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Uncle Jay Explains: July 27, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: July 27, 2009

Health care reform bill to Emergency, STAT!   Obama makes a casual comment about Barbarians at Henry Louis Gates, and suddenly all health breaks loose!  Uncle Jay explains it all.

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28 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: July 27, 2009”

  1. Neil Russell Says:

    Is there a provision for eyecare in that bill? Because if anyone ever reads it the eye strain will be debilitating.
    Fortunately no one in Congress will suffer in that way.
    Another great one Uncle Jay!

  2. Greg Schuler The 2nd Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    Another AWESOME Broadcast , Just want to let you know I love WEBN and I love hearing you in the afternoon on the way from work to good ole Bethel, Ohio….Keep preaching the truth brother, the only party we need to support is the TRUTH Party.

  3. kathy Says:

    very Funny when you said focusing on stupid is what the news media does best.

    keep it coming Uncle Jay. THX

  4. Marty Says:

    WOW! Another great episode! Uncle Jay really boils it down to TRUTH! With this scrutiny (that would make a good news word) about the Presidents “health care” proposal, it is amazing how that something always seems to come up to distract the news from the important (healthcare) to the dumb (the “stupid cop” incident). I wonder if this isn’t planned by politicians.

  5. Lynda Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    When I listen to your news, I don’t feel stupid…at least for a couple of hours. I look forward to hearing you each week for my dose of “smart.”
    Uncle Jay,
    I think you help make great kids. What would it take, for you to make “great” people to run our county…you know, a great president, congressperson, representative…someone who is willing to listen and learn (and not rob us blind while in D.C.)? Aren’t adults supposed to be willing to listen and learn, instead of having someone call them by their title? (Like that Boxer lady did.)
    Thanks Uncle Jay, Lynda/Pt. St. John, FL.

  6. Dick K Says:

    One of the best yet! Keep it up, Uncle Jay.

  7. Reed Andrew Says:

    Uncle Jay. As usual, you’ve mutated and merged pixels with gusto. Well done. Who’ve you got at the computer … Cousin Jimmy?

  8. Toni Says:

    Where do I get some so that my family can be as blasé spending money as our leaders are?

  9. Bobert Says:

    Harry Potter and the hangover? That’s mean! Harry Potter is awesome!

  10. Kevin Says:

    OK, my office mates think I am insane because that Congress/Swine Flu crack got me laughing so hard.

    You are a bleeping geeneyus UJ!

    Your agent needs to put a bug in the ear of the folks at 60 Minutes. That Andy Rooney character can’t last forever and you would be the perfect replacement.

  11. alan Says:

    excellent! hey, everyone… forward the link for this one to Anderson Cooper, just for grins…… he won’t get it, of course, but the fun is in the sending.

  12. Carole Says:

    As always Uncle Jay you are right on the target! There have been some big swine flu break outs in Virginia, Florida, South and North Carolina for starters….

  13. Charlie M Says:

    Uhhhhhhh…… The word the POTUS said was “STUPIDLY” Uncle Jay which is an adverb I believe….
    However, the entire episode was “STUPID” and “RACIST.” Racist should have been on the other side of the board instead of Recess but then, that wouldn’t have been as funny……….

    Very coooooool as always UJ! :)

  14. ken s Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    Thanks for doing such a funderful job in esplaining da news to me. I never unterstood it so much as I do tooday. You are my favoritistest Uncle! If you visit me, will you gimme a dollar????

  15. Jennifer Says:

    Hey Uncle Jay! Great episode as usual! P.S. Did you notice that the Republicans copied your Stimulus Chart and changed it slightly and made it about Health care? I think they went a little overboard (just trying to be funny, I’m sure…) with the exaggerations and all the boxes and lines and stuff.

  16. Mike Says:

    Uncle Jay, you rock. Loved the part about Congress and miracles.

  17. David Says:

    Ok put your common sense to work. If the if congress and the white house don’t want to join the plan. Don’t walk away run away. Seems it good enough for us but not them. Do the math. Only so many doctors, nurses, and techs. Only so many scanners, x-ray machines. It takes a long time to get a doctor or nurse trained. Sooo if you give them more people to serve it will cut the time and care you would have gotten. That’s called rationing. Which will hit the seniors hardest. Hold on to your wallet and your guns, because this guys coming after both of them. When the goverment gives you something they always take something away.

