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Uncle Jay Explains: July 4th SPECIAL!

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Uncle Jay Explains: July 4th SPECIAL!

It’s time to sing America’s praises for the 4th!   Unfortunately, Uncle Jay sings about the news instead.  Ever since December’s year in review, fans have screamed for Uncle Jay to sing again.  So by popular demand, here’s 2009 in review.  How’s that for punctual?

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45 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: July 4th SPECIAL!”

  1. Neil Russell Says:

    This week saw the death of an American icon, someone that was truly the King of his trade, someone whose face and voice was known instantly by all and will leave an indelible mark on all our lives.

    Billy Mays will be missed.

    Oh and some singer person kicked too.

  2. Ried Says:

    Good singing voice, too bad the news you had to sing about was so pathetic!

    Keep up the good work, trying to carefully explain what the news folks are reporting. And thanks for keeping it clean for all us boys and girls out here.

  3. Bogart James Says:

    Uncle Jay you make me smile. Thanks for that.

  4. Philipe Nuxhall Says:

    How proud I am to have been able to enhance the wardrobe in this epic episode! You’re…too sexy for that shirt…

  5. Robert Says:

    Hi Oncle J:
    You made me laugh again. Dynamite stuff. Thanks.
    Robert Cracklefire.

  6. kathy Says:

    LOL thru-out your news Uncle Jay. thx for all your hard work. and it does take hard work to take sad news and make it funny.

  7. Buzzy Bong Says:

    All right! Now that’s what I call ENTERTAINMENT UJ, Good stuff, better then what I can find on TV (and where you belong!) Why haven’t the cable networks picked you up yet?

    Count on me for a Uncle J-Mart purchase when my SSA check arrives on the 1st and again, THANKS FOR DOING A DAMN GOOD JOB1

  8. Don Says:

    Damn! And I heard a rumor that you just closed a deal with Billy Mays to hawk your Uncle Jay DVDs in an infomercial! We’ll get you on cable yet.

  9. dsp Says:

    Brilliant, Jay!!
    Way to go! One of your best yet!!
    When’s FOX picking you up?! ;-)

  10. Alice Says:

    Uncle Jay…don’t EVER go away! You are fantastic.

    Sure hope to see you do something on this bogus Cap and Trade bulls**t.

  11. LGC Says:

    Thanks uncle Jay,your right on every week.Great job!

  12. Phil Foster Says:

    This made Monday a lot more tolerable. Fine work, as usual Uncle Jay. Please get us through the second half of 2009. Happy Fourth, and remember to let go of the firecracker after lighting it.

  13. Janet Says:

    Yay Uncle Jay! And your voice isn’t bad either! I am sure Rahmbo was singing on Friday, too. What a great country!

  14. John Says:

    Uncle Jay – You are the best. The little eye thing you did after the Micahel Jackson tribute had me on the floor! As for me, you have taken the place of Johnny Carson’s view of world events. I’m so glad you make it easy for me to understand the news!

  15. Todddzilla Says:

    Uncle Jay. You are my hero.

  16. Tom Estes Says:

    Good stuff man! I added your site to my blog, keep it up!

  17. Rachel Says:

    Neil Russell Said, June 28th, 2009 at 9:07 pm:

    This week saw the death of an American icon, someone that was truly the King of his trade, someone whose face and voice was known instantly by all and will leave an indelible mark on all our lives.

    Billy Mays will be missed.

    Oh and some singer person kicked too.

    LOL…good one.
    Someone twittered after the death of Mays “that Pinesol lady better watch her back.”

  18. Paul Says:

    You’re scaring me….

  19. Sarah Says:

    AWESOME… and very narrowly avoiding dirty for those who are uneducated in the lower things. Much thanks Uncle Jay! I will be looking forward to the next year being explained by you!

  20. ricky Says:

    At the time of posting my comment, you have 19 others.
    16 pats on your back,2 about Billy Mays, and M.J. and
    1 about your shirt.If the voices here spoke of America
    as loud as your shirt, maybe we could hear about the
    meaning of the 4th of July. Independence folks. Get
    with it. The words above this comment space say; share your thoughts with others. Well, here’s my thought. What a bunch of mindless brown nosers. Not one comment about all that have died for our freedom,
    How quickly we are loosing it, and how lucky we are to
    have this upcoming day. I for one will fly my flag proudly as usual,and pray for those fighting in two wars to keep our freedom. I will celebrate our independence for now, and do what I can to keep it.
    America is a dream, realized.One I hope to never wake from to find it to be a nightmare. With the comments before me, I have to wonder,where are we going? One thing you nailed for sure Uncle Jay, it is all about fluff. Keep hitting it U.J. maybe you can hammer it home…

