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Uncle Jay Explains: June 8, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: June 8, 2009

These deals are IN-SAAANE!  Okay, that’s wasn’t quite the message Obama took to the Mideast, but that was pretty much the response he got.  Over there, free floor mats don’t close the deal.  Uncle Jay explains it all!

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18 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: June 8, 2009”

  1. Richard M Mu Says:

    religion is always a very hypersensitive topic in politics. … yes,it is.

  2. Carole Fronk Says:

    I thought this was for kids! Your reference to the Doobie Brothers tells the truth. Thanks for a great commmentary!

  3. Nathan Allan Says:

    Hmm, I missed about 1/3 of those pop culture references. Guess I’m not wasting nearly enough time. ;-)

  4. Jim Rushing Says:

    I love your work! Keep it up. You are the only thing we have going for us. If the other 3 comments don’t get it, have them go hug a tree.

  5. Mark G. Harris Says:

    Thanks for my Monday morning pick-me-up !!!

  6. James Cummings Says:

    OK, 3 major channels, the phone, but you forgot the newspapers! A major market newspaper was good for at least an hour if not more and could be savored for half the day or better if you had some really good coffee, brewed at home, from grounds that came in a can…cost maybe $.50 per 5 gallons not $5.00 per 10 ounces?

    Oh yeah, don’t forget r-a-d-i-o….

  7. Mike Says:

    This saves so much time instead of watching CNN.

  8. Mywebskip Says:

    I just read the important stuff in the newspapers like the comics, and… I guess that’s all.

  9. Henry Says:

    Your piece has become one of my weekly stops around the web. I wish it was shown daily on TV so you could get more exposure!

  10. TrueCardinal Says:

    I think that GM should get a little help from the government, but not this much. It’s really Government Motors now.You’re awesome Uncle Jay.

  11. kathy Says:

    thanks Uncle Jay. it helps to laugh at the news instead of cry.

  12. Mr. Blue Collar Says:

    I just love your simplicity. Keep it up. Oh yeah. I understand the stimulus chart but I didn’t study it. You should give me an A anyway.

  13. Maja Says:

    Uncle Jay you are so cool. Thanks for making all this funny so we don’t cry and drown ourselves(not a good idea.) I agree that GM has become Government Motors, TrueCardinal. Thanks for telling the truth Uncle Jay, you and Rush Limbah (spelling?)are awesome.

  14. Connie Crouch Says:

    Mike Said on June 8th, 2k9 at 2:06 pm

    “This saves so much time instead of watching CNN.”

    Hah?? Someone out there who actually still watches (Gummint) Controlled News Network? Someone wake this poor fellow up & introduce him to -free- media. He could start with Fox News.

    “Dr. Blair Jacob Sandburg”
    (Shaman of the Great City/Prime Guide)

  15. ricky Says:

    Seems to me that life is dubious. I guess we better
    smell the roses, before they learn how to own the
    air also. What’s next uncle jay? Will they take away
    daddy’s gun?

  16. Rush Limbaugh Says:

    Yackyackyackyackyack I hope Obama fails Yackyack yack coffee break yack yack yackyackyack the inauguration was too expensive blah blah blah elect Palin blahblah blah Bush=gr8 blahblah.

  17. Dilbert Says:

    note the “that’s the way it is.” at the end. I wonder where he got that from. ;)

  18. henrietta Deters Says:

    hey, Uncle Jay — what a cool, refreshing insight you are to the so-called news……… I plan to catch your show every Monday morning — jump start my week.
    I’m a lil’ ole southern lady – 92 yrs of age, and a lifelong Republican……….. hate what I see happening to my wonderful country. Hope I’ll be here in 3 1/2 yrs for the next presidential election. WE MUST TAKE THE USA BACK FROM OBAMA & THE WACKO LIBERALS.


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