  18. Henry Says:

    Why don’t we just replace all of the elite media with Uncle Jay?

  19. Pitbull Sara Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    In the video, you referenced something about “what I believed about race in America, this proves I’m right”? What was that all about and what do you believe?


    Congress + Swine Flu = Democracy


    Uncle Jay replies:

    Uncle Jay meant that incidents like these usually just convince people, no matter what they already believe, that they’ve been right all along. Natural disasters seem to do the same thing.

  20. Jean Hoffman Says:

    David, you are so right. Don’t forget, your freedom of religion will also be whisked away. And don’t forget to study your Spanish or is it Chinese? Jean

  21. Ol James- BAMA Says:

    As usual Uncle J, RIGHT on the money..if there is any left. You have proved Forrest Gump’s mama right..”.stupid is, as stupid does.” D.C. is becoming the proof. GREAT Job!!!

  22. ricky Says:

    ahh, yes. The fear of change. The elderly, and the poor now have the best health care system there is out there. Called medicare & medicaid. Both are government run. All I hear is,” Those illegals out there get better health care than I do”. Yet,the same people are against that very same heath care for us all. Yak,Yak,Yak, out of both sides of the mouth. Two of the most powerfull corporations in the world are driving fear into the nation for their own gain. Insurance, & drug companies stand to lose. Comments like those made by David just grate my tater’s. Only the wealthy in America deserve health care huh.? Do this math dude. Scanners and x-rays cost pennies to make and use. They are marked up 5000% to you. Those days will be gone. That 1 cent pill will cost 1 dollar instead of 25.oo, Who will gain, us or them.?
    Health care professionals have been declining for years now, maybe this will boost the desire to be one again. Sure, there will be loopholes, and those who cheat the system, as always. Like that doesn’t happen now.? I’m growing tired of people resisting change. If it wasn’t for change we would all still be under british rule. But, if you like those 1000 dollar a month premiums, those lay offs due to to much spent on benifits, those high cost drugs, and the insurance companies telling you what you will do, then by all means, keep fighting the good fight. After all why should we fix a system that’s so perfect now? Let’s just put it off another few years, when we really need it. By the way, congress and the white house don’t use the heath care plans we all have right now either, so what is so good about it.?

  23. Phil Says:

    Thanks Uncle jay. Does anyone know any swine flu dances to help Uncle jay along in his quest for a miracle. It was a LOL moment for me.

  24. Phil Says:

    On the other note Yes people always believe what they think is right. That might be why they are now kicking people out of FEMA trailers in Biloxi for the crime of being poor. The grant money to help them has run out and was never well handled to begin with and now more and more are falling through the cracks. One lady whose house was being worked on had her trailer taken away while she was at work with what few possessions she had left. If not for a few volunteer workers they would have gotten what few things she owned in total while whe was at work. The infrastructure is not in place even now to repair things faster and yet we put more people on the streets for taking too long but the casinos are all rebuilt bigger than ever and still pay those wonderful near minimum wage jobs that support people so well.

  25. Jim Beckner Says:

    They all get swine flu……From your lips to God’s ears. Keep up the GREAT job of reporting the news.

  26. meApe Says:

    I’ve been watching for over a year now. I’ve gotta say that all of these eps are spot on. I love they way make the media sound like a bunch of spoiled rich kids on speed that all have ADD.

  27. Carole Says:

    To Ricky:
    Would you sign that thing if it had your name on it–you had to abide by everything in it? Give me a break, only Congress is that insane evidently.

    Just think of all the stuff that is in that thing that you or I do not know about. I heard there is a lot of must do’s and don’ts, penalities for non-compliance, etc. That sounds very threatening to me!!!

  28. Ken Says:

    To good ole Ricky. Your view of the healthcare in this great country of ours reminds me of a mule with blinders on, if you know what those are. All you see is what is right in front of you and you have someone guiding what you see. It appears you are not on medicare and or medicaid. Sign your house and hard earned money over to the government(medicaid). Under Obamacare, by the time you get up in years when you need medical help, you will have some backstreet boys deciding if you live or die because you are old and no longer productive (pay little or no tax to support the willnots). Wake up man pay attention to the world around you. Oh, my point, would like for you to give us your full name and address so we can send you a ITYS card (I Told You So) Have a Blessed Day. KK


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