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Uncle Jay Explains: June 15, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: June 15, 2009

Forget all that stupid little news!  Economy smoldering, Iran on fire, North Korea fired up, Carrie Prejean fired … who cares?  The BIG news is Uncle Jay’s big announcement!

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21 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: June 15, 2009”

  1. Don Goldberg Says:

    My rabbit ears didn’t work either, so I tried by Rabbi’s ears, but all the channels came in with closed captioning from right to left (except Hannity which went from Far right to right). So then I tried my rabbit’s FOOT. Good luck with that!
    Then I called the station and I got a digital recording that told me that the transmission was OK, but I had to adjust my MINDset.
    But 60 minutes and the CBS evening news came in clear. Maybe they still broadcast in analog if the average viewer demographic is 62 and the only change they can believe in has to do with depends.

  2. Neil Russell Says:

    Even a 3 minute commercial from Uncle Jay is more informative than a week’s worth of news anywhere else.

  3. Scott Says:

    You got too abstract. This is a fail. It could work with a build up.

  4. Charlie M Says:

    Hahahahahahaha I love it! Thanks for the LOL Uncle J.

    I rescanned my TV tonight and find I can get 77 digital channels from the antenna on the roof and there are still 6 SD analog stations still on the air. I checked them out and they are running all the information to help Uncle Jay and others who did not heed the myriads of warnings for the past year, still more warnings…….. Some are in Spanish, I think……… I have a converter box for sale Uncle Jay….

    I heard a talk show host say that the people who were surprised by the snow on their T and Vee’s were the same people who didn’t heed the warning of Katrina approaching. That’s probably not true??????

    At any rate, your show this week was a hoot!

  5. egc52556 Says:

    Hey, Don and Neil (above) posted their comments on June 14th! Why do they get to see Uncle Jay’s June 15th video while I have to wait until June 15th? Is it a conspiracy? Are they bribing Uncle Jay to get the news before everybody else, like inside traders, or like Eddie Murphy and that other guy who was a Ghostbuster before he was in the movie with Eddie Murphy, the one about they guys who were stock brokers but got the news before everybody else and make hundreds of millions of dollars? Hmmm…. I bet they previously bought Uncle Jay DVDs and so get the insider info.

    Clearly if I want to be a knowledgeable insider (from the Latin, “incognito”, meaning “an insider protected by the FBI”) I should buy an Uncle Jay DVD.

  6. Mother Larkin Says:

    Hope those wabbit ears work better once you get your phone call through! (I won’t hold my breath for them to answer.)

  7. Bill Lowe Says:

    whatta jip Jay!! no news this week makes me sad, yer getting as bad as them other news outlets, all you need now is a sponsor.
    never do this again.

  8. James Cummings Says:

    CBS Andy Rooney, Doh!

  9. Janet Says:

    I agree with Neil, U.J. TV is just not the same since My Mother the Car was cancelled.

  10. Bill Says:

    When Conan O’Brian’s new version of Late Night falls apart (as I hope it will), I nominate you to take over. You would be far more entertaining.

  11. Henry Says:

    Uncle Jay, My cable co. cut my monthly rate by 40% so I could watch HD with them rather than using someone else. Will I have to declare this “bailout” as income on my 2009 taxes. Please advise.

  12. ricky Says:

    Rabbit ears? My dad said, Grandpa had those. Poor guy
    must have got teased alot in school for that. Why did
    our givernment force digital signals anyway? Do you
    suppose big brother needed to be even bigger? Ask your
    TV. Believe me they can hear you.

  13. darqmatr Says:

    Another awesome, funny, and true :( movie. Thanks Jay. You’re great!!!

  14. kathy Says:

    again LOL Funny and Entertaining. thx uncle Jay.

  15. DanT Says:

    Uncle Jay, you’re habit forming. Is there any way the government can declare you illegal, or at least tax the hell out of you?

    Besides that, you make too much sense.

    Thank you, and have a nice day!

  16. Margaret Says:

    My eight year old has to get his Uncle Jay fix every Monday (and so do I). This way I don’t have to explain this mixed up world to my son– I let Uncle Jay! Life is so much simpler with you in my life, Uncle Jay. We love you.

  17. Barb K Says:

    I too need my UJ fix every week…like the “givernment” comment. Maybe J Springer could help Conan? A great kid is GREAT news!

  18. TrueCardinal Says:

    Haha! Good luck with the T.V. Uncle J.

  19. Robb Says:


    So, I copied the morse code.. what does OFFSHO have to do with anything???

  20. David Says:

    Love it. Your humor is spot on. No I’m not British. My stomach hurts everytime I watch one of these.

  21. Dennis Carr Says:

    I had rabbit ears once, they were so warm and fuzzy, just like a TV in the sun. I gave my friend the bunny to my girl friend as a gift and it died, now she says I have to marry her……..

    How much is a Pit Bull?


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