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Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 7, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 7, 2009

Socialism!  This is a Labor Day rerun from April, but with new footage apologizing for the inaccurate parts!  Maybe next time it runs, you’ll get reparations!   Uncle Jay explains (inaccurately!) what socialism is, and what to do if you get any on you.

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25 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: Sept. 7, 2009”

  1. Neil Russell Says:

    For the current political climate today I’d say your description was perfect.
    Wait, is my comment a repeat too????

  2. Rick Fineout Says:

    Hi Jay, I teach the stuff (government) and I’m not sure what would be wrong with what you said. Communism is a bit more violent, and more anti-religious, and …
    Nice Bit!

  3. rob failte Says:

    Love your method of explaining the news. The congress and the rest of the hooligans in government should be required to watch and be tested on your advice. Keep up the good work. Humor is a good test of all difficult and ignorant subject because it forces you to think.

  4. kathy Says:

    Nice of you to fit us in on your Holiday weekend.
    you’re a brave one to put up your CONTROVERSIAL episode.
    LOL you handled it well and made it Funny.
    THX Uncle Jay.


  5. Donna Raitanen Says:

    Hi, Uncle Jay,

    I am an American and live in a country one would refer to as socialistic. I get regular dental care, can see a doctor if I am not well, the unemployment office helps me find work if I have none and I have never sat and waited for long periods of time for any of these services. There are wealthy business people here and the only poor people are drunks and drug dependent. (which one finds in all societies) None of those people are living in the streets. On the down side here there are also very stupid people who become politician.

  6. Lucy Says:

    Love your work…..and yes,I bought last years DVD’s.
    Got to keep capitalism working.
    Always look forward to a smile on Sunday night.

  7. Elaine Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    You are a Great American Patriot. Wouldlove to sit down and have tea or coffee with you. I am very concerned about the directions our country is being taken under this administration. Are they hearing WE THE PEOPLE? This whole Czar thing needs to go, it should be unconstitutional to appoint people into such powerful positions without any say so by we the people or Congress or the Senate. Why are the Congress-people and Senate-people sitting back and letting this happen? Who started this Czar thing in AMERICA anyway? I’ll say. . .socialism alright!
    God Bless you Uncle Jay and remember,

  8. Chad Says:

    Nice work Jay. Thanks

  9. Lynda Larkin Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    You asked us to check the internet to learn about your last report, but Mom said that the internet doesn’t always have its fact right…and this week I saw a news story that said many text books at my school also have the facts wrong in them too. You know, like my history book. What are kids supposed to do, how do we learn the correct facts? Find a really old book, you know, like the ones the were written when Mom and Dad were in school?
    Thanks Uncle Jay, Lynda, Pt. St. John, Florida

  10. egc52556 Says:

    Even as a rerun Uncle Jay is the best.

  11. Pat Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay! Your humor is great and it has, as always, brought to me that Monday morning smile. And Donna is right. If you’re an American and want to experience socialism, then move to another country.

  12. Doug Says:

    Don’t we get to know what they thought was wrong about that?

    Uncle Jay replies:
    The complaint was that the example of the lemonade stand described communism, not socialism. And that’s a valid complaint, especially at such a price for lemonade.

  13. Lonnie Says:

    As always, Uncle Jay, thanks! Great job!
    By the way, I have a lot of uncles that I love but it would be great if I had one more. Would you be my REAL Uncle Jay? ;)

  14. Uncle Jay Explains: Socialism vs Capitalism | Full Circle Thinker Says:

    [...] [...]

  15. Phil Meyer Says:

    Reminds me of the two-cow model that I learned as a child:

    Communism: If you have two cows, the government takes them and gives you some milk.

    Socialism: If you have two cows, the government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.

    Facism: If you have two cows, the government shoots you and takes the cows.

    Capitalism: If you have two cows, you sell one and buy a bull.

  16. Pitbull Sara Says:

    Uncle Jay, you look like a “holiday” ornament with your polo shirts changing color between red and green. But I thought the rerun nicely summed up the political redundancy of last week’s news.

  17. Steve Johnson Says:

    I have a Bachelors degree in Economics, and while there are a few details that are not correct, Uncle Jay is correct. Socialism means that the Government owns all or the majority of the means of production. This means that the government would in fact own the lemon trees to get the lemons, the sugar cane field for the sugar and the plastic and cup makers. That mistake aside, I can find little else.

  18. Mike Says:

    Uncle Jay, you forgot in the capaitalism part where the lemonade stand worker gets a penny and the owner gets $9.99. And then the lemonade stand workers try to start a union but the government comes in a kills a few of them to settle things down. Check it out here – – NO WAIT, that’s the government version. Try the people’s version here –

  19. Temblor Says:

    Why don’t the people like Elaine and all the other nay sayers know even the basic facts about our government, for instance the difference between Congress and the Senate, or for instance, what Obama’s “Czars” really do as compared to what the Russian Czars really did?

