one this week, however, Uncle Jay forgot to mention the lack of class in the white house.

  9. powers Says:

    Oprah has plenty of class? Now there is something that’s up for debate. Otherwise, the typical Uncle Jay shines through.

  10. George Lowe Says:

    Never doubt the news media or, for that matter, politicians and certain “movie makers” for attacking something they either don’t understand or they fear. Sarah Palin is under attack, not because of any particular flaw or shortcoming, but rather because the above three entities both fear and fail to understand her. What, pray tell, would any of our current politicians from either side of the aisle, our completely “unbiased” news media or Mr Moore do should a really honest and upright person run for a political office? Hmmm.. probably already doing it.

  11. Kathy Says:

    LOL Uncle Jay. LOL Good. THX.

  12. goldie o'keefe Says:

    Thank goodness CLASS has returned to the White House!
    Cleaning up the BBQ sauce, a tanking economy, War #1, War #2, unemployment, etc isn’t an easy task.

  13. Peter B Says:

    Attacking something we fear is understandable and natural. George Lowe above does the same. Also, it is obvious that Sarah Palin is under attack because of very clear flaws and shortcomings. What is it not to understand about her?

    Who is the “really honest and upright person” mentioned above? I hope you do not mean Sarah Palin. What we have in the White House right now is probably the closest we will ever get. Get real.

  14. Peter B Says:

    The strength of Uncle Jay is that he shows absurdity of news, politics, etc. without really taking sides.

    I was puzzled by Danny’s comment above suggesting that we should not even debate the health-care bill. What is your option? All developed nations can afford universal health care. Why not US?

  15. Teresa Says:

    When America was founded we wanted not to be like the countries we came from. We wanted to be unique. Why is it only a few hundred years later, we have decided it is wrong not to strive to be like every other country on the planet?

  16. Will Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay! Great picture! Just was wondering why WEBN never gets mentioned here… some kind of conflict? Heck, I can remember when you started high atop Frog’s Mountain – that’s probably where that picture’s from… you talked a lot faster then… lol. Anyway, love your videos, and I watch then every week. Keep up the good work! Pants or not…


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