  21. Ol James-BAMA Says:

    Hey Uncle J., It’s a wonder you have as to yet gotten your on nationalized syndicated show yet!! Here’s hoping!!
    People who downgrade our Military and the job they are doing in front of me usually get one of 2 things.
    A good reasoning loaded with examples and tactics as to the actual effectiveness of the Military…Or..
    a FREE Trip to the Medical facility of their choice where their foot will be extracted from their mouth and my foot from their opinion.
    As is the norm Uncle J., Great Job!! You are one fine American son!!



  23. Mywebskip Says:

    Happy 4th of July Uncle Jay! Thanks again for a great overview.

  24. Dave Narby Says:

    That was awesome.

  25. La'El Says:

    LOL….very good. Just wanted to let you know my 25 month old son comes running any time he hears your intro music. You are explaining the news to some very young ones, keep up the good work!

  26. Goldie Says:

    4th of July – American Independence Day.
    My humble thanks to the men & women who gave up life and limb to keep America Free. Roses to you all and your families.

    and UJ -> thanks for your special way of telling likea TIZ

  27. Rickey Miller Says:

    Uncle Jay, Thanks for propping up my hope for America. It’s not as bad as I sometimes find myself seeing. I have a question. Bob Dylan wrote in a song that if God is on our side, He will stop the next war. Uncle Jay, war keeps on coming. Is God not on Bob Dylan’s side?

  28. Eric Says:

    Uncle Jay, you are incredible! you really should be on Fox News or something!

  29. Pitbull Sara Says:

    Thanks for the satire in these depressing times. This episode was a good reminder of the freedoms I can still (at least for a little while) be grateful for.

  30. Ed Killoran Says:

    That was pretty special. It is a very uncommon talent you have Uncle Jay. I am proud to have you as an uncle.

  31. Mike Halterman Says:

    My wife doesn’t listen to you very often (the news, even your humerous style of reporting it, depresses her). But she listened in while I was playing your singing 4th episode. She really liked it! I like ALL your episodes, just BECAUSE they can make me laugh at some really depressing stuff.

    Thanks Uncle Jay, for keeping me informed and amused.

  32. Melba Sibrel Says:

    You’re brilliant! I would love to see a collaboration between you and Helen Thomas.

  33. Penny McPherson Says:

    Didn’t get a chance to watch this episode until today. I was laughing so hard: I started to cry. I tell all my friends about you. Keep up the great work!

  34. Big Al Says:

    Kudos Neil Russell – I like your style.

  35. Red Bluff High School Class of 1969 Says:

    Uncle Jay, tell us again why you have not been picked up cable or any of the major networks? It’s no wonder why we the viewers spend less time watching the boob tube and more time surfing the net.

    Wake up television executives, Uncle Jay is waiting to hear from you!

    Happy 4th Uncle Jay!
    Red Bluff Union High School Class of 1969

  36. Miltiades Says:

    Those of us who are humor impaired are challenged by your singing news reviews – if you continue in such a vein, I’ll need botox for laugh lines, Uncle Jay.
    (After all I live on the Southern California coast)

  37. Lynne Says:

    Spot-on, again! I don’t know how you do it week after week! You’re the best!

  38. Alison Taylor Says:

    WOW! You even hit all the high notes! I loved it!

  39. TheDude Says:

    Awesome as always. Of the five famous people who passed away (that I recall) this year so far, I’d have to say I’ll miss Billy Mays the most and Michael Jackson the least. If he wanted to “go down” in history as a great entertainer, he should’ve dropped dead at 35. Nice voice Uncle Jay.

  40. TrueCardinal Says:

    Uncle Jay, you could really be the new Michael Jackson. When peopke listen to your music though, they might actually learn something.

  41. Carole the artiste Says:

    Wowie!– Just loved this one especially brave as usual.
    I wish that many teachers would be as open minded!

  42. pslobster Says:

    Great stuff, but I’m wondering about the omission of the word ‘gay’. How come? Too much for the little ones or…oh I see, ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’….I get it. Sort of like see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Either way, LGBT orientations (among others) are associated with evil.

  43. don Says:

    Welcome back, Alan Sherman!

  44. killercon Says:

    best one yet i love it i give it a million stars

  45. Chemotherapy and Dog Days « The Popsicle Report Says:

    [...] (Can’t wait to see what Jay has to say about Republican governors) [...]


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