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Uncle Jay Explains: May 4, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: May 4, 2009

DO NOT DO THIS!  And for more about how to protect yourself against whatever they’ve named the flu this week, do not watch TV or go on the internet.  After all, Uncle Jay explains everything!

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21 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: May 4, 2009”

  1. Lorri Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay,

    I’m sure I won’t be the only one to tell you this BUT Chrysler did not make the Pontiac! GM did. I do love your videos, though. Keep the laughs and stuff coming.

  2. Marianne Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    Pontiac is made by GM (well, not for long, anyway!) You were discussing Chrysler’s bankruptcy.


  3. Neil Russell Says:

    I didn’t see anyplace where Uncle Jay made it sound like the Big Hatchets were made by Mopar.
    Another great analysis of the news Uncle Jay!

  4. April Says:

    Uncle Jay

    I loved this one lol. The swine flu has been around before and caused hysteria in 1975. I was pregnant with my daughter and had been very sick with an URI and asked the doctor if I should get a flu shot and he said okay, The day I got the flu shot I was watching the news and everybody was dying from it or the vacine, They couldn’t make up their minds lol. As you can tell my daughter and I lived. Those who died were the very young and elderly.

  5. April Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    OOP! It was 1977 lol. And there were only a few hundred deaths from it.

  6. plusaf Says:

    Six Stars! Loved the latex gloves! And miss the GTO, too… one of my favorite cars to covet!

  7. Jeff Says:

    Ha! It’s nice to see that even those that translate the news for the rest of us sometimes fail to do thorough research of their own. (GM makes Pontiac no Chrysler) Which is why I always say ‘Don’t believe everything you see on TV…er, the web…er, web podcasts.’ Still, you’re more entertaining and informative than the real news you simplify Uncle Jay! Thanks for being there.

  8. Bill Lowe Says:

    Hey jay,
    I think you should ask why GM is dropping pontiac instead of oldsmobile!! what a lame brand. and oh yeah, yer right about swine flu hysteria, 300 cases does NOT make it a pandemic, sheesh.
    my 2 cents.


  9. kathy Says:

    Hi Uncle Jay,

    The masks were very funny. First to see one on you. Then after Obama wearing one, and Biden wearing a gas mask. The Star Wars Mask and “Man-Eater” mask.

    Liked what you did with the pig and the swine/mexican/H
    Very entertaining. THx.

  10. Craig Hedrick Says:

    Didn’t they already decide to drop Oldsmobile?
    Why did they not have Frog Flu back in the time when all those princesses were kissing all those frogs?

  11. Ol James-Ballpaly,AL Says:

    You were just trying to see who was paying attention. It’s sad that this administration is taking little things and blowing them out of proportion so they can look like- “The Saviour’s of the Century”. Great job there Uncle Jay.

  12. Jeremy Says:

    Good stuff, Uncle Jay.

    Here’s my public service announcement for today.
    The WHO has confirmed 26 deaths from the dreaded swine flu, including 1 death in the United States.
    Peanut allergy, on the other hand, kills approximately 100 Americans every year. So, you are about twice as likely to die from peanut allergy as you are from swine flu.
    Further, the run-of-the-mill flu kills about 36,000 Americans per year. So, you are about 692 times more likely to die from the typical flu, than you are to die from the swine flu.

    There, can everyone relax now?

  13. Elizabeth Says:

    Gotta love both Uncle Jay and Jeremy’s analysis. I have a child with peanut allergies and carry an epi-pen everywhere we go but I do not carry a mask. Since we are constantly told to wash our hands just to protect us from regularcold and flu germs why should the swine/Mexican/ whatever it is now flu be any different.

    I loved the self correction added into the podcast by the way.

    Oh and my 5 year old LOVES Uncle Jay. He watches every week even when he is clueless about why his father and I are laughing at. He always reminds me to go to the site on Mondays. His favorite is still the summary of the year from Christmas 2008.

  14. Don Says:

    I’m sure if you visit Cuba, you could find a perfectly restored 1959 Pontioldsmoplymouth at a great price. Hey’s here’s a great idea. Let’s turn Gitmo into a retro US automobile factory and outsource those jobs to the Cubans who really know their vintage Detroit cars!

    All the way with Uncle Jay! (Sorry Adalai)

  15. Mywebskip Says:

    I so look forward to Mondays (or late Sunday evenings) with Uncle Jay’s clever observations. Do you suppose the auto makers will make available the yellow (I’m out of a job) wrist bands to unemployed workers if the company goes belly up?

  16. Gabb Says:

    Love the picture with the baby and pig
    By the way, Why we have not seen interviews with the families that lost a family member because the swine flu?

  17. Steve Says:

    So I wonder what kind of legislation Congress is passing…now that our attention is captured by the “Hysteria of the Week”?


  18. Barbizon Says:

    Thanks UJ…this one made me laugh LOL, too. Keep up the good work. Rminds me of the movie Wag the Dog! Love reading all the comments, too!

  19. Diane Says:

    Hello My Sweet Uncle Jay~

    I never eat bacon, but I do kiss pigs.
    Is that REALLY such a bad thing ?? LMAO

    You are awesome as usual….

    Love & Piggy Kisses,

  20. TrueCardinal Says:

    Awesome job. Swine Flu is going around, Chrysler is going bankruppt, and our economy stinks. How much worse could it get???

  21. Mywebskip Says:

    It was heard said “When Pigs fly” that Oboma would ever get elected now Swine flu. ¿What next?


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