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Uncle Jay Explains: April 20, 2009

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Uncle Jay Explains: April 20, 2009

Sing along with Susan Boyle as Uncle Jay explains pirated ships, pirated movie files and the dug-up treasures from 21st-century Tea Parties!   The News’s Got Talent!

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23 Responses to “Uncle Jay Explains: April 20, 2009”

  1. Connie S Says:

    Gee, Uncle Jay….Why is it you can get right to the point in three minutes when the Libbie media beats around the bush for at least an hour every evening? This makes my Daddy so mad that he’s yelling at the TV all during dinner. Mostly…he screams “liars” and kiss a– (a word I’m not allowed to use). But when watching your show, he is always smiling and nodding his head. I’d rather have an hour of you on our TV during dinner and them on a website for three minutes a week.
    Hugs right back at you! CJ

  2. Robert O Says:

    Hi Oncle Jay:
    Hi ho Hi ho, ain’t we got enough woes?

    3.1416-rate @ XXX bank.

  3. daisyfae Says:

    Dear Uncle Jay – I like the “news” = ‘reality tv’ thought… unfortunately, the name “Fear Factor” can’t be used for network/cable news programs as it’s already been taken.

    Oh, and you make a pretty good pirate, but need to work on your ‘aaaarghs’ a bit… pretend you’re one of those dominos guys when you say it…

  4. Neil Russell Says:

    Thanks Uncle Jay! One of the best yet. And like it says at the top of the comments, you manage to get more news in a 3 minute window than all the nets do in an hour or more.

  5. Melba Sibrel Says:

    You’re so much cleaner than David Schuster! Thanks, UJ!

  6. Carole Fronk Says:

    Thank you Uncle Jay! Now we understand pirates but you shouldn’t make fun of Susan Boyle. Us middle aged ladies just have to reinvent ourselves all the time!

  7. Brad Says:

    You got me with the cover photo of Uncle Jay Boyles!
    STILL rolling on the floor with laughter!

    A great cover shot for the year end special!

    Keep ‘em comin’!

  8. Bill Lowe Says:

    thanks for getting to the point, as usual, yer A hoot to come home to and watch, tootles

  9. Susan B Says:

    Hey Uncle Jay,

    Could you make your cover photo for this week into a wallpaper or maybe even a tshirt? Cause that is the funniest thing ever! I laughed and laughed!!

    Oh wait…bet the Britts would be after you for pirating their picture.

    Well…arrrrg. (Pirate word for “bummer.”)

    Omgoodness, your episodes are always funny, but this one really got to me! :D

  10. Dave Says:

    Uncle Jay,
    This was one of the best yet. Can’t imagine starting my work week starting off without your news. Am I pirating the use of my employer’s computer to watch it? Hmm…I think of it as an investment in my mental health. Win-win for all.

  11. kathy Says:

    LOL with the pirates that used the courageous captain for their personal gain. and then the news that used the captain for personal gain.
    LOL with the news a type of reality show.
    LOL your face as susan boyle.
    excellent post.

  12. Paul Says:

    ok that picture is really scaring me. I may not be able to sleep tonight.

  13. Jeffe Says:

    Uncle Jay, you are just too, too funny!

  14. TrueCardinal Says:

    I personally agree with the news. Do you really think that having another “Tea Party” will do anything. We should all just be thankful that President Obama is trying to help the economy. Really good show Uncle Jay.

  15. Don Says:

    Lose the hair.

  16. Mike Kurschat Says:

    Bull’s-Eye again! Network news is an excellent source for drama, glitz, and a nice spin! Which is nice if you’re looking for left-leaning reassurance instead of truth. But I prefer your witty, dead-on summary of the stories. AAarggg, Matey! Thank you!

  17. Alex Says:

    Wow Uncle Jay, Grade A comedy-news combo! I feel like I’ve eaten a pizza of witty realism! Just keep us laughing and informed and we’ll be cheering you on the entire way. well done!

  18. Diane Says:

    My Dear, Sweet Uncle Jay…..

    Okay, I just about pee’d in my thong thinking that you might sing!!
    Not that you shouldn’t, as a matter of fact I’m thinkin’ that an…. “Uncle Jay’s Tribute to Ruben Studdard’s Never Released Gospel Favorites” just might be a big hit…. ;)

    Ruben who? Oh yeah, an “American Idol” wiener, ahhhhh….I mean winner. Heeeee heeeeeeeee.

    Keep the giggles coming.
    I’m proud to call you my, Uncle…. what?!?

    Lovin’ you in California,


  19. Bozo Says:

    Uncle Jay, your answer to Billy in AZ? Did you see the signs the “tea party goers” were holding up? Which of those made any kind of sense?

  20. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    @Bozo, which ones? I saw things like “Save the Constitution”, and “Stop robbing my grandchildren”; those seem pretty applicable to what’s been going on in government lately.

    Whether or not you agree with them, though, most of the demonstrators were peaceful and just there to prove a point about government… which was decidedly *not* the picture that CNN, etc. tried to paint.

  21. patrick Says:

    Uncle Jay,

    Why is that the tea partiers have grown concerned with the course of government in just the past 4 months, but didn’t seem to care about deficits and irresponsible government spending for 8 years? Shouldn’t they have been concerned when a 2 trillion dollar annual surplus was “returned” to taxpayers through $300-$600 rebates in some other-president’s attempts to revive the economy? After all, the money could have been used to stabilize and shore up social security (theirs and their children’s future) or provide healthcare coverage to over 50 million uninsured Americans, or saved in a rainy-day account, like now.

    Also, wasn’t the bank bailout process started under their much-idolized, previous president’s administration? Could they really be protesting against their own party-line government?

    Following these timeline of events seems to be as hard for them to follow as the O.J. Simpson murder trial timeline. Are they really smarter than a 5th grader, or just acting like one that needs a “time-out”?

  22. Mywebskip Says:

    Uncle Jay, isn’t copy and paste wonderful? It sure beats having to fit into a similar dress, and wig (if you could find one) and get all done up just for one look alike picture. I hate to say it but you do look better. 8o)’

  23. Sheik Yerbouti Says:

    @Patrick, I think you’ll find most of those groups were not aligned with either major party. They were just as displeased with Bush and co. for their “stimulus” claptrap, but it wasn’t like they had a lot of time to organize after that and before he left office.

    Also, I fail to see how it’s bad for government to keep *less* of our money; of all the things there are to criticize, that just doesn’t seem like one of them.


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