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Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 14, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 14, 2009

Serene, ah?  Not this week.  And that wasn’t the only racket in the news: everybody in Congress turned when Joe Wilson shouted “You lie!” because they each thought he was talking to them.   Uncle Jay explains this and more!!

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35 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 14, 2009”

  1. Neil Russell Says:

    We’re so used to t-shirts and flip flops on everyone, I think it might look stranger today if the tea party folks wore normal clothes, although it makes me wonder if there was a 1960s era Nancy Pelosi decrying the civil rights protestors as part of a “Brooks Brothers Brigade” or would it have been a “Botany 500 Brigade” back then?

  2. Vince Yustas Says:

    Neil, Your humor falters because your essential premise is that Nancy Pelosi would decry the civil rights protestors — not a chance.

  3. Paul Blumstein Says:

    Take it from one who was there: There were many normal (for the times) looking people present. The media likes to focus in on the fringe. Whether it is done to make us protesters look bad or simply to make the news look more interesting is a matter of debate.

  4. Elaine in Missouri Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    As one who considers herself in solidarity with the “Tea Party Patriots” (but wasn’t able to make the event in DC) I must congratulate you for comparing our marches to those of Martin Luther King. I am very glad that you pointed out that everyone in Rev. King’s marches were dressed in normal, not nutty clothes and their signs were not disgusting portrayals of people in power. I hope other Tea Party Patriots see your piece on this subject and tone down the nastiness and use their American ingenuity to come up with signs that have the impact they desire without the awful pictures. Words are powerful and pictures of pigs and Adolf’s mustache do not add any emphasis. I am however very proud that my fellow Americans are speaking out and doing so in a peaceful manner. They have strong and valid concerns!

  5. Mike Says:

    Look out Uncle Jay. You don’t want the tea partiers mad at you too.

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  7. kathy Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    Thanks again for a good, funny show.
    Glad you alerted us that the cd from Uncle Jay was not from you, Uncle Jay.
    Whew! you got Jerry Springer on your show. Whew!

  8. Peggy Says:

    I believe YOU “distorted” a little this week, Uncle Jay. Parents were not objecting to the speech Obama ultimately delivered; they were objecting to the first release of the speech he intended to deliver. And they were right to do so!

  9. Phil Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    Yet again, another great episode, and Jerry Springer to boot! Will he be doing a spin-off series “Uncle Jerry explains”? I think it would be hilarious, and awesome. :D

  10. Tim Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay: I flew to Washington D.C. from Nevada to add my voice to the others who are fed up with the corruption (on both sides) in our government. I’m disappointed that you featured the relatively small number of signs that were of questionable taste rather than showing some of the many clever signs carried by the protesters. A little balance would have been nice. I think the frustration of continually being ignored by the main stream media was behind the creation of some the signs you featured. We will continue to get louder until we are heard.

  11. Danny Graham Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay…wow, I hope the Congressional Health Care Plan fails because I’m scared if it passes, and you get sick, the health care gate keepers may decide not to fix you and that would be awful. What would I do on Monday mornings?
    Oh, Uncle Jay, I got an idea, run for congress then you will be exempt from the public option and you can get fantistic medical care like our other Uncle…Teddy.

  12. Gary Says:

    I am with Peggy, Neil and Paul. I would add this, I don’t know where Uncle Jay was this week. Flashbacks from the 60′s maybe?

  13. Donna Says:

    “…I’m scared if it passes, and you get sick, the health care gate keepers may decide not to fix you and that would be awful.” Completely unlike the nice insurance companies who drop you if you get sick or not sign you up if you have a pre-existing condition or are too poor to pay their huge premiums.

    That said, I’ve incurred wrath from my fellow liberals for being pleased about the tea partiers’ efforts to make their voices heard. That’s the way the system is SUPPOSED to work, and I’m glad to see them involved in politics even if I don’t agree with them. Democracy in action is always a thrilling thing to behold.

    As for some of the over-the-top signs, that’s another flashback to the 60′s. I’m sure Uncle Jay is old enough, like I am, to remember the anti-war protesters and the chant “Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” Uncle Jay, do you remember the Yippies? The more outrageous tea partiers are simply following in the grand tradition of street theater politics began by that group.

    Everybody just needs to take a deep breath. We’ll get through this whole thing, however it turns out.

  14. Pitbull Sara Says:

    Non-partisan as usual, Uncle Jay. Well summed up. Thanks for reminding me what’s important… comic books.

  15. karl Says:

    Uncle Jay! you forgot to point out the Medias Distortion of the 9-12 event in D.C. they concentrated… much like you did… on the wacky and crude signs rather than the majority of the signs and the overall atmosphere of the Protest. You usually catch that stuff so it kinda makes me wonder if your intent was to “DISTORT” as well. Sorry Uncle Jay… I’m just slightly disappointed in you today.

  16. 'BB Says:

    Disappointing this week, Uncle Jay. On all topics. But it was all a great example of the keyword… ‘distort’.

  17. GPC Says:

    Great explanation of the word Distort. Thanks for making people think about truth. What a concept, Thinking!!!!

  18. Danny Graham Says:

    Hi Donna:

    Gosh, I’m not a fan of the insurance companies either, however, did you know that a lot of them are non-profit companies? If your house is on fire, can you call an insurance company and ask for fire insurance? Same thing with pre-existing conditions. I had prostate cancer, so I can’t buy additional life insurance. The solution, is a high risk pool that all insurance companies are required to participate in nationwide; folks should be allowed to buy health insurance across state lines and all medical expenses including doctor’s fees, mileage and medical insurance premiums should be tax deductible, now that’s change you can believe in.
    Real health “insurance reform” is allowing major tort reform so doctors can practice real medicine, not defensive medicine and having to pay up to $250,000.00 per year in medical malpractice insurance. That’s the dirty little secret Donna, the medical malpractice insurance companies and the tort lawyer are ripping the doctors, you and me off. Donna, is there tort reform in the Congressional Health Care Plan? No, because, President Obama and the Democrats and yes the Republicans are in the pockets of the trial lawyers.