    Anyway, thanks for the humorous insights. It’s much appreciated in this acrimonius atmosphere.

  20. Danny Graham Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay:

    Are you on recess…..?Great, you get to fly around in government airplanes studying things like the postal service in Italy, or beer making in Germany or one of my favorites, how orchids are grown in Hawaii. Gosh Uncle Jay, that’s what our representatives and senators do when they are on recess, they take their families and girlfriends/boyfriends…oops, not on the same Air Force planes to the exotic places to increase our knowledge of the world…such a sacrifice on their part. Wow, you know another good thing about our politicians being on recess, they’re not creating new regulations or creating new spending programs. Hey Uncle Jay, should we keep the politicians on recess for the next ten years so we can pay off all the debt they’ve created?

    Warm regards,

  21. Rick Says:

    Uncle Jay, just found your site and love it. But this particular video on Socialism, while funny, is flawed.
    You do well when you simplify things, but in this case, the simplification leads to significant distortion. It’s funny stuff, mind you, but not really enlightening like the rest of your videos.
    We don’t live in a capitalist nation. We live in what’s best called a “mixed economy”, with some portions (Medicare, Medicaid, Amtrak, Post Office, etc.) run by the government. Why this occurred varies due to history and voting patterns, but it has occurred.
    Another portion of our economy IS capitalist (sort of). Disney, GE, Microsoft, etc. all run along capitalist lines. Why did I say sort of, though? Because many “capitalist” companies take government money. That isn’t socialistic, but depending on the percent of revenue they take, it could be socialism’s near, dear cousin “fascism”. In addition, all capitalist companies operate under government watchdog agencies such as the SEC, DoE, FCC, etc. Government can and SHOULD provide a watchdog role, but when their regulations start dictating how business is run, we again run into socialism’s near, dear cousin “fascism”.
    So we have elements of capitalism, elements of socialism, and elements of fascism in our economy. The question is – which is good and which is bad? That all depends on your POV. I’m Libertarian, so you can probably guess my POV.

    But that’s meaningless…what’s meaningful is that people have confused fascism with “THE FAR RIGHT”. This is very odd. Fascism has always sprouted from disoriented and disgruntled socialists….meaning it’s a function of “THE FAR LEFT”. Nationalism, or the belief that anything done “in my country, by my government, by my leaders” is “good”, including government takeover of business, is a leading “cause” of fascism….but nationalism is a far left ideology, as well (all government intervention is good = “LEFT”).

    It’s unfortunate that in our country we’ve drawn lines that are designed to be “clear and distinct” about items like this, in the hopes that we can use these lines to define talking points.

    It’s also unfortunate that we have to rely on talking points as opposed to larger picture discussions.

    Which brings me back to me – Libertarian. While it’s the name I use to define myself, the nice thing about Libertarianism is that it’s a damn big tent. I have fellow Libertarians who I disagree with on items like immigration, gun control, vice, and foreign policy. But interestingly, the one thing we agree on is economics. So that’s where we grow from. We realize that financial well being leads to social well being. We can disagree on the other items because if we are economically sound, then the other stuff is “important”, but not important enough to be at each other’s throat about.

  22. Toby Says:

    Mike said:
    >>Uncle Jay, you forgot in the capaitalism part where the lemonade stand worker gets a penny and the owner gets $9.99.<<

    But, Mike, you didn't factor in that the owner came up with the idea, took the risk of investing in the raw materials to make the lemonade, built the stand, made the sign, and selected the location. All the worker had to do was show up at the pre-made stand and pour pre-made lemonade into the provided cups.

  23. Nick Says:

    You’re great, Uncle Jay! Now, I know you told us to research these topics on the internet, and, like you said in the beginning of the video, you were right. You WERE describing communism. For example, Karl Marx was NOT the founder of socialism, he was the founder of communism. If he would have founded socialism, then he and Friedrich Engels would have wrote the “Socialist Manifesto” instead of what they really wrote: the “Communist Manifesto”. Then, along came Vladimir Lenin, who overthrew Tzar Nicholai II and his family. He then started communism in Russia, but he died. Josef Stalin and Leon Trotsky came into power, Josef went crazy, expelled Leon from Russia, killed many people, and eventually turned Russia back into the corrupt country they had rebelled against, except making it a totalitarian government instead of a monarchy. Sad, since communism wasn’t really a bad thing. Its purposes were noble, but, when countries such as Russia and Germany tried to enforce it, they failed, giving communism a bad name. Tsk Tsk Tsk. Plus, socialism really isn’t a bad thing either, but people confuse it quite frequently with communism, when, in fact, they are different. But, all of this said, you still are great, Uncle Jay!

  24. Karl Says:

    Communism is just a branch of the fabian socialist ideology. You people argue meaningless “details”.

  25. bobcat Says:

    Uncle Jay, do you know Mr Obvious? Maybe you two could tour together?
    Great work, attempting to bust through the defiantly uninformed fact blockade held up as GOP plans for America.


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