    Warm Regards,

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  20. bleepingsheep Says:

    Thank you Uncle Jay, The teabaggers won’t appreciate your pointing thier lack of decorum. but it was educational, and honest, so that may alienate that section of your audience.

    Uncle Jay replies:
    The vast majority of the crowd was not dressed funny or carrying nasty signs. Uncle Jay was talking about that percentage of every protest march since MLK that undercuts their own cause.

  21. The Rabbit Hutch Says:

    Uncle Jay replied:
    The vast majority of the crowd was not dressed funny or carrying nasty signs. Uncle Jay was talking about that percentage of every protest march since MLK that undercuts their own cause.

    And, of course, those are the ones you focused on, too. Your bias is showing this week, Uncle Joe.

  22. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    Distortion indeed. I know you’re trying to bring the funny, Uncle Jay, but you seem to be pulling the old “focus on the bizarre jerks” trick from the mainstream media playbook. Stay good, Uncle Jay Zee.

    Also, another Springer cameo! Does this make it a tradition?

  23. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    You do deserve credit for Tom and Crow, though.

  24. Wayne Says:

    Uncle J, I am dropping my fan membership.
    It appears to me Uncle J has been “DISTORTING” things.
    There was a time when you were a bit more truthful and
    practised less “distortion” of the truth. Perhaps Uncle J should merge with Jerry Springer as it looks like you both are interested in grandstanding more for ratings than the truth. Perhaps you should read the Bill of Rights before putting down tea Party Patroites. Start with the first Amendment, here is a copy for you to read:

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

  25. Tom Estes Says:

    Hello Jay,

    I must say, I don’t understand why you focused solely on the negative elements that were at the protests. I think it is safe to say that every fair-minded person knows those people were there, but we also know they made up a tiny minority. I always like your stuff, but this one doesn’t seem like normal “Uncle Jay” quality. Hopefully next week we’ll see more balance.

  26. Danny Graham Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay; I love ya man, however, Wayne has a good point. Sir, it does appear that you have swerved to the left of center, but that’s O.K., you have a 1st Admendment right free speech and I love you man.

    Warm regards,

  27. Jack Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    Parents were not upset about the president talking to our kids… We were not happy about a lesson plan that asked “what can you do to help the president”… “What can you do to help the presidents goals”… Interestingly enough they rewrote that lesson plan… Then they rewrote the speech… Of course it was a very kid friendly speech, only after parents asked what was going to be in it…

    You have always been down the middle in the past, please keep it that way in the future…

    Uncle Jay, You Rock…

  28. Donni Says:

    Thank you Uncle Jay for this weeks balanced episode. Folks tend to gripe if you don’t present their views. They forget that there are many more moderates in the country than those on the far right or the far left.

  29. Colleen Says:

    Normally, I find your videos amusing and on target. However, in this one you denegrate the brave people who marched on Washington, DC, in protest of the people who are working to destroy the very freedom that makes it possible for you to post this video. (The video was a true demonstration that you know what the word “distort” means.) You also compare the people speaking out against the healthcare bill (or just pieces of it, as you said so distortingly) to those who deceptively only point out what they see as the good parts. Of course, your real fallacy there is the implication that there exist some good parts to this bill. On the contrary, it’s all bad. Bravo to all of you who marched on 9/12. And shame on you, Uncle Jay. That rapper might want to change his name so he doesn’t get a bad reputation by being linked with you.

  30. Jennifer Says:

    “Perversation” should become a candidate for inclusion in the next dictionary editions, along with “truthiness.” I agree with Donni – a balanced, and, as always, funny episode.

  31. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    What’s really impressive is that of all the people who protested UJ’s treatment of protesters and political views, I see only reasoned debate. Now I’m sure there were some rants that got deleted, but it would be interesting to see what percentage that was (of course this is the internet, so my assumption of civility as the norm could be way off base).

    Uncle Jay replies:
    Occasionally a comment on this site is edited to turn down the heat, but it’s pretty rare for any comment to get deleted. Just about every comment received is posted as is.

  32. downsouth Says:

    Uncle J, what happened???….Not like you at all! You seem a little DISTORTED on this one…You shouldn’t hang out with Jerry…he’s not a good influence on you..Oh yea, while we are talking about Jerry, have you watched any of his shows???…ewwwww, true definition of DISTORTED! Please tell me you will get back to your old self soon. Way off on this one Uncle J! I usually laugh my “you no what off” but I didn’t even crack a smile this time. Matter of fact I can’t seem to close my mouth from the shock on this one. I can’t beleive you are mocking the American people. The one’s in office are the clowns. Uncle J do you realize if this heath care reform takes place you may be distorted forever!?? Now who is trying to distort the little one’s minds.First, the president was and now Uncle J.?? Who would of thought,you would have a distorted sense of values!

  33. Caroline McIsaac Says:

    Nice definition of the word distort, Uncle Jay. Although, parents were concerned about Mr. Obama’s speech to their children, that was only before he actually gave the speech which I was unfortunately unable to see. So there you stand corrected Uncle Jay.

  34. becky Says:

    uncle jay, I really don’t appreciate you making the tea party protestors look bad, by saying what you did about them , your looking more like an obama supporter.

  35. becky Says